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13 interesting ideas to change the decoration of the house with the help of a bird cage

BingMag.com 13 <b>interesting</b> <b>ideas</b> to <b>change</b> the <b>decoration</b> of the <b>house</b> with the <b>help</b> of a <b>bird</b> cage

bird cage is an attractive tool with which you can give a new color and smell to home decoration. Placing different plants in it, using various colors and decorating the cage with beads and crystals are the ways that make the cage a beautiful decorative device. Also, by placing a few candles in the cage, using warm and yellow light bulbs or placing them in the path of natural light can make the space dreamy and romantic.

If you've been interested enough in bird cages, it's time to move on. In this article, we are going to learn how to change the decoration of the house with the help of bird cages from BingMag.

1. Put a pot in the bird cage

BingMag.com 13 <b>interesting</b> <b>ideas</b> to <b>change</b> the <b>decoration</b> of the <b>house</b> with the <b>help</b> of a <b>bird</b> cage

Plant for example Succulents that are resistant to changing conditions or creeping plants such as jasmine, ivy or potus can also be a good choice. As the plant grows and the stems wrap around the cage bars, or the stems hang from the cage, you will have a beautiful hanging vase, as beautiful as the pots in One Thousand and One Nights tales.

  • If you are hanging a bird cage, you should place it in a place where you can easily open it and water the plant.
  • You can put several different houseplants together in a cage to make something like a terrarium.
  • If you have a lot of wooden bird cages and nests, install them on a wall to make them look better and make your home or terrace look like a garden.

2. Use the cage to decorate the wedding hall

BingMag.com 13 <b>interesting</b> <b>ideas</b> to <b>change</b> the <b>decoration</b> of the <b>house</b> with the <b>help</b> of a <b>bird</b> cage

You can fill several beautiful bird cages with different flowers and place them in the hall. You can put a combination of flowers like roses and pendant flowers in a cage and place them around the wedding venue and on the guest table. Roses, peony, hydrangea and gardenia are good choices for this. The strong stems of these flowers are easily attached to the rod and do not lose their shape.

  • Place a bunch of flowers in the center of the cage and a few branches Stick the rods. Then place a few large leaves in the space left in the cage to have a minimalist decorative cage.
  • If you send invitation cards to your guests, you can decorate the small cages with flowers. Put the card in it and send it to the guests.
  • 3. Paint the cage according to the decoration

    BingMag.com 13 <b>interesting</b> <b>ideas</b> to <b>change</b> the <b>decoration</b> of the <b>house</b> with the <b>help</b> of a <b>bird</b> cage

    cage with Spray gold, silver or copper metallic paint for a classic look. It is better to put the cage on the newspaper to paint so that the ground is not colored. Then spray the paint from different angles so that all parts are painted evenly. If necessary, open the cage so that it is well painted inside.

    • If you do not want the cage to look too old, use artificial lacquer.
    • If you do not like to use metallic paint, use a color that matches your home decor. Matte, pastel and soft colors are also suitable for bird cages. For example, if your interior decoration is brown and blue, spray paint the cage with indigo to give more space to the space.

    4. Make a classic cage

    BingMag.com 13 <b>interesting</b> <b>ideas</b> to <b>change</b> the <b>decoration</b> of the <b>house</b> with the <b>help</b> of a <b>bird</b> cage

    Wrap the cage with pearl strings to Have a different decor. Insert a string of pearls from the top of the cage and let it hang. Pass a few strands between the bars to decorate the cage with pearls. If you like, you can add some other bead or crystal models to the pearls to make the cage more beautiful.

    • Use a string of pearls to hang the cage And light a candle in the cage. You can use this combination for wedding decoration, anniversary celebrations or special birthday parties.
    • Instead of pearls, you can use artificial rose or grape strings to decorate the cage. You can also light candles or lamps in these cages and use them to decorate your balcony, terrace, yard or garden.
    • If you want a cage with pearls and beads Hang the decorated one at home. It is better to put some antiques, sculptures, small books or special plants in it.

    5. Create an old space with a bird cage

    BingMag.com 13 <b>interesting</b> <b>ideas</b> to <b>change</b> the <b>decoration</b> of the <b>house</b> with the <b>help</b> of a <b>bird</b> cage

    If you collect antique and antique items or you are interested in items that have an old look, you can Put a small device in the bird cage. Museum-like cages can protect and display your belongings. For example, put an old photo frame with some sculptures, an old porcelain cup, and a classic desktop clock in a cage and hang it on the corner of the wall.

    6. Put old books in a cage

    BingMag.com 13 <b>interesting</b> <b>ideas</b> to <b>change</b> the <b>decoration</b> of the <b>house</b> with the <b>help</b> of a <b>bird</b> cage

    Some old books Arrange in a cage in order from large to small. If the inside of the cage is large enough, you can arrange them vertically and lean the edges against the cage bars. Of course, if the books are very old, it is better to arrange them in the first way so that their skins are not damaged. You can hang the bookcase on the table or between the pots.

