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11 reasons why "kind" people are attracted to "narcissistic" people

BingMag.com 11 reasons why 'kind' people are attracted to 'narcissistic' people

If you research the personality and behavioral characteristics of empathic and narcissistic people, they are usually found to have opposite moods everywhere. And vice versa have described each other. But the truth is, it's not that simple.

Given that so many kind and kind-hearted people tend to be in a relationship with narcissists, researchers are also investigating why this is so. It happens, it was interesting. But to answer this question, it is necessary to first find the answer to the question, "Can a kind and good-hearted person also be narcissistic?"

In other words, is it possible for a narcissist to feel empathy for others? Slow? The answer to this question may surprise you. Or the answer may be familiar to you and you have already reached the same answer. However, it's time to find the answers to these questions together.

In the continuation of this article by BingMag, we seek to answer the question of why kind and kind-hearted people are usually attracted to people. They become narcissistic and abusive. Join us for answers.

Kind people and narcissists: 11 reasons to start a relationship

BingMag.com 11 reasons why 'kind' people are attracted to 'narcissistic' people

When it comes to relationships between these two personality types, it is not easy for a kind person to confront a narcissist (or vice versa).

Before you can distance yourself from Leave a relationship based on abuse, you need to know what drew you to this relationship in the first place.

1. The narcissist considers the kind person to be lovable, self-sacrificing, and pleasant. When a kind and good-hearted person falls in love with a narcissist, he devotes himself to him with all his being and listens with all his heart to his words and desires.

Appreciates, the kind person feels that he has received a great reward and feels special.

2. A kind and empathetic person admires the narcissist's attractiveness, attractiveness and assertiveness. They always go for what they want and often get it.

A kind person who aims to make others happier and less likely to behave confidently and fearlessly She admires the qualities in a person and is happy to pay attention to them.

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3. The narcissist knows how to act as the best option for the kind person.

BingMag.com 11 reasons why 'kind' people are attracted to 'narcissistic' people

People The narcissists usually have a well-groomed appearance and are often financially well off. Because of this, they can easily make a positive impact on the person who catches their attention. Show. This is an innate talent that narcissists use to their advantage.

A kind and compassionate person becomes a "passionate fan" of a narcissist.

A kind and compassionate person sees only the bright halo around the narcissist that surrounds his true personality. They worship all sorts of narcissists, even their bad qualities and show it with all their being.

The narcissist also enjoys every minute of it. They also give thoughtful gifts and exaggerated compliments to the compassionate person so that he or she can praise them again.

5. When a narcissist complains or protests, the kind person responds with compassion and kindness.

The world never understands the true value of narcissists and does not show them the respect they deserve. But when they reach out to a kind and compassionate person about this issue, they can expect heartfelt sympathy, praise, love, and kindness from him.

A kind and compassionate person seeks to create everywhere It is harmony and calm, and therefore strives with all its might to create a sense of well-being and comfort for the narcissist, so that both of them can enjoy being together.

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6. The narcissist has a supportive spirit and defends a kind and compassionate person against others

BingMag.com 11 reasons why 'kind' people are attracted to 'narcissistic' people

Kindly attacked by another person, the narcissist (if it is in his favor) acts quickly and comes to his aid, standing next to his sympathetic partner and showing his readiness to protect him from the abuse of others and to confront the aggressors. But it should be remembered that when a narcissist is dissatisfied with a kind person or their relationship has ended, all his or her immediate support suddenly disappears, because in their view the kind person is no longer worth the trouble. Do not have.

7. A kind person likes to keep the other person happy

Empathetic people tend to feel good about those around them. Therefore, by satisfying others, they also experience a better feeling.

If their partner is happy and satisfied, they are happy too. And if their partner is upset about something, they will do everything they can to upset him.

8. The narcissist likes to be cared for at all times

These people know how much a kind and empathetic person seeks to create peace, harmony and good feelings for those around him. If the narcissist feels the need, he will allow the kind person to serve him and his needs, or the compassionate person will admire him and take care of them after a hard day.

Even possible In some cases, these people test and evaluate the level of motivation and willingness to serve a kind and kind-hearted person.

