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11 main causes of hair loss in women and ways to prevent it

BingMag.com 11 <b>main</b> <b>causes</b> of <b>hair</b> <b>loss</b> in <b>women</b> and <b>ways</b> to <b>prevent</b> it

hair loss is relatively common and can be a bitter experience, especially for women. hair loss in women has many causes and sometimes several causes may go hand in hand and cause hair loss. Read these reasons below to find a solution to these problems.


BingMag.com 11 <b>main</b> <b>causes</b> of <b>hair</b> <b>loss</b> in <b>women</b> and <b>ways</b> to <b>prevent</b> it

Our lives are full of worry and stress these days; The stress of a destructive relationship, job stress, education and this stress can have very destructive effects on your hair. The more stress there is, the higher the level of testosterone in your body, and an increase in this hormone in a woman's body negatively affects the natural cycle of hair growth.

To solve this problem, you need to take care of your soul and Make time for your body. Try yoga, go to a counselor or meditate. Try to reduce your stress level in any way you can. If your hair loss is due to stress, it will continue as long as you are stressed.

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2 . Childbirth

Many women experience hair loss after childbirth. This figure is relatively high and almost 50% of women experience it. Childbirth upsets the hormonal balance in the body and causes hair loss.

In this case, you have to wait until time passes and the hormonal balance returns to your body. You can use hair growth stimulants to speed up the hair regrowth process. Usually within 6 to 12 weeks, the condition of your hair should return to the prenatal period.

3. Anemia

Anemia is a medical condition caused by a lack of iron in the body. Iron deficiency causes the red blood cells to not have enough oxygen to carry oxygen throughout the body. Of course, when you have anemia, hair loss is not the only symptom you see. Fatigue, severe weakness, and headaches are other major symptoms of anemia.

See your doctor and get a blood test to make sure you are healthy. A blood test can tell if you have anemia. If you have anemia, it is recommended that you eat an iron-rich diet. If you are menopausal, in addition to an iron-rich diet, you may need iron supplements to solve your problem.

Female pattern hair loss

One of the most common causes of hair loss in women is androgenic alopecia or female pattern hair loss. This genetic problem shows its symptoms from adolescence and causes thinning and thinning of the hair, which is aggravated by tightening the hair tightly. You do not have to treat yourself to solve this problem. Be sure to see your doctor to prescribe the right medication for you.

5. Stiff ponytail

You may not believe it, but tying the hair with a ponytail model with strong strands is one of the reasons for hair loss in women. This problem is more common in women athletes who tie their hair in a ponytail every day. Any hairstyle that causes hair and scalp to stretch can cause severe hair loss.

Try to use other hairstyles to tie your hair as much as possible. If the hair follicle is damaged, hair regrowth becomes difficult. Only occasionally use this hairstyle for variety. Tighten it as low as you can.

Lack of nutrients

One of the most important causes of hair loss in women is lack of proper and nutritious diet. Because hair is considered an unnecessary tissue in the body, it is very difficult to nourish it. In fact, hair is the last tissue in the body to receive nutrients from the body and is the first tissue to lose nutrients.

Most hair tissue is made up of protein to grow well. , Needs protein. Doctors recommend eating at least 120 grams of protein at breakfast and lunch. You can get this protein from eggs, fish, lean meats, chicken, nuts and some vegetables. Just keep in mind that plant proteins are not easily absorbed by animal proteins. As a result, you should include a combination of both types of protein in your diet.

Thyroid Disorders

BingMag.com 11 <b>main</b> <b>causes</b> of <b>hair</b> <b>loss</b> in <b>women</b> and <b>ways</b> to <b>prevent</b> it

Low or overactive thyroid can both cause major physical changes in the body; From weight fluctuations to pale face and dry skin. But these are not the only symptoms of thyroid disorders. Fragile hair and thinning hair are other common symptoms of hair loss in women.

To solve this problem, you should first see a doctor and have a blood test. Your doctor will prescribe the right medicine for you based on the test result. After taking the drug, the body's hormones are balanced and the hair growth process returns to normal.

8. Using heat tools

Using heat tools to straighten or style your hair, if it is occasional, is okay and does no harm. does not. But many people use them every day and this repeated use causes many problems for the hair. This does not cause hair loss from the roots, but makes the hair thin and very brittle, which eventually makes it look very thin.

To solve this problem, do not use hair conditioners for a long time. The use of hydrating masks can also be useful and restore the shine and freshness of the hair. For better hair care, you can use useful oils such as olive oil and avocado.

9. Severe weight loss

Weight loss will be very slow if done in a healthy and principled way. But if you suddenly lose weight, the body will react to this rapid weight loss like a trauma or severe blow, removing essential nutrients from unnecessary tissues such as hair. This condition can eventually lead to hair loss.

Be sure to consult your doctor to determine the cause of your sudden weight loss and make sure you do not have another serious problem. Having a diet rich in vitamins and proteins can help your body make up for the lack of nutrients as quickly as possible. As soon as your body realizes that you are not under stress or trauma, it resumes the process of nourishment and hair growth.

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    10. Use of chemical products for hair

    Continuous use of chemical products such as hair dye, dechlorination and creatine can cause thinning and brittle hair. When you dye your hair, the chemicals in the dye enter the hair cuticle to place the dye. This chemical process is extremely destructive.

    To minimize the severity of the damage, do not use chemical dyes as much as possible. If you want to dye your hair, leave at least 8 weeks between each dye so that your hair has a chance to improve. After coloring your hair, use quality products to hydrate your hair, such as good masks.

    11. Polycystic Ovary Syndrome

    BingMag.com 11 <b>main</b> <b>causes</b> of <b>hair</b> <b>loss</b> in <b>women</b> and <b>ways</b> to <b>prevent</b> it

    Polycystic ovary syndrome, or PCOS, is a disorder that affects ovarian function. This effect increases the production of androgen, which is a male hormone. Increasing this hormone greatly reduces the hair growth phase in its growth cycle.

    To solve this problem, your doctor prescribes anti-androgenic drugs that balance the hormone in the body and hair growth gradually returns to normal.



    hair loss in women can have several causes. Sometimes several causes go hand in hand to experience thinning and hair loss. The most important causes of hair loss in women are polycystic ovary syndrome, anemia, thyroid disorder, stress and excessive use of chemicals. Most of these problems can be solved by modifying your daily habits.

    Some other causes of hair loss in women can be treated by a doctor. Be sure to see your doctor to find the cause and with proper treatment, you will have healthy and thick hair again.

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