    7. Use the cage as a jewelry box

    BingMag.com 13 <b>interesting</b> <b>ideas</b> to <b>change</b> the <b>decoration</b> of the <b>house</b> with the <b>help</b> of a <b>bird</b> cage

    If you do not know What to do with your jewelry and where to put it We suggest a bird cage. Cut 10 to 15 wires at intervals between the bars of the cage and attach them to the bars so that the wires are arranged in order from top to bottom. Twist the ends of the wires and bend them into the cage. Now attach your necklaces and earrings to the wires.

    You can also use the bars at the top of the cage to hang the necklaces. To attach the stud earrings, you can also attach a wide ribbon to the cage in the same way you attached the wires. Press the earring needle onto the ribbon to pass through it, then lock the earring to hold it in place on the ribbon.

    8. Put the citrus in the cage

    BingMag.com 13 <b>interesting</b> <b>ideas</b> to <b>change</b> the <b>decoration</b> of the <b>house</b> with the <b>help</b> of a <b>bird</b> cage

    to beautify the decoration Kitchen and add rustic style You can put some lemons and oranges in the bird cage and hang them from the ceiling or under the cabinet. You can also place it on a counter or dining table. If you do not like to use natural fruits and you are likely to spoil them, you can use artificial fruits.

    9. bird cage, place to put towels and napkins

    BingMag.com 13 <b>interesting</b> <b>ideas</b> to <b>change</b> the <b>decoration</b> of the <b>house</b> with the <b>help</b> of a <b>bird</b> cage

    Put a few rolls of toilet paper in the bird cage with the towels and hang them next to the toilet. If you have a small table in your bathroom to put creams and colognes, you can put this cage on the same table. You can decorate the bars of the cage with a little ribbon to make it look more beautiful.

    10. Beautiful and classic candlestick

    BingMag.com 13 <b>interesting</b> <b>ideas</b> to <b>change</b> the <b>decoration</b> of the <b>house</b> with the <b>help</b> of a <b>bird</b> cage

    Several candles in one cage Place the bird and place it on a table or hang it in a corner. You easily created a rustic and old decoration. You can put tall candles or wick lamps in a cage and turn them into lanterns. If you plan to use a candle, it is best to first place the candle in a suitable stand or candlestick and then place it in a cage. This will reduce the chances of the cage catching fire to zero. If you think the cage may shake and the candle may fall on the equipment and cause an accident, you can use artificial candles.

    11. A dreamy lighting with the help of a bird cage and light filaments

    BingMag.com 13 <b>interesting</b> <b>ideas</b> to <b>change</b> the <b>decoration</b> of the <b>house</b> with the <b>help</b> of a <b>bird</b> cage

    Wrap one or more strings around the bars of the cage and hang them from the corners. The light of this cage makes the space romantic. If you want to use this lighting method for celebrations, you can set the yarn settings on the flicker to match the atmosphere of the celebration and the party. Just remember that the cage should be close to the electrical outlet.

    12. Lock the chandelier in a cage

    BingMag.com 13 <b>interesting</b> <b>ideas</b> to <b>change</b> the <b>decoration</b> of the <b>house</b> with the <b>help</b> of a <b>bird</b> cage

    a small chandelier or Attach a lamp hanger to the cage. It is better that the cage and the chandelier are the same color. If you use chandeliers with a classic look but pastel colors, paint the cage in harmony with it. After attaching the lever to the cage, hang it with a chain in a corner of the room or above the dining table and connect the power cord to the current.

    • If you attach the cage to the dining table, it is better to separate the floor of the cage to have better exposure.
    • If the cage has a base, you can use it as a lampshade Use it too.

    13. Build an electronic lantern

    BingMag.com 13 <b>interesting</b> <b>ideas</b> to <b>change</b> the <b>decoration</b> of the <b>house</b> with the <b>help</b> of a <b>bird</b> cage

    a lamp bulb to the floor of the cage Connect and Take the wire out from under the cage. Attach a light bulb to the head and plug it in. You can easily build an electronic lantern. It is better to use low wattage and yellow lamps that give a soft and warm light to the space. Hang the cage near the socket and enjoy the soft light at night.

    • 8 new and creative ideas for outdoor lighting


    Changing the decoration usually costs a lot, but you can use the old furniture or change the use of the equipment you have, change the interior and exterior of the house and create a new decoration. The bird cage is one of those devices that can easily change the decoration of the house. With the help of this device, you can illuminate the space, expose antiques and antiques, or decorate the house in a new way with flowers and plants. In this article, 13 cases of using bird cages for decoration were introduced. If you know of another way to use the cage, write to us in the comments section.

    Source: wikihow

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