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9. A kind person always wants the best for his partner

BingMag.com 11 reasons why 'kind' people are attracted to 'narcissistic' people

Kind and compassionate people with negative emotions on a daily basis They struggle a lot. They deeply believe that these are the best qualities of their existence; Well, being lovable and supportive. They want to believe that their partner will be by their side if needed. They want to believe that they matter.

When something happens to their beliefs, they may end up wondering if their narcissistic partner loves them or just because they care. He enjoys it and it does not matter much to him.

10. The narcissist is adept at using the technique of the gas lamp, denial, and mental perversion. That is why they learn very quickly how to apply the techniques of denial, mental distraction and gas lights on others and influence them.

Being with a kind and compassionate person is a safe space Gives to practice these skills.

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11. Kind people pay close attention to their own mistakes

Kind people focus too much on their own mistakes and the narcissist encourages them to do exactly the same. Because if the kind person is focused on self-improvement, he does not pay much attention to what they are doing. In fact, in this situation you are so involved in self-correction that you do not see the dangerous signs in your relationship.

If you encounter narcissists, they are likely to point out your flaws and challenge you instead of Try to change them, work on yourself.

Can a narcissist pretend to be empathetic and kind?

BingMag.com 11 reasons why 'kind' people are attracted to 'narcissistic' people

There is a kind of empathy that narcissists use to attract kind and compassionate people and to penetrate their hearts. Usually intelligent narcissists use cognitive empathy (or intellectual empathy) to connect with and gain the trust of kind people.

They use the trauma transplant method, which involves the use of a cycle of love bombardment, carelessness, and the use of gas lights.

Even if a kind person opposes or confronts them, the narcissist Again, he uses cognitive empathy techniques to express love and affection, as well as giving various gifts to reconnect and win the heart of a kind and compassionate person.

If they can succeed in this process, this cycle will be repeated many times. And it is repeated many times.

Why do narcissists hate kind and compassionate people?

BingMag.com 11 reasons why 'kind' people are attracted to 'narcissistic' people


According to what we have read about the behavior of narcissists with compassionate and loving people, it seems that narcissists generally have no behavior other than humiliation and abuse towards sympathetic people. But again, this is not the case.

Narcissism, like many other mental disorders, falls into the same category and is classified in this way.

Some narcissists feel empathy They experience it more than others, but they are dissatisfied with its existence in themselves and do their best to neutralize their empathic temptations. Even if they meet a kind person who does not hate themselves, they may be upset with them.

Or, at some level, they may be asked if they are kind and generous Love How do they feel happy despite their compassionate feelings?

Those narcissists who are less sympathetic to others see this kind of feeling as a hindrance to others' progress.


So how should kind and empathetic people protect themselves from narcissists? What about a narcissist?

BingMag.com 11 reasons why 'kind' people are attracted to 'narcissistic' people What about a kind narcissist or a narcissist who He uses cognitive empathy to achieve his desires. There are actions that a kind person can take to free himself.

Like any other romantic relationship, this type of relationship can be done with the intention of experiencing a Start a healthy relationship. But in most cases, the difference between these people in terms of empathy and compassion is much deeper than their attachment.

So when you, as an empathetic and kind person, know that your relationship needs to end, you can take action. Do the following.

  • Keep your distance: Make time for yourself and do not allow the narcissist to talk to you (no phone call, no text message, no interaction On social media)
  • Remind the narcissist of their misbehavior: Depending on your situation, you can remind them of their selfish behaviors.
  • Close the door on the narcissist: Do not give the narcissist a chance to argue with you or convince you that the problem is with you. Any contact with him should be limited.
  • Do what you enjoy: You pursue yourself, you rediscover happiness in your life.
  • Spending time with friends: Connect with people who really care about you and help you, and take your time Spend with them. Let them help you rebuild your life.

Are you a compassionate and kind person who is fascinated by a narcissist?

BingMag.com 11 reasons why 'kind' people are attracted to 'narcissistic' people

Now that you know the 11 different reasons for being attracted to kind and compassionate narcissists, which of the following is most true of you?

In addition, what do you plan to do today to protect yourself from narcissists and build a happy, successful life?

Whatever decision you make Your current relationships will be affected, and each choice is an opportunity to achieve your right to love and be loved to the same extent.

This is for educational and informational purposes only. Be sure to consult a specialist before using the recommendations in this article. For more information, read the Digitica Magazine Disclaimer .

Source: Live Bold and Bloom

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