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12 ways to deal with jealousy

BingMag.com 12 ways to deal with jealousy

Jealousy is one of the worst emotions many of us experience in our lifetime. In wise stories, poems, and sentences, human beings are forbidden from jealousy, but it seems that this feeling, involuntarily, gradually engages our souls and we are helpless against it. Jealousy causes us to make wrong decisions or to make life harder and with unpleasant feelings. Therefore, we must stop it as soon as possible. To avoid jealousy, you can try the following strategies. Be with BingMag.

What is jealousy?

BingMag.com 12 ways to deal with jealousy

Jealousy It means feeling uncomfortable about the possessions and circumstances of others. In fact, when we are jealous of others, we miss their situation and want to be in their place, but this situation is accompanied by unpleasant feelings.

We have all experienced jealousy in life. Some people are more jealous and some less jealous than others. This feeling sometimes leads to dangerous behaviors or negative reactions. So it's important to stop it. Jealousy can be a trigger for anger that will have unpleasant consequences.

12 ways to cope and fight jealousy

Try the following.

1. Find the source of jealousy

When you are jealous, ask yourself what is the root of this feeling? To feel less jealous, you need to find the root of it and eliminate it.

Examining the root of jealousy helps you gain an overview of your situation.

If your spouse is having an intimate relationship with someone else, this The reason you are jealous is that this type of relationship was the first sign of your ex-partner's infidelity. Deal with it slowly.

Talk to your supervisor about career advancement, for example, and ask what the conditions for promotion are. Examine your relationship with your partner and ask him or her about the reason for his or her intimacy in an extramarital affair.

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2. Speak

BingMag.com 12 ways to deal with jealousy

Suppose you are in a situation where your partner's friendly relationships make you jealous. . Talk to your partner about this problem and talk about how you feel.

Talk about how you feel when you both have enough time to talk. In situations such as before going to bed or before going to work, do not talk and find a good time to talk.

Your partner may not be aware of the wrong behavior that is bothering you, and He does not know how you feel about it from within. Take this opportunity to talk to your partner about the boundaries you need to create in your relationship.

If you trust your partner but have been suspicious of him or her because of past bad experiences, Talking usually solves most of your problems. Do not experience bad feelings alone and be sure to share them with your partner.

If you are worried about talking about your jealousy, do not forget that this feeling is completely natural and for everyone it happens. Your partner may also have experienced jealousy at some point in your life.

Talk to a trusted friend

Jealousy sometimes comes from understanding a truth that you did not want to be true. Sometimes talking to someone else about your worries can help you cope better and see better. You will usually feel better after talking to a trusted friend and you will have more control over how you feel.

Think differently

Jealousy can be a very complex and strong emotion. You may not feel good about dealing with jealousy and coping with it. But instead of thinking about the negative aspects of jealousy, try to think of it as an inspiration.

Jealousy is an emotion that shows you the difference between what you have and what you really want. There are differences. Jealousy that you have not investigated the source of can lead to blaming yourself and multiplying your bad feelings. But if you see it as an inspiring resource for discovering shortcomings, it will be easier to come to terms with it.

Sometimes jealousy makes you know exactly what you want. When you know what you want to achieve. For example, if you are jealous of your co-worker, you should try to get a promotion. Jealousy can be a good source of information for knowing ourselves.

5. Have a wider view

BingMag.com 12 ways to deal with jealousy

Jealousy sometimes stems from the fact that we are only a small part of the lives of others See. We usually compare our whole life and achievements with the most ideal part of others' lives, and this causes jealousy. For example, we compare all the failures and failures of our whole life with the best period of a person's life without knowing what problems and difficulties that person has gone through in his life.

People usually spend the best part of their lives in front of others. They show. We never understand what is going on in their lives and relationships, and we only see beautiful images of the best moments of others' lives on social media. Social media has also made you more jealous and comparing yourself to others.

If your source of information is social media, then don't forget that you have limited information about other people's lives and only things. You see, they like to see. You are never aware of the hardships, problems and worries of others and think that their lives are the sweet moments that are shared.

Do not compare your life with the lives of others based on a small, limited picture. Do not forget that what you see is only a small part of a larger image, parts of which may not be pleasant at all.

6. Be grateful for what you have

A little gratitude can go a long way in reducing unpleasant feelings such as jealousy. Appreciation not only reduces jealousy but also reduces stress.

Everyone may not have everything they want in life. Most of us have the same situation; But without a doubt, we all have things in life that we really love. You may even have good things in life that you did not expect. For example, you have a good partner that you did not think you could find.

