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12 harmful foods and drinks for people with high triglycerides

Triglyceride is a type of lipid or fat found in the bloodstream. When you eat, your body converts extra calories into triglycerides, which are stored in fat cells. Hormones can release stored triglycerides whenever you are hungry or your body needs energy. If you always get more calories than your body needs or overeat sugary and high-fat foods, your blood triglycerides will rise. Exercise, healthy eating, elimination of harmful foods for high triglycerides and, if necessary, medication can help alleviate this problem.

It is best for blood triglycerides to be less than 150 mg/dl. Abnormally high triglycerides damage the arteries and increase the risk of heart disease, heart attack and stroke. Given the importance of this issue, in this article from BingMag we are going to talk about harmful foods for high triglycerides. If you have this problem, read this article to the end.

harmful foods for high triglycerides

Improving lifestyle and reducing the consumption of the following foods and drinks can be more controllable. Blood glycerides help:

1. Starchy vegetables

The type and amount of carbohydrates you eat has a big effect on triglyceride levels. When trying to lower blood triglycerides, you should not consider the effects of all vegetables to be the same. Because starchy vegetables like corn and green peas are high in carbohydrates, if you over-consume them, your body will convert the extra carbohydrates or starch into triglycerides. If you have high blood triglycerides, non-starchy vegetables such as cabbage, spinach and mushrooms are better choices.

high fruit consumption

BingMag.com 12 <b>harmful</b> <b>foods</b> and <b>drinks</b> for <b>people</b> with <b>high</b> triglycerides

You may be surprised to see the names of fruits in the list of foods harmful to triglycerides. do. Undoubtedly, fruit is good for health and is an important part of a healthy diet, especially if you eat a slice of fruit instead of a sweet, high-fat or high-calorie dessert. But consuming too much fruit can reduce your ability to control blood triglycerides.

There is a type of sugar in the fruit called fructose that people with high triglycerides should get between 50 and 100. Limit heat per day. Excess fructose raises triglycerides, so you should limit fruit consumption to two to three servings a day. Usually a medium-sized fruit is considered a serving.

Dried fruits such as raisins and dried figs are high in fructose and have a greater effect on raising triglycerides than fresh fruits. For this reason, it is recommended to limit their consumption and use more fresh fruits.

3. Alcoholic beverages

Alcohol consumption can increase blood triglyceride levels. Because it contains a lot of sugar and getting too much sugar from any source can be problematic. In addition to increasing triglycerides, alcoholic beverages are also associated with an increased risk of head and neck cancer, esophageal cancer, breast cancer, liver cancer and colon cancer.

Canned fish in oil

Fish is good for heart health. But when you want to buy canned fish, read the label on the can and choose products that use water instead of oil instead of cans containing oil. By consuming canned food containing water, you can enjoy all the benefits of omega-3 in fish without getting extra fat. The American Heart Association recommends that everyone eat at least two servings of fatty fish a week. Fatty fish such as salmon and sardines are rich in omega-3 fatty acids.

5. Coconut

BingMag.com 12 <b>harmful</b> <b>foods</b> and <b>drinks</b> for <b>people</b> with <b>high</b> triglycerides

Coconut is used in the form of fruit, coconut juice, coconut milk, coconut oil and.. Although this nutrient is good for your health in some situations, it is a harmful food for high triglycerides due to its saturated fats. foods high in saturated fat, in addition to triglycerides, also have a negative effect on total cholesterol and bad cholesterol (LDL) and increase them. Therefore, ask your doctor if it is necessary to limit the consumption of coconut and its products.

6. Starchy foods If you overeat pasta, potatoes or whole grains, your body will convert the extra carbohydrates into triglycerides. You do not need to eliminate these foods completely from your daily diet, you just need to keep a balance. Ask your nutritionist for advice on how many carbohydrates you can eat throughout the day. And can even lower good cholesterol (HDL). Whole grains and complex carbohydrates such as oats and whole grain breads Are considered better choices.

7. Sweet drinks

When talking about foods high in triglycerides, we should not ignore sugary drinks. Juices, soft drinks, coffee or sweet tea, sports drinks and energy drinks all contain sugars that can be converted to triglycerides in the body. So when you want to lower your blood triglyceride by modifying your diet, remember to limit the consumption of sugary drinks like other harmful foods.

Consumption of sugary drinks leads to obesity, high blood pressure, diseases Leads to cardiovascular disease, elevated triglycerides and other chronic diseases. So it is better to use water instead of these types of drinks. If you do not like the taste of water, you can flavor it with a little lemon.

