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12 smart ways to be more active in everyday life

BingMag.com 12 smart ways to be more active in everyday life

Inactivity is one of the problems of everyday life today. If you have little physical activity and do not have enough time to exercise, you should try to be more active to do the normal things in life. With the tips in this article from BingMag Meg, you can increase the amount of physical activity during the day.

Why should we increase our physical activity?

BingMag.com 12 smart ways to be more active in everyday life

We all know that sport is important. Our bodies are made to move and stimulate more, so when we are immobile, our bodies warn that we need to change the situation. If we live sedentary for a long time, the decrease in physical strength is a result that we will definitely experience. they know. People who work long hours, people who have important job responsibilities, people whose jobs cause them to be constantly on the move, people who are busy with education, and housewives who are responsible for caring for and caring for their children; All of these people say they do not have time to exercise.

They cannot exercise unless they plan to exercise. The approach I take later makes it impossible for you to do that. You need to dedicate a certain amount of time a day to exercise so that you can maintain your health and strength. By adding exercise to your daily or weekly routine, you can save your body from becoming inactive. A few minutes a day can be enough and will definitely increase over time. In everyday life

the following strategies do not take much time; But they do help you to be more active and physically active in your daily life. By implementing these simple and smart strategies, you can lose weight, strengthen muscles and help maintain health. In addition, more mobility makes you experience pleasant emotions.

1. Use the stairs

BingMag.com 12 smart ways to be more active in everyday life

This solution may have been recommended to you many times and its repetition is boring for you. But for some reason it is one of the best solutions. The use of stairs instead of elevators increases the heart rate, helps to improve balance and is effective in strengthening the muscles of the lower extremities. If you have more time and feel you need to move harder, you can take your steps higher and take one step up the two steps, or stand on the edge of the stairs with only your toes on the stairs. Lift all the weight of your body on the toe by lifting the heel. Repeating this movement strengthens the calf muscles.

Do not use the elevator; Your heart and body will thank you.

2. Do squats while brushing

How many times can you repeat squats in two minutes?

Perform this challenge while brushing. Repeat this challenge as many times as you brush your teeth throughout the day. With this solution, you can be more active for 4 to 6 minutes a day. You can also run this challenge by practicing lounge.

3. Take meetings on foot

If you have moved your work activities home and opted for video calls for business conversations, schedule each day and make one on-the-go calls. If you do not need to stare at the screen when you call, use headphones, put the phone in your pocket and solve the world's problems while walking.

This is a great way to combine more mobility and work. Even when you have a fixed workplace such as an office, you can hold solo meetings on foot. Walking with the other person not only helps you build a stronger connection but also helps both parties come up with better ideas. Research shows that walking boosts creativity and helps you think more carefully.

Take Shopping and Walk

When you go shopping, try to walk down the aisle while holding your shopping cart. If the things you have bought do not weigh much and you do not have a long way to go to get home, take the purchases and return home on foot.

Of course, depending on your physical ability, you can make a simple purchase to Make it an attractive challenge; If you have the time and can experience heavier purchases and longer return routes. In general, try to go shopping on foot as much as your ability and time allow.

5. Use a Pilates ball to sit

BingMag.com 12 smart ways to be more active in everyday life

Use a Pilates ball instead of an office chair do. This helps reduce back pain and improves posture. In addition, while sitting on the ball, you can do gentle stretching movements for the neck, back and spine. Rotate your back to strengthen and activate your torso muscles, such as with a hoop. You can also do sitting exercises that engage the abdominal muscles. You can do a variety of exercises while sitting on a Pilates ball.

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6. Stand More

People at work usually do their jobs while sitting in an office chair and miss a good opportunity to increase their calorie burn. A standing desk can change the situation. Because standing puts more pressure on the body than sitting, it increases calorie burning. Experts estimate that standing burns 50% more calories than sitting. In addition, if you increase the standing time, you will help strengthen the leg muscles. Of course, you should take short breaks at regular intervals; Sit or walk for a while.

7. Park farther away

Many people are accustomed to going everywhere by car, even if a store or destination is close to their home and can be reached on foot in half an hour. It is best to walk close distances; But if you can not drive without a car, move the car park away from your destination.

If your destination is in a convenient area and you can park your car a little further from your destination, a way to You will have a walk. With these short walks during the day, you can increase the number of your daily steps.

8. Have more sex

Some studies show that during sex, women burn about 1.3 calories and men burn about 2.4 calories per minute. Although the amount of calories burned during sex is not comparable to strenuous running, both cause calorie burning. Sweating that occurs during sexual intercourse indicates the same calorie burning.

9. Cleaning is also a activity

If you consider how many calories house cleaning burns, you will have a different view of sweeping and other household chores. Depending on the intensity of the cleaning work, a person weighing 70 kg in half an hour of cleaning will burn between 85 and 100 calories. In addition, different muscle groups become involved when you clean. You can be more active by cleaning or helping your home or workplace, and you can even have a specific plan for doing so.

10. Cook at Home

Most people do not know how to cook, but preparing food is always associated with burning calories. In addition, the food you prepare at home usually has fewer calories than the food you order. Also, the food you prepare at home is made from the freshest and highest quality food and you know what you are eating.

Preparing food at home involves many activities such as standing, lifting, washing, chopping and so on. Prepare ingredients, all of which increase calorie burning and help you stay active.

On days when you have more time or holidays, cook and keep yourself and your family healthy. Share. Part of cooking is also washing dishes. This simple activity can help keep your home clean and increase your physical activity.

Play Family Games

Spend time on active games after your daily activities and holidays, and encourage other family members to participate in these games. There are many options for entertainment and sports; Rollerblades, chair games, lilies, ropes, hoop races and all the games you played as a child can be just as much fun. Games are very diverse and you can choose an attractive game for any age and suitable for any place, and it does not matter if you go out to play or play at home. You sweat after the game and you may feel tired, which is a good thing.

12. Exercise while watching TV

BingMag.com 12 smart ways to be more active in everyday life

You can also get some exercise while watching TV; Walk on a treadmill, use a stationary bike, do stretching exercises, use a foam roller, do weight training, use weights to strengthen the muscles of the body, especially the upper body muscles, or do Pilates exercises.

If the program you like to watch lasts 30 minutes and you exercise in those 30 minutes, you can easily add a 30-minute workout to your daily routine. If for some reason you do not agree with this combination, you can limit your mobility to the time when the commercials are aired.

Place sports equipment near the TV so that you can watch it while watching TV. Exercises that involve the biceps, triceps, and deltoids can make a big difference in the strength and health of the arms and can improve the position of the shoulders. Even a few repetitions of these exercises with light weights can be useful.

Especially for women who are at higher risk of osteoporosis, doing exercises with weights is very useful and can maintain strength and Help bone health. Add these exercises to your daily routine.

In addition to watching TV, you can even do abdominal exercises while holding your phone while checking social media.

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We hope these tips will motivate you to stay active. Make more serious decisions in your daily life. More important than a good plan is to keep going, and it may seem a little difficult at first. Try to include more than one solution in your daily routine. In this case, even if you do not succeed in one, other strategies will help you increase your mobility.

If you can not plan daily, plan to implement these strategies during the week. If you have only one walking session per week or use the stairs instead of the elevator only a few times a week, you have succeeded and increased your mobility. Be sure to increase these programs over time and get to the point where you get used to them.

This is for educational and informational purposes only. Be sure to consult a specialist before using the recommendations in this article. For more information, read the Digitica Magazine Disclaimer .

Source: Healthline

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