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12 important points in correcting the face of men that prevent pimples and inflammation

BingMag.com 12 important points in correcting the face of men that prevent pimples and inflammation

There are many different tools and products on the market to correct men's faces. Naturally, the quality of the tools and products used to correct men's faces is very important for the health and proper shaving of the skin, but dermatologists believe that preparing the facial skin and observing the correct principles of shaving the face also play an important role in skin health. But what is the correct and correct form for men? How to prevent pimples, subcutaneous hair and other problems after men's facial correction? Join us in Digistyle Magazine for a full review of these issues.

Why do we get pimples or inflammation after facial correction?

BingMag.com 12 important points in correcting the face of men that prevent pimples and inflammation

Sometimes after shaving your face, you get inflamed bumps on your skin, but what are these bumps and what are the reasons for them? The red bumps on your skin may be acne or pimples, but most of the time they are bumps that occur when the hair goes back into the skin. Acne mainly affects people in the skin when the pores of the skin are clogged with fat and dead skin cells. Although these bumps may themselves turn into pimples or acne.

But what factors in men's facial correction can cause these skin lesions in correction? We review these factors together.

Dirty and old blades

These blades can carry bacteria. These bacteria can enter the pores of your skin and cause pimples when you rub a dirty or old razor on your skin. If your razor blade is replaceable, replace it after 5 or 10 times, otherwise discard the razor after this use and use a new razor.

Using allergenic products in Shaving Time

Some face shaving products such as shaving creams and gels may irritate the facial skin and cause swelling and inflammation. This thrombosis and inflammation may eventually turn into pimples or skin sores. To prevent these inflammations on the skin of your face, use standard and anti-allergic products that are designed for men's facial skin and are free of essential oils, colors and perfumes.

Wash your face with hot water After shaving

During shaving, the pores of the skin open. If you wash your skin with hot water after shaving, these pores will remain open and you will get acne and pimples when dirt and dirt enter these pores. After shaving, wash your face with cold water to close the pores of your skin.

Using a low-quality or slow razor

And the razor is pulled harder on the skin. In this situation, in addition to causing inflammation, the hair is cut at an angle, and in this case, the return and penetration of hair into the skin becomes easier and the subcutaneous hair and the resulting bumps of subcutaneous hair on the face increase. p>

Using Ordinary Solid Soaps

Ordinary solid soaps are not formulated for your skin and dry out your skin. To wash your face, use gentle facial cleansers for men so that your skin does not dry out. If your skin is dry at the time of shaving, the possibility of facial pimples, inflammation or subcutaneous hair increases.

12 important principles of men's facial shaving

BingMag.com 12 important points in correcting the face of men that prevent pimples and inflammation

In the previous section, we explained to you the factors that may cause skin problems after men's facial correction. In this section, we present to you 12 important principles of men's facial correction. . By following these principles, you can make the best facial correction and prevent all kinds of skin problems.

1. Have a good daily skin routine

Cleansing, exfoliating, and hydrating your skin will help improve your facial skin and reduce the risk of inflammation, subcutaneous hair, or pimples. To do your daily skin routines, choose a men's skin care kit that is free of fragrances, essential oils and artificial colors to prevent skin irritation.

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2. Take a bath or wash your face before shaving

The best time to shave is after a bath. Take a shower or wash your face with a mild face wash before you start shaving. Water softens beard hair and makes it easier to comb. In addition, rubbing the skin with a mild cleanser helps to get rid of subcutaneous hair, making shaving easier.

Also, using a facial cleanser removes any dirt and dead cells. This makes the razor move more easily on the skin. However, do not use very hot water to wash your face as this may destroy the skin's natural oil, making it harder to shave and the skin prone to pimples.

3. Choose the right tool to correct your face

BingMag.com 12 important points in correcting the face of men that prevent pimples and inflammation

If you have sensitive skin, it is better than Gillette Use a razor. However, the use of a razor or razor is considered depending on each person's skin type. Some people shave better with a razor and some with a razor. If you use a razor, use single-blade razors instead of multi-blade razors. In this case, the possibility of inflammation and subcutaneous hair decreases.

4. Do not forget to use shaving paste, gels or foams for shaving. It does not matter if you use shaving paste or gels or facial shaving foams; Note that if any of these materials are not compatible with your skin, you can replace and use another model. It is very important that you never shave your face with a razor without using beard paste. Dry face when in contact with a sharp razor can damage your skin and increase the possibility of pimples on the face.

5. Pull the razor in the direction of hair growth

If you pull the razor in the direction of hair growth on the hair, the risk of subcutaneous hair or skin inflammation is reduced.

6. Do not apply too much pressure to the razor and let the razor do its work.

Move the razor over your skin with low pressure and do not apply too much pressure. Manufacturers have designed razor blades with nanometer precision, which is why standard razors do everything they can for you and you do not need to put too much pressure on your skin. If you see that the blade does not work without low pressure, ie your blade is slow, your razor is not of good quality or its blade head is slow.

7. If you have acne on your face, shave more carefully

If you have active acne and inflamed pimples on your face, it is better not to shave your face right now so that your pimples heal. However, if you are going to shave your face, do not shave the acne at all because the pimples will be irritated and will get worse.

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8. After shaving, wash your face with antibacterial cleanser and cold water

BingMag.com 12 important points in correcting the face of men that prevent pimples and inflammation

Your face is prone to pimples By rinsing your face with an antibacterial cleanser, you greatly reduce the risk of pimples. As mentioned in the previous section, hot water leaves pores and boils; Therefore, be sure to use cold water to wash your face after shaving.

9. Use aftershave or moisturizing creams after shaving your face

Using moisturizing creams or post-shaving creams (aftershave) prevents pimples, redness of the skin and skin allergies. It is best to use after-methods that are alcohol-free. Most men usually use alcohol and cologne to prevent pimples after shaving. Alcohol has antibacterial properties, but its contact with the facial skin after shaving can cause skin irritation and redness; Therefore, it is better to replace colognes and alcohols available in the market, which also have a variety of pleasant scents.

10. Wash your razor well

Wash your razor after each shave to thoroughly clean any debris left under the razor. Put the razor under hot water to sterilize and prepare for the next shave.

11. Keep the razor in a dry place

After washing your razor well, dry it and keep it in a dry place to prevent bacteria from growing on the razor. Never leave your razor under a wet shower or sink.

Replace your razor periodically

As mentioned in the previous section, an old, dirty, or slow razor can cause skin problems after shaving. Change your razor after 5 and finally use 10 times.

Last word

In this article, we discussed the causes of skin problems such as pimples and subcutaneous hair after shaving men's faces. If you also face this type of skin problem after shaving your face, you can restore health to your skin by following the steps and tips mentioned in this article.

Remember that a healthy and clear skin It plays a very important role in men's style and attractiveness, be diligent in shaving health and taking care of your skin.

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