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11 unpleasant experiences for introverts who do not have time to be alone with themselves

BingMag.com 11 unpleasant experiences for introverts who do not have time to be alone with themselves

If you're an introvert, you know that being introverted does not simply mean that you are isolated or that you love all the time. Leave alone. For example, if you, as an introvert, feel overwhelmed and unable to spend time alone to regain your mental balance, you know that bad things will happen. Even if you are not an introvert yourself, but one of your loved ones is, you may not understand the reason for some of his or her behavior.

In fact, introverts also enjoy being around others, but if The duration of these social interactions is too long, they feel more tired and bored than they get energy from these collective events and their mood improves. But what is the cause of this problem? What do you think would happen if these people did not have loneliness and privacy? We will check. Join us to learn more about these events.

Why do introverts need time to be alone?

BingMag.com 11 unpleasant experiences for introverts who do not have time to be alone with themselves

If you are introverted, you know the importance of devoting time to solitude. In fact, introverts need time for solitude to process information and recharge their minds after socializing.

This does not mean that these people can not be social, it just means that introverts They become socially exhausted without taking the time to be alone, and this can manifest itself in the form of completely anti-social (or at least non-social) behaviors.

Being alone does not mean that he does not enjoy spending time with you. Loneliness is what introverts need to maintain their social and emotional health.

In fact, loneliness is a balancing act for these people, and maintaining this balance is very important to them. In the following, we will examine the reasons for this issue from a scientific perspective.

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When introverts can not be alone and alone What happens?

Constant presence in the community can negatively affect the mental and physical health of introverts.

While extroverts associate with Others feel energized and refreshed; introverts should be emotionally charged in their solitude.

The following occurs when an introvert is overly aroused or socially exhausted. Be.

1. Isolation

BingMag.com 11 unpleasant experiences for introverts who do not have time to be alone with themselves

When introverts are not given the time to experience solitude, they may feel distressed Reach out to them and regain their loneliness and isolation as soon as possible, wherever they can.

If they spend all day interacting with others, they are likely to. Many evenings they no longer text or call their friends.

Also, if their work takes up all their time and social energy, they usually cancel their plans with their friends and do not attend parties or all around. . They do not like to have a sudden emotional breakdown during a party or a party.

This can damage their social relationships and cause others to worry about them.

2. Feeling uninterested in various activities

The lonely experience of introverts is not just about recharging their social batteries. This is also necessary to regulate their emotions. If introverts have to socialize for a long time, they lose interest in various activities, especially those involving group activities.

For an introvert, going to a friend's house and playing It may be fun to do it for about an hour, but the longer this social activity lasts, the less fun the introvert gets out of it.

Emotional Fatigue

Remember the part about regulating emotions? If an introvert fails to do so, his energy level will deteriorate, leading to mental and emotional (as well as physical) fatigue.

This can also lead to feelings of numbness, irritability, or depression.

Socializing a lot without having enough time to experience loneliness is like working a lot without having fun and relaxing. In this case, the occurrence of emotional exhaustion is inevitable.

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4. Physical symptoms of not experiencing loneliness by introverts

BingMag.com 11 unpleasant experiences for introverts who do not have time to be alone with themselves

introverts if they have enough time to be alone and If they do not recharge their minds, they will often experience distress and some physical symptoms. They become more sensitive to noise, touch, light, taste, and other sensory stimuli. Irritable. In this case, everything is "too much" for them and they only need it alone.

5. Resentment of friends

Introverts are very sensitive about choosing people with whom to spend time with friends.

If an introvert chooses you for friendship and interaction, This means that they often enjoy socializing with you more than they enjoy being alone. These people value your point of view and appreciate your presence.

However, it is a mistake to think that they no longer need their time alone because of their friendship with you. If you do not give them the space to recharge, they will become irritated with you and may feel sorry for you, even if you are their loved one.

6. Decreased productivity

If introverts can not be alone and recharge themselves, their efficiency and productivity will decline, leading to delays in performance, poor quality of work, and even Hiding oneself is from the boss or their colleagues. An over-stimulated introvert cannot work at full capacity.

