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12 things to know about decorating your home with artwork

BingMag.com 12 things to know about decorating your home with artwork

The decoration of any house is not complete without one or two works of art or handicrafts. You may be hesitant to use artwork at home at first; But as soon as you use these works, you will notice their dazzling charm. Your home becomes more beautiful and warmer despite the artwork, and you enjoy seeing it every time you look at it. In order to decorate your home with works of art, consider the following points. Join BingMag.

Why should we use artwork in home decoration?

BingMag.com 12 things to know about decorating your home with artwork

It does not matter what your home decor style is. Whatever style you decide upon, that look can be further enhanced by the type of shutter hinges used. This work of art can be one of your favorite photographs, paintings, handicrafts such as enamel plates, calligraphy, etc.

Decorating the wall with works of art has many advantages, which we will mention a few: p>

great variety

There is a great variety of works of art that you can use to decorate your walls. There is a world of art and creativity that you can add to the walls of your home and through it, show your emotions and feelings and interests. From posters to photo frames, paintings and calligraphy, you can find a suitable work of art for any kind of decoration you have.

The colors and designs of these works are also very diverse. Whatever color your decoration is, you will find a beautiful work of art that matches it. There are no restrictions on decorating the wall with works of art. The choice of art depends on you and the tastes of your family members. You can use modern art or hang traditional artwork on the wall.

Create a focal point in the house

BingMag.com 12 things to know about decorating your home with artwork

focal point is the most important part in interior design and decoration. Every room and every space in the house has a focal point that immediately attracts the attention of every viewer who enters the house for the first time. The first meeting is always important. If you have a beautiful and valuable work of art at home, you will have a positive impact on the guest in the first encounter. Every time you enter your home or any space, you get a good sense of the artwork on the wall.

This focal point of art can show that you are an art lover and creative. Using artwork to decorate a wall softens the simplicity and silence of the space. It may be hard to believe this, but the artwork you install on the walls of your home can even affect your mood and your daily routine. You can convey a sense of vitality with a painting or recall sweet memories with a photo frame.

The color of the artwork plays an important role in the mood it creates. You can choose a different work of art for each room depending on its application. For example, choose a relaxing view for the bedroom and an energetic panel for the study. A blank white wall can make family members feel depressed, but an attractive painting or spectacular work of art can completely change the mood of the home. Bring taste and avoid lethargy. In addition to the effect itself, the installation location is also important. Of course, you do not have to fill all the walls with paintings and paintings and works of art. Moderate everything to get the best results.

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BingMag.com 12 things to know about decorating your home with artwork

Walls are the most important part of a home to decorate. Home is a place where you spend most of your time and you should feel relaxed. For this reason, people use their favorite works of art to decorate the walls of their homes and rooms. In a way, these works can reflect your tastes and personality.

In fact, wall decorations have a purpose beyond changing the decoration of the house. People show their interests and tastes through the things they hang on the walls of their homes. For example, sports enthusiasts hang sports posters on the wall, or cinema enthusiasts add posters and cinematic artwork to their home decor. Therefore, wall decorations can reflect your way of thinking and taste.

Help choosing a color palette

If you are confused about choosing a color palette for your home decoration, it may be a work of art. Your favorite is a good guide to choosing a color palette.

If you have a favorite painting or artwork that you have hung on the wall, you can also choose the color of the curtains and furniture according to the same work. You can choose similar colors in the painting or complementary colors. You can use the color wheel to choose the color.

Many people usually decide on the color of the home decoration first and then choose the wall decorations accordingly. If you are confused about choosing a color, it might not be a bad idea to buy your favorite artwork first and then choose a decoration that matches the color.

Increase Productivity

Add Signs with motivational phrases in your room or workplace can increase your productivity. Imagine the first sentence you see in the morning after waking up is full of positive energy. For this reason, boards with positive and motivational sentences have recently become very popular.

A creative work of art can also enhance your creativity and challenge the mind. Art means using creativity, and any kind of creativity can increase productivity.

Improving mental health

Works of art improve mental health. This may sound strange, but it is true. Psychological problems are a topic that more than 400 million people around the world suffer from, and art is a great treatment for those who want to express their emotions and feelings. If you suffer from loneliness and would like to express your thoughts, what are you waiting for? Take a brush and draw your thoughts; You can hang your artwork on the walls of the house and enjoy seeing it.

Tips you need to know about decorating the wall with artwork

Buy it yourself, keep these tips in mind when decorating the wall.