8. Maple syrup or honey

BingMag.com 12 <b>harmful</b> <b>foods</b> and <b>drinks</b> for <b>people</b> with <b>high</b> triglycerides

You might think that maple syrup and honey are healthier than refined sugar Or they are more natural. But unfortunately, like sugar, they can raise blood triglyceride levels. One tablespoon of honey has 64 calories and about 17 grams of sugar, and one tablespoon of maple syrup contains 50 calories and about 13 grams of sugar.

Control, in addition to sugar, you should reduce the consumption of other sweeteners. Read food labels and avoid foods containing brown sugar, corn syrup, corn sweetener, fructose sweetener, glucose, invert sugar, high fructose corn syrup, maltose, malt syrup, sucrose, turbinate sugar as much as possible. Avoid Turbinado sugar and Trehalose.

9. Cakes and pastries

Cakes and pastries have a pleasant taste, but are full of unhealthy sugars and fats that can raise blood triglycerides. people who are obese, have high blood cholesterol or triglycerides, or are at risk for cardiovascular disease should limit their intake of saturated and trans fats in their diet. Butter and solid oils used in cakes and pastries are high in unhealthy fats. Excessive consumption of sugary or high-fat snacks can lead to weight gain and insulin resistance. Insulin resistance occurs when the body can not use the hormone insulin to convert sugar into energy effectively. As a result, blood sugar rises and a person is exposed to type 2 diabetes.

In addition to cakes and sweets, simple sugars are found in candy, ice cream, fruit yogurts, jams, and so on. It is better to use high-fiber foods and whole grains instead of these types of foods. Just be careful not to exceed the carbohydrates in your diet beyond what your doctor or nutritionist has set for you.

High-fat meats can increase total cholesterol, bad cholesterol and blood triglycerides due to their saturated fats, high-fat meats. Give. You do not need to eliminate meat completely from your diet, just be careful to use leaner meats and minimize the consumption of processed meats such as sausages and hams. Eating processed meats increases the risk of heart disease, diabetes and cancer.

To be able to get the protein your body needs, it is best to eat fish. Due to its omega-3 fatty acids, fish helps maintain heart health and reduces the risk of heart attack.

Butter or margarine

Butter and margarine are the most important foods harmful to high triglycerides, as they are high in saturated and trans fats. Instead of butter and margarine, use olive oil, flaxseed oil or canola oil when cooking meats and vegetables or salad dressings, which may contain large amounts of saturated or trans fats. Replacing butter and margarine with healthy oils that contain unsaturated fats helps lower triglycerides and control blood cholesterol.

High-calorie foods

If you want to lower your triglycerides, be careful to eat high-calorie foods. Even some healthy foods such as nuts and avocados, which are high in nutrients, are high in calories and excessive consumption can increase body weight and blood fats. It is best to talk to your doctor about how much to eat.

foods that can lower triglycerides

BingMag.com 12 <b>harmful</b> <b>foods</b> and <b>drinks</b> for <b>people</b> with <b>high</b> triglycerides

  • Salmon
  • Sardines
  • Tuna
  • Walnuts
  • Flaxseed
  • Canola oil

Fish oil or omega-3 supplements can also help control blood fats. However, you should talk to your doctor or dietitian before eating them.

Increase the consumption of non-starchy vegetables to lower blood triglycerides it helps. Because these foods do not contain a lot of calories, sugar or fat. Some vegetables, such as broccoli and spinach, contain an antioxidant called alpha-lipoic acid, which can lower triglycerides. In addition, soy and products containing it are considered healthy sources of protein and regular consumption has been shown to reduce triglycerides.

If possible, eat fatty fish at least twice a week. Eat three to five servings of vegetables a day, especially non-starchy vegetables. A serving of vegetables is the equivalent of a glass of raw vegetables or half a glass of cooked vegetables. foods high in sugar, saturated fat and trans fats such as sweets, sugary or alcoholic beverages, high-fat meats, butter, margarine, honey and other high-calorie foods all play a role in raising blood triglycerides.

Lower your blood triglycerides, modify your diet, and get more exercise. Fatty fish such as salmon and sardines, non-starchy vegetables such as cabbage, spinach and mushrooms, soy products and healthy oils such as olive oil and canola oil help control blood fats. If you want to take a fish oil or omega-3 supplement to help lower your triglyceride levels, consult your doctor or dietitian before taking it.

This is for educational and informational purposes only. Be sure to consult a specialist before using the recommendations in this article. For more information, read the BingMag Meg Disclaimer .

Sources: verywellhealth, webmd, onhealth

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