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13 plants that you can keep in water

BingMag.com 13 <b>plants</b> <b>that</b> <b>you</b> <b>can</b> <b>keep</b> in water

If you are interested in houseplants, you have probably seen plants that grow without the need for soil and only in glass water containers. Storing and planting plants in water and in glass containers can give a special charm to home decoration. Stay tuned to BingMagmg to read more about hydroponic or hydroponic plants.

Hydroponic or hydroponic plants

BingMag.com 13 <b>plants</b> <b>that</b> <b>you</b> <b>can</b> <b>keep</b> in water

plants need three main factors to survive; Light, water and environment for growth. The third factor, the environment for growth, has a very wide range, which can include soil, peat moss, clay pebbles, and even water itself. water propagation is a common method of propagating houseplants that many people use to increase their collection of houseplants. However, planting plants in water is possible as long as you meet a few simple requirements.

It is enough to choose plants that are hardy and easy to maintain and can grow without the need for soil. Do. Do not worry! If you are tired of planting plants in water, just transfer them to pots.

Hydroponic cultivation or hydroponics is the method of planting plants in water and without soil. In this method, the relevant specialists measure the needs of each plant and add the required fertilizers and nutrients to the water. This method has different advantages over traditional consulting methods and is more efficient; It even reduces water consumption.

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How to grow houseplants in water? <//> H2>

BingMag.com 13 <b>plants</b> <b>that</b> <b>you</b> <b>can</b> <b>keep</b> in water

Growing plants in water is like planting cuttings in impermeable, full containers. you put it in water. But if you want these plants to continue to grow and even bloom, or if they are edible, use their fruit, there are a few things to keep in mind:

How much light do hydroponic plants need? Do you have them?

Just like keeping a plant in a pot, you need to provide the appropriate light for planting plants in water. Light is an important factor in plant photosynthesis, and without enough light, the plant will not continue to grow and may even die. they need. Therefore, it is better to research each plant separately to get the amount of light it needs.

Choose the right container

Any container that has no vents for water to plant Useful in water. Glass containers are easily accessible and it is very enjoyable to see the growth of roots in these glass containers. However, glass containers are more prone to algae growth due to exposure to light and stagnant water. One way to prevent this is to use a matte container (plastic, glass or ceramic). To prevent algae growth, add some charcoal powder or a few small pieces of charcoal to the water. Avoid metal containers as the metal will corrode over time and some metals will react to the plant fertilizer.

How often should we give hydroponic fertilizer to houseplants?

Comfort is only rooted in plain water, but will eventually require nutrients as well. Typically, plants that grow in water require less fertilizer than plants that grow in soil. Generally, you should dilute one type of water-soluble fertilizer to a quarter of its capacity, but this amount also depends on the plant and the type of fertilizer you use.

To dilute the exact amount of fertilizer Find out where to get fertilizer. Necessary information may also be written on the fertilizer package.

Suitable water for hydroponic houseplants

Chlorine-free water is the best option for these plants. For best results by keeping plants in water, use tap water that you have kept overnight at room temperature. Most plants only need monthly water changes to stay healthy, but this depends on the type of container, the plant and the amount of sunlight they receive. Over time, the water evaporates from the container. Fill with water every week and change the water as soon as it starts to cloud.

13 plants that grow in water

If you like this try this method And enjoy the root growth of plants in glass jars, it's time to choose the right plant. The following plants are suitable for growing in water and their cultivation experience in water has been positive. These plants grow in water without any hassle.

1. Vegetables

Any plant or vegetable that has a soft stem survives in water. For best results, separate the plant from its soft, green stem rather than the woody stem. Take a cut of a healthy mature vegetable and place it in a sunny place in the water. Vegetables need a lot of indirect light to grow.

2. Vegetable waste

Regrowing vegetable waste such as lettuce, onions and carrot leaves is a fun way to reuse parts of the vegetables you usually throw away. However, do not expect much from them; Growth regrowth is more for fun. Hold the vegetables about seven inches from the bottom and place them in a shallow bowl of water. Vegetable waste takes root and a new plant emerges from its center.

3. Willow leaf plant

BingMag.com 13 <b>plants</b> <b>that</b> <b>you</b> <b>can</b> <b>keep</b> in water

Willow leaf plant is one of the apartment plants that you can use with the least effort. Keep. The beautiful color of the leaves of this plant can complement your home decoration and give variety to your collection of pots. This plant has two models; One with striped leaves and the other with plain purple leaves. If you have a room with moderate light, you can grow this beautiful plant and enjoy the beautiful color of its attractive leaves and flowers.

