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12 key points to consider when choosing a book for your child

BingMag.com 12 <b>key</b> <b>points</b> to <b>consider</b> <b>when</b> <b>choosing</b> a <b>book</b> for <b>your</b> child

Reading books to a child plays an important role in the development of his personality and skills. choosing a good book for your child is the first step you need to take to get your child to read. The book you choose for your child will play an important role in his or her future interest in the book. Stay tuned to BingMag for a few tips on the basics of choosing a book for your child.

Why should children be encouraged to read a book?

BingMag.com 12 <b>key</b> <b>points</b> to <b>consider</b> <b>when</b> <b>choosing</b> a <b>book</b> for <b>your</b> child

Reading books plays an important role in the child's development process. The following are some of the benefits of reading to a child that have been proven in numerous studies.

1. Contributing to Cognitive Development

Cognitive development is how we perceive and think about the world in terms of intelligence, reasoning, language development, and information processing. By reading books, children gain a deeper understanding of their world and their brains are filled with background knowledge. They use this background knowledge to understand what they see, hear and read, which helps their cognitive development.

The development of empathy in the child

when we read a book, we present ourselves in a fictional story. These conditions allow us to empathize with other characters and experience their feelings as we experience them. Children can use this understanding to empathize with other people in the real world.

Gaining Deeper Perceptions of the World

Books take us everywhere; To cities we have not seen and cultures we do not know. By reading a book, the child learns about people, places, and events that he or she could not learn without the book. This education gives children a deeper understanding of the world around them and of different cultures.

Improve reading skills and increase vocabulary

Children who read books from an early age often outperformed their peers in reading skills. At the same time, reading a book makes the child's vocabulary much wider. As a result, he will be more able to speak than others and will have more words to express his profession.

5. Increase Focus

Reading books is a great way to increase focus. Constant reading forces the child to sit still for long periods of time and focus all his attention on the book. If the book is interactive and comes with picture and sound, this advantage is doubled.

6. Increasing Creativity and Visualizing Power

Reading a book gives a child the opportunity to visualize the world he or she is reading about. This is an exercise to increase the power of visualization. The more one is able to visualize unknown worlds, the more creative one is.

The child who reads a book, especially if the book has no illustration, must create all the scenes and characters in his mind. This opportunity encourages the child to be creative and imagine new scenes with new characters.

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Tips for choosing a book for a child

BingMag.com 12 <b>key</b> <b>points</b> to <b>consider</b> <b>when</b> <b>choosing</b> a <b>book</b> for <b>your</b> child

You should be more careful when choosing a book for a child because The concepts taught in the books are very important and you should monitor what the child learns. To choose a children's book, consider the following points:

1. choosing a book appropriate for the age of the child at different ages has different needs and interests. For example, younger children enjoy books that have rhythm, poetry, and repetitive parts. For this group of children, it is better to buy books that tell a story in the form of a simple poem. They enjoy having a predictable textbook and being able to replicate it. These repetitive passages, such as verses from a simple poem, compel them to participate in the reading process.

Children who are older and reach preschool age enjoy more complex stories. Books that have one or two paragraphs of text per page are suitable for them. Of course, at this age you usually have to read the book to your child, but the child pays a lot of attention to the pictures in the book.

Children are able to read at their own primary school age. For this group of children, you should buy books that are appropriate for their level of reading skills. Books are classified in different age groups according to the level of writing. your child may be more able to read depending on their skills. In this case, you can choose a book for the child, depending on the category of the book, according to the skill and interest of the child.

Another point you should know is that children, usually at any age, They like illustrators more. book illustrations help the child to better understand the subject and at the same time, help him to read books. Encourages more.

2. Choose from a variety of books

While children usually read a book several times, it is best to provide a variety of books for them. Of course, reading a book several times has many benefits for children, but they should read a variety of books on different topics to get acquainted with new structures and words, and to experience different topics. It is by reading a variety of books that a child can discover their tastes.

Most children love fairy tales and fairy tales, but sometimes they should also read real-life stories and real-world characters. Even science books in plain language for children should be included in children's books. Buy a baby. This book can be science books in plain language or even a book that teaches simple crafts.

The goal is for the child to become familiar with new topics and different writing styles and to be able to read a variety of texts. Fiction books, poems, science books, educational books, and are examples of books you can give your child to read different types of books.

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3. Books tailored to the interests of the child

Children have different interests. For example, some of them like characters like princes and others are interested in the world of dinosaurs. With this in mind, choose books for the child whose main character is one of the child's favorite characters. Or buy science books that interest them on the same subject.

Be sure to ask your child about his or her favorite topics before heading to a bookstore or library. when a child is interested in the subject of the book, he/she will follow it with more enthusiasm.

Find help on the Internet to find a book on the subject of the child's interest. These days, complete information about books is easily found, and if you do not have access to the book itself, you can find the necessary information related to it.