As a result of this decline in productivity, all aspects of their lives are affected, from emotional relationships to mood and job performance. And the only way for them to get better is to stay away from others for a while.

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7. Increased anxiety

BingMag.com 11 unpleasant experiences for introverts who do not have time to be alone with themselves Many introverts often experience social anxiety, and this is when If their social power is not restored, it intensifies. For example, in this case, talking to a waiter to order food may become impossible for them.

Or, for example, just the thought of making a phone call may cause them to be restless for hours in their room. Take a walk.

When an introvert is over-stressed, he or she becomes more vulnerable to negative thoughts and negative messages he or she may receive from others. In this case, critical thinking becomes very difficult and exhausting for them.

8. Chaotic sleep patterns

It may be hard to believe, but not experiencing loneliness can disrupt the introverts' sleep patterns as well. In this case, their sleep may be of poor quality and with frequent interruptions during the night. They may also take hours to fall asleep. Insomnia, in turn, causes serious problems with anxiety, mood swings, and productivity.

Having the opportunity to experience loneliness and solitude gives introverts the best opportunity to calm their minds. And sleep safely.

9. Decreased motivation

BingMag.com 11 unpleasant experiences for introverts who do not have time to be alone with themselves

Man is not a machine. We are not going to work non-stop. An extrovert prefers to spend his or her leisure time with friends or colleagues, but an introvert needs solitude to regain his or her motivation and energy.

It is drastically reduced. An introvert who is overly aroused and unmotivated may question his or her motives and plans for the future.

Difficulty concentrating

An introvert who has not regained his or her social ability in solitude may have difficulty concentrating on his or her tasks. Their focus may also be shorter and they may constantly try to isolate themselves.

An introverted person who is socially worn out is more vulnerable to distractions and less inclined to fight. These factors are disturbing.

It takes a lot of mental energy to concentrate, and not experiencing loneliness and solitude equals not having the energy to concentrate and pay attention.

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11. Social burnout

BingMag.com 11 unpleasant experiences for introverts who do not have time to be alone with themselves

Burnout occurs when a person works overtime. With burnout, a person's productivity may completely decline, as well as levels of stress, anxiety, and depression.

The same concept applies to an introvert who has been in the community for a long time and more The same is true of the stimulated limit. Without experiencing solitude, these people experience social exhaustion, which negatively affects various aspects of their lives.

In short, introverts are not simply interested in solitude. They really need it.

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What do introverts do in their spare time?/h2>

What can you do in your spare time? Certainly introverts do not sit idle in their solitude.

In fact, sometimes they do because they need to. But when they decide to do something in their spare time, they may entertain themselves in one of the following ways:

  • Reading: Choosing a book Good study is a great way to boost energy and achieve inner peace.
  • Watching TV: Watching a good movie is another way to escape reality and calm the mind./li>
  • Cooking: Many people experience a good feeling while cooking and certainly eating a good meal afterwards will help you relax and regain your energy.
  • Walking: Solitude and loneliness are not always related to the inner world. For example, contact with nature can have many healing and healing properties for you.
  • Performing artistic activities: Using creativity is a wonderful way to improve mood and recover energy./li>
  • Writing: Whether it is a poem, a story, or a non-fiction text, writing is a great way to guide your thoughts and feelings.

Do you spend enough time alone and alone?

BingMag.com 11 unpleasant experiences for introverts who do not have time to be alone with themselves

If you are an introvert, Do not feel bad about your interest in spending time alone. You are not selfish, at least not in a bad way. As an introvert, you will not be able to work at full capacity without regaining your mental energy in private.

Associating with others should not be at the cost of losing your mental health./p>

Also, if you know an introvert, encourage him or her to devote as much time as he or she needs to solitude. Of course, this does not mean that they do not enjoy spending time with you.

Certainly an introvert who has regained his energy will enjoy spending more time with you.

It has the aspect of education and information. Be sure to consult a specialist before using the recommendations in this article. For more information, read the BingMag Meg Disclaimer .

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