1. Do not rush

BingMag.com 12 things to know about decorating your home with artwork

Do not rush to buy works of art and install them on the wall. You need to plan and decide on it and then proceed with the purchase. You need to consider how your artwork will fit together. You can even arrange and test them on paper or with computer software.

In fact, you should consider the final look of any decorations before spending any money to make sure that Are you satisfied with the final result or not?

2. Provide the necessary tools

Sometimes nails and hammers alone are not enough to install a work of art. Depending on the weight and type of decorations you choose, you may need more tools such as drills, screws and dowels. Proper installation of wall decorations is very important. You need to pay attention to their weight and install them so that they do not fall. Especially if you plan to install them on the sofa or on the bed.

3. Measure

If you want to install multiple panels and frames side by side, you must spac them at least 10 cm apart. If you install them closer than this, they will look unpleasant from a distance. Before buying a panel and frame, measure the wall on which you want to install the panel and find the appropriate frame or frames for it. The entire wall space should not be covered with frames and the distance between the frames should be proportional.

4. Do not decorate simply

BingMag.com 12 things to know about decorating your home with artwork

The easiest thing you can do to decorate a wall is to buy a painting And install right in the middle of the wall. But in order to have a special and different decoration, you have to think differently. Find a creative place to put your artwork. Even the corners of the walls can be a good place to decorate the wall. You do not always have to do the simplest thing. Add a little creativity to your home dcor by putting together a variety of artwork and finding special spaces to display them.>

5. Make your favorite work stand out

Suppose you have a particular painting or artwork that you want to look different from the rest. Locate it first, and then you can place other works around it, focusing on your favorite work of art. Or choose the color of the surrounding works so that the main effect is more visible.

6. Use different types of frames

These days, frames are very diverse and you can find a suitable frame of any material and color. Do not be afraid to use a variety of frames. Not all house frames need to be made of steel. Sometimes try a wooden frame and enjoy the variety and contrast it creates. Choose a frame that fits the photo or artwork, not the other frames in the house.

Pay attention to the dimensions of the board

Do not be afraid to hit a large board on the wall. Some people mostly choose small frames and boards. Do not be afraid to choose large frames. Large frames can easily change the mood of the house completely. Especially in the case of original and beautiful works of art, the bigger the work, the better. If this frame is wider than the furniture under it, for example, wider than the sofa, there is no problem. Depending on the size of the wall, make a large and suitable frame or board and do not be afraid of its size. There is no problem for your home decoration and you will not regret it.

8. Do not overspend

You do not need to spend a lot to have an attractive decoration with paintings and works of art. If you can not buy large paintings, put together some small and beautiful paintings that you already have. You can even do it yourself and create a beautiful work of art. You do not need to be an expert to create modern works of art. By watching some educational videos on the Internet, you can create a creative work of art and decorate your room with it. You will find an interesting hobby and change the decoration of the house to your own taste.

9. Pay attention to lighting

Pay attention to home lighting to choose where to decorate the wall. For example, where there is little light and it is often dark, it is not suitable to place a work of art. You can even decide on the lighting of the house in advance and according to the plan you have to install the works of art on the wall, use LED lamps to illuminate that part of the wall.

10. Consider the whole house

Some people think that wall decorations with artwork are only for the living room. You can use these works for decoration anywhere in the house. Even unusual places. For example, the corridor is a good place to enjoy the beauty of artistic decorations. Do not limit yourself to changing the decoration of your home with the charm of art.

11. Do not overdo it

Art is beautiful and gives a special charm to any place. But you should not overuse it. You should not fill all the walls and all the rooms with paintings, paintings and works of art. Be moderate in everything. In moderation, the artwork you post on the wall will show itself more.

Try to have a key piece of art in any place or room. Other room decorations should be used to support this effect and better show it. Placing two large works of art on either side of a room will only confuse and not convey a good feeling.

Pay attention to the color of the wall

BingMag.com 12 things to know about decorating your home with artwork

To buy the best artwork for your home, be sure to paint Also pay attention to the walls. For example, if you have a crowded paper wall with a crowded design, this wall is not suitable for placing crowded and colorful works of art and glaze. If you have a plain white wall, you can safely buy crowded and colorful artwork. When choosing a painting, be sure to consider the design and color of the wall so that you do not clutter the wall and disturb the peace of the room.

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Works of art are the best option for decorating a home. Using them improves mental health and increases productivity and creativity. Of course, in using anything, you should observe moderation and consider tips to create the best decoration for your home. With the help of precise and principled decoration, you can have a calmer and more pleasant atmosphere for living and enjoy seeing works of art at home.

Source: Thespruce

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