Whenever negative thoughts invade you, try to think more about and appreciate what you have. It may sound like a slogan, but once or twice you try to appreciate it, you will notice its dazzling effect in reducing negative emotions such as jealousy. Instead of being jealous of your spouse spending time with his or her friends, think about having a partner who values friendships. You are not perfect, it still has things to love and cherish. Even many things you have that you do not realize are the desires of many others.

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7. Deal with it instantly

Perhaps a quick confrontation with jealousy will prevent you from finding its root. But it does help to reduce your current stress and anxiety a little so that you can think more openly about the root of it later. . In a state of jealousy and anger, you may take action that completely hurts a relationship.

Try these methods to calm down:

  • Emotions Put yourself on paper.
  • Take a short walk.
  • Give yourself a quiet space to think by leaving an uncomfortable space or situation.
  • For Do a relaxing activity for 10 minutes.

8. Find the underlying causes of jealousy

Jealousy that persists and causes stress and anxiety can be caused by problems such as anxiety and low self-esteem. Eliminating these underlying causes can sometimes reduce jealousy.

Consider, for example, the problem of low self-esteem. One great way to improve your self-confidence is to identify your values and abilities. Remember your strengths and weaknesses. This will make you realize your hidden values and, if you think there is a flaw, take action to fix it. You have self-esteem and over time, as you gain new skills or realize your previous abilities, your self-confidence will increase. As self-confidence increases, the feeling of competing with others and reaching the position of others decreases and the jealousy that results from it disappears. Anxiety can have a wide range of symptoms that can be addressed alone. It is more difficult. Coping techniques can be helpful. To deal with anxiety, try the following methods:

  • Increase your acceptance of anxiety-related emotions so that they do not overwhelm you.
  • Recognize unwanted or upsetting thoughts so you can Challenge them and replace them.

9. Remember your values

BingMag.com 12 ways to deal with jealousy

When jealousy compels you to compare yourself to others Personal values can dispel this bad feeling. Your life certainly has things that make others jealous. But jealousy makes you not see the positive aspects of your life or think you are not good enough.

Research has shown a link between lack of self-confidence and jealousy. In fact, jealousy most often occurs when you forget your values.

To combat self-esteem, follow these steps:

  • Things to do List well.
  • Be kinder to yourself. In other words, treat yourself the way you treat a close friend.
  • Say affirmations and remind yourself of your abilities every day.
  • Everything about a relationship And you love your life, remind yourself every day.
  • Take time to do the things you enjoy.

10. Test Mindfulness

Mindfulness techniques help you focus on your thoughts and feelings without judging or criticizing them. Raising your awareness of jealousy can help you pay attention to the patterns that follow; Among the things that happen before you feel jealous.

Mindfulness also helps you feel more comfortable about jealousy. For example, it can help you to accept your jealousy and go on living without it.

Do not judge or blame yourself for being jealous. Do not let this feeling cause an influx of negative thoughts and feelings. Just accept it and then give it up.

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11. Give yourself time

If you have experienced jealousy before, you have probably noticed that this feeling diminishes over time. After a while you deal with it, it is no longer as unpleasant as before. This feeling may even go away over time.

According to research on jealousy, people are usually more jealous before something happens than after it. As time goes on, the less you compare yourself to others, the more positive your feelings about yourself become.

So this time, when you feel jealous, be a little more tolerant and Give yourself time. Just let time pass before you do something wrong or get angry.

Consult your therapist

BingMag.com 12 ways to deal with jealousy

Consult a therapist for help.

Of course, talking about jealousy is not always easy. You may not be comfortable at first sharing your feelings with someone. But good therapists will treat you kindly and understand your feelings.

Do not forget that they know better than anyone that jealousy is a natural feeling and that sometimes in life

For the following reasons, correcting with a therapist can be helpful in resolving the problem of jealousy:

  • Jealousy leads to obsessive thoughts.
  • Jealousy thoughts become uncontrollable or annoying.
  • You develop violent thoughts or tendencies.
  • Jealousy causes difficult behaviors It becomes an instrument, such as chasing or constantly examining your partner.
  • Jealousy affects your daily life and prevents you from doing what you want to do or causes other discomfort.
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    If you constantly need to check social media, your partner's phone or the clothes people are wearing, you can no longer be present in your life and this is a fundamental problem.

    Jealousy can get you down Help focus on something more It's important for you to focus. Jealousy should not be a problem for you or your relationship and you can use it as an opportunity to get to know yourself. In some cases, it can even help strengthen relationships. It all depends on how you deal with this feeling.

    This is for educational and informational purposes only. Be sure to consult a specialist before using the recommendations in this article. For more information, read the BingMag Meg Disclaimer .

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