4. Getting help from your child

Get help from your child if you are unsure of the content of the books and do not know which one to choose from. Children who do not know how to read usually make decisions about the book by flipping through the book and looking at its illustrations. Children who can read, in addition to illustration, usually consider the subject of the book. In general, your child is more eager to read and listen to a book when he or she chooses to read it. Leave it to him completely. Browse baby bookstores and let your child wander freely through the shelves, flip through the books, and make any books he or she likes.

5. Purchasing Award-winning books

Every year, numerous festivals and competitions are held around the world, in which the best books are selected in terms of authorship, illustration, translation and so on. Books that have won numerous awards in various competitions are usually very valuable books and are worth reading and having.

If you can not decide which book to buy, from the list of books that have won Awarded get started. Usually these books do not disappoint you and the children enjoy having them.

For this purpose it is necessary to follow the festivals and competitions related to the publishing market. If you do not follow these competitions, you can find the winning books with the help of the Internet.

There are fewer of these festivals in Iran. You can find books that have won foreign competitions. These books are usually translated and published by local publishers and you can access the best books in the world.

6. choosing a book from familiar authors

If your child is interested in and likes a book, he or she will probably like other books by the same author and illustrator. If you do not know what book to buy, check out your child's previous books and ask him or her to choose his or her favorite book. With a little searching you can find other books by the same author or illustrator. your child will probably enjoy the same writing style or illustration style and will love his or her new book.

This is true of adults as well. We sometimes like an author's writing style, and we read and love all of that author's books.

In the case of children's books, illustration also plays an important role. So be sure to ask the child if he/she liked the story of the book more or his/her drawings. If book illustration is appealing to your child, look for other works by the same illustrator.

Books with real events

BingMag.com 12 <b>key</b> <b>points</b> to <b>consider</b> <b>when</b> <b>choosing</b> a <b>book</b> for <b>your</b> child

Buy a book for your child that talks about real life events Did. That is, events that your child experiences on a daily basis and can understand the events of the book because he or she has experienced them himself or herself. Kids like to talk about what's going on in their lives and like to read about it to learn about other people's experiences. Prepare the topic. Or if your child is about to go to school, you can find books about school and its early days. These books help prepare the child to accept big events and real life events.

Another example is buying books that the child thinks about. For example, if your child wants to become a police officer in the future, write a book about a day in the life of a police officer. Children love books that can understand its events and find them more realistic.

8. Informative books

One aspect of reading a book to a child, in addition to entertaining the child, is learning important things. Sometimes children learn the basic concepts of life better and deeper with the help of poetry and stories. You may want to teach something to your child by giving advice and talking, but reading a related story is usually more effective.

Make books that teach your child essential skills. This can be reading and writing, numbers and colors, or even communication skills such as communicating with friends as well as teaching ethics. For example, you can teach a child jealousy, lies and enmity in the form of a beautiful poem or story.

9. Do not interfere with personal taste

Sometimes parents try to apply their personal taste to the choice of the child's book and consider their own taste more than the child's needs and interests. They may even want to buy books for their children that they read as a child and that were interesting to them.

But note that no matter how small your child is, he or she has his or her own tastes and interests. The great books of your day may not be as fun or entertaining for your child today. So if your taste and the taste of the child are different, the taste of the child is a priority and you should give up your taste.

10. Paying Attention to Illustrations

One of the most important parts of a children's book these days is its illustrations. Almost none of the children's books are published without illustrations. Illustrations play an important role in a child's interest in books. So in addition to paying attention to the subject and content of the book and its literature, also consider book illustrations.

Of course, for children who are much younger, books are published that have no text at all and all of them are illustrations. You can give this book to the child to create a story based on the illustrations with his own imagination or you can define a story for the child according to the pictures.

11. Charming to read

Reading a book aloud is fun for kids. They like to read aloud to adults, or if they can read for themselves, they like to read to others. To read a book aloud, its tone and writing are important. Books that have a specific and uniform rhythm are more appealing to children. This is why most children usually like poetry.

when choosing a book for your child, buy a book that is fun for both you and the child to read aloud and can accompany you.


12. Buy Books of the Day

You can find popular books of the day by searching the Internet or asking questions from librarians and bookstores. Reading these books will help you to be aware of the children's book publishing market and choose new and up-to-date topics for your child. In this way, you take a little distance from the old books and always provide new topics for the child to read.

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BingMag.com 12 <b>key</b> <b>points</b> to <b>consider</b> <b>when</b> <b>choosing</b> a <b>book</b> for <b>your</b> child

The book is the best gift you can buy for your child. choosing a good book is very important for the child because the subject and content of the book and even its illustrations should be appropriate to the child's age and interests. Choose the best book for your child with the tips we have mentioned, and encourage him/her to read more by giving him/her a gift.

In this way, you will raise a child who will be eager to read and read in adulthood. Was. when choosing a book for your child, pay attention to his/her own taste so that reading becomes a pleasant and enjoyable process for him/her and he/she does not give up this good habit in adulthood.

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