13 tips for success in online job interviews

The answer to the question of when job interviews will be face-to-face according to the past procedure is not clear, and maybe it will never happen in order to maintain health and comfort. This means that if you reach the interview stage of your job search, you will most likely have an online job interview and you should be prepared for it.

BingMag.com 13 tips for success in online job interviews

The answer to the question of when job interviews will be face-to-face according to the past procedure is not clear, and maybe it will never happen in order to maintain health and comfort. This means that if you reach the interview stage of your job search, you will most likely have an online job interview and you should be prepared for it.

You should definitely prepare your questions and answers before the interview. Practice, but there are other elements that you need to know how to best present through an online format. In this article, we will examine 13 points that you should consider to be successful in online job interviews.

In an online interview, you will be asked to conduct the interview on a video conference platform. The way you conduct yourself in an online interview reflects how effectively you work remotely.

Check the desired platform before starting the interview. Think about the things that can lead to problems during the interview and look for a way to support them. For example, put a headphone next to you for possible microphone problems. Also, do not interrupt your voice in any way so that the interviewer does not have to tell you to open your voice. 13 important points are introduced below.

1. Tidy up your surroundings

Your background during the interview should give the interviewer the feeling that you have turned your home into a work environment. For example, replace the poster of a band on the wall of your room and behind your desk with a photo of a landscape. Think like a designer when it comes to designing your background. This doesn't mean creating a fake wallpaper with your video conferencing platform, but rather beautifying your background and making sure it looks clean and tidy.

2. Adjust the brightness of the environment

BingMag.com 13 tips for success in online job interviews

Have you ever been in such a situation that you were in a video conference because of the light? The sun that shines behind his head has turned into a ghost and nothing is clear from him? Do not repeat this mistake. Try to place your table in a place where natural light shines from the front, but make sure not to be too flooded with light.

If you are afraid of a cloudy day, buy a small lamp or ring light. Additional lights should be placed behind your computer. You should also check your computer's filter system for redness and other problems.

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3. Don't forget to rehearse your dress

Practice will help you be confident in your technique and performance online. Give your friends or family members some practice questions to ask you and answer them like you would in a real interview. Dress as you would for an interview. Before the day of the interview, ask your friend to honestly check your voice, lighting, appearance, and energy level. Check your appearance in terms of tone and body language.

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Even though your interview It is done in a comfortable place at home, where you are used to wearing casual clothes all the time, but for the time of the interview, it is better to wear formal clothes. Even if the culture of the organization or company is such that its employees wear more comfortable clothes, your online interview is not the time to wear comfortable and informal clothes.

4. Dress appropriately

To succeed in a remote job interview, tailor your appearance to the prestige and prestige of the job you're trying to achieve. Choosing the right clothes will not only make you look professional but also make you look more professional.

Because the head and upper body are the parts that stand out more than other parts of the body on the screen, try to choose for these parts from Don't use busy patterns and choose simple colors.

5. Minimize distractions. Do not lead to the loss of your chances of being accepted in a job interview. If possible, choose a room where annoying noises do not enter the room and do not prevent your voice from reaching the interviewer.

The point that is very important in this section is to turn off all notifications and Put your mobile phone on airplane mode. The interviewer will be happy that you gave him your full attention.

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Even though there is a severe labor shortage, there is still a lot of competition in the labor market. Therefore, it is very important to prepare all the prerequisites in advance, prepare all the tasks required for the interview and answer all the questions with confidence.

The best way to succeed in a job interview is to understand And show your knowledge of that industry and be able to value that Show them what you create.

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6. Study and inquire

BingMag.com 13 tips for success in online job interviews

Most likely, you will be told the name of the person who is going to interview you, and you can search for his name on the Internet. View his blogs or videos. Read everything about the interviewer.

If you know someone who works at that company or know someone who knows someone who works at that company, be sure to contact them in Be in touch and ask them questions about your interviewer's work fields, areas of expertise, and innovative work he/she has done.

7. Prepare some professional questions to ask the interviewer

Prepare a draft of a few well-thought-out questions you want to ask the interviewer. This is where you can show that you have thoroughly researched the company.

When the interviewer gives you a chance to ask them a question or two, you can use these questions as a survey. Ask about your industry or reference a recent success. In addition, you can ask a question that will help you determine whether the company is a good choice for you. For example, say: "What kind of employees are more likely to stay in your company".

8. Anticipate the questions you will be asked

BingMag.com 13 tips for success in online job interviews

List of questions you may be asked in Prepare the length of the interview questions and prepare your answers to them. Be sure to bring up your past successes and the transferable skills you'll bring with you if you're offered a new position. They didn't ask "receipt", you can still include your knowledge in answering other questions.

9. Practice as much as possible

Repeat your answers to anticipated questions on both specific and possible unusual topics. Repeat the answers out loud in front of the mirror to a family member or trusted friend. Be fluent in your answers as if they are coming to you right away, rather than looking like you've memorized them.

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It doesn't matter if your job interview is face-to-face or face-to-face, in any case, you should know that talking about yourself or personal desires is not pleasant. In this case, you will not only fail in the interview, but you may also lose future job opportunities.

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10. Write down your questions about salary and benefits

Don't discuss salary and individual preferences until you've been offered the job. The interview is the company's process to check the fit of the culture and the individual's skills and is not a place for the individual's personal preferences. Get a fixed salary. Offer a wide range of different salaries you want.

11. Avoid asking the interviewer too many details

BingMag.com 13 tips for success in online job interviews

Ask the interviewer about where your desk will be, business trips How much they will be, how many days a week you can work from home, or how long it will take to get a promotion. If you come across as demanding, complaining, or entitled, you will lose the job.

Even if you pass the job interview and get the job offer, you should expect things to happen as the job progresses. learn more Also, after proving yourself at work, you will get many benefits.

12. Thank the interviewers for their time

Not only is sending a thank-you email or letter after the interview session good interview etiquette, it also gives the interviewer another chance to express themselves. Try to send this thank you letter or email to the interviewer no later than 24 hours after your interview.

In addition to thanking the interviewer for his time, write another sentence or comment about the topic that was raised during the meeting. This will remind them of who you are and remember this helpful session. . Just remember to send a separate and personal message to each interviewer.

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13 . Follow up

If you don't hear back from the interviewers, follow up on the process and email them (but not immediately after the interview). The company's timing may be a little slower than you think, but your over-eagerness can cause negativity.

Sending an email a week or two after the interview and asking if there is any additional information needed is one of the best things you can do to let the hiring manager know about the company's schedule.

In conclusion

Success in a remote job interview requires tidying up the space behind the head, having a professional demeanor, presenting recognition of the company and thanking the interviewer for the time allocated to the interview. , Is. In this article, 13 tips for success in a remote or online job interview, success in the competition and getting your desired job position were explained. In your opinion, what other points should we observe in the online job interview?

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