If you have pruned this plant before, you have probably noticed that the branches you cut from it They stay healthy even after a few weeks. This is a sign that this plant can grow in water and does not need soil. If you look closely at the sides of the nodes on the stem of the plant, you will see the tiny roots that are ready to grow. you can separate a few stems of this plant and put them in a glass bottle.

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4. Impatient Flower or Henna Flower

Impatient flower or henna flower is one of the most suitable plants for shady gardens, but sometimes it is difficult to keep them moist enough. In fact, you can plant these plants as pond plants because they love water. At the end of the growing season, remove a few stems of this plant and prepare them for wintering in a container of water. The stems take root little by little in water and you can transfer it back to the garden in spring or plant it in a pot.

5. African violet

Growing African violet from its leaves in water is one of the best ways to propagate this plant. Some types of African violets grow in the same water and reach the flowering stage. To propagate a fresh plant, select a number of young, healthy leaves. Separate the leaves with about 5 cm of the stem and place it in a bottle with a narrow opening. Only the end of the stem should be in water and the leaves should be out of the bottle and dry.

It takes about a month for the stems to take root and at least a whole plant to form.

6. Lucky Bamboo

BingMag.com 13 <b>plants</b> <b>that</b> <b>you</b> <b>can</b> <b>keep</b> in water

This plant is a type of dracaena and is usually sold in water bottles. Bamboo is often kept in place with a layer of pebbles so that the branches are neatly arranged. All you have to do is pour enough water into the container to keep the roots moist. This plant does not need fertilizer, but if you want it to grow more, you can dilute a small amount of liquid fertilizer every month and pour it in water.

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7. Potos plant

BingMag.com 13 <b>plants</b> <b>that</b> <b>you</b> <b>can</b> <b>keep</b> in water

Potos plant is one of the plants that grows very easily and grows well in water. he does. This plant produces a large amount of the plant hormone auxin, which regulates plant growth and stimulates root growth. Many people who keep houseplants and propagate them usually put potus cuttings next to the cuttings of other plants to stimulate their root growth and take root sooner because of this hormone.

Potos is a plant. It is a creeper that also has aerial roots. As a result, it is very easy to reproduce. you can put all these roots that are out of the soil in water and watch them grow fast. This is also true for many climbing plants, such as monsters and common ivy.

8. Philodendron

Philodendron is another creeping plant that tends to grow with stems. you can also plant these climbing plants in water like potos. To propagate it, be sure to separate the cuttings from under the leaf knot. Then place the cuttings in water and wait for the roots without any hassle.

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9. Hassan Yousef

Hassan Yousef is one of the popular houseplants that can be found in the home of almost everyone who is interested in houseplants. This plant, with its colorful and beautiful leaves, takes root very quickly in water. To propagate this plant, cut a 20 cm stem from it. Peel a squash, grate it and squeeze the juice. This plant should be kept in a sunny place and to get the best results, you can fertilize it monthly.

10. Begonia

All types of begonia grow well in water. To root this plant in water, remove the cuttings that are healthy and have knots. It takes a few weeks for the plant to take root. As long as the stems and leaves are in good condition and have no problems, do not worry about the plant and change its water regularly.

11. Evergreen Chinese

Evergreen Chinese is a hardy houseplant that requires very little care and attention. This plant grows both in soil and in water. To propagate this plant, separate a few centimeters from its stem. The cuttings should be large enough to be partially submerged and partially waterlogged. After placing the cuttings in the water, check the water a few times and change the water whenever necessary.

12. Bridal Grass

This plant is another creeping plant that grows small leaves on its long stems. To propagate the plant and plant it in water, cut a cut about 20 cm long. The part of this cutting that is under water should not have leaves; Then separate the leaves. The part outside the water must have leaves for the plant to grow. If you put the stem in the water with the leaves, the leaves will rot in the water and the water will become cloudy and dirty.>

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  • 13. Wheatgrass

    BingMag.com 13 <b>plants</b> <b>that</b> <b>you</b> <b>can</b> <b>keep</b> in water

    Wheatgrass is another popular houseplant that grows fast and is very hardy. Is. This plant grows well both in water and in soil. To plant it in water, you can separate a few cuttings from the mother plant and put it in a glass container and fill it with water.

    After rooting the plant, you can keep it in water or Transfer to a pot. If you decide to move the plant into a pot after rooting, wait for the roots to grow long enough. The roots should be tall enough to hold the plant in the soil.

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    you must have seen plants planted in a glass of water. The growth of roots in a glass container and the charm that planting in water gives to home decoration, has made many people want to try planting in water. To plant plants in water, you must choose the right plant and provide other factors needed for plant growth, such as light and fertilizer.

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