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11 essential tips for decorating wall shelves that make them more beautiful

BingMag.com 11 essential tips for decorating wall shelves that make them more beautiful

You may also remember the niches of your grandmother's house, which was usually a place to display antique items. Most of the old niches were made of plaster and could not be moved. Shelves are the same old shelves that have been updated and modernized and can be installed anywhere. Nowadays, the use of shelves has become very trendy and in most homes, there are different types of wall shelves.

An important point after choosing the right shelf is how to decorate it. Since shelves are usually mounted on the reference walls of the house, it is very important to know how to put various tools and equipment on it.

We have collected 11 key points in BingMag that can help you Help make the best shelf decoration. Join us.

Installing shelves

Basically shelves are made of wood or embossed and various colors can be ordered from them. There are also metal shelves on the market that have higher strength and are suitable for heavy objects. Glass and plastic are two other materials that are commonly used in the construction of shelves.

Most shelves are mounted to the wall with the help of roll plates and screws, and the type of connection is hidden. Some other shelves are installed with clamps. These packages do not have the capacity to hold heavy weights and should be used with caution.

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BingMag.com 11 essential tips for decorating wall shelves that make them more beautiful

Shelves offer users a variety of benefits due to their structure and design. . Some of these advantages are:

Shelves are mounted on the wall and therefore do not require special space.
They have a great variety in design and model.
Shelves are strongly elements They are deformable, ie they can be easily adapted to any space and any style.
They have a very simple design and construction.
The cost of buying shelfa is not high.
They are excellent for arrangement. p>

Important points when buying a shelf

The first point to consider when buying a shelf is how much weight the shelves can support. If you plan to use large pots, you should buy a shelf that can support the weight of the pot.

The second point in buying a shelf is to pay attention to its quality. If you buy shelves or glass shelves, do not place heavy objects on them at once. Try to distribute the weight along the shelf and be careful not to break the shelf.

The third point is to pay attention to the type and manner of attachment of the shelf to the wall. The best kind of shelves are shelves that are secretly installed, meaning you will not see the place of nails or screws.

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Important tips in decorating the shelf

The tips that we have collected for you here are small tips that do not cost much and are easily applicable. To decorate the shelves, consider the following 11 points.

1. Choose items on the shelf

BingMag.com 11 essential tips for decorating wall shelves that make them more beautiful

Shelves have the ability to carry a lot of items on Place. But keep in mind that only items that are artistic and beautiful can be placed on the shelves.

It is not always good to have too much. You may be interested in buying decorative items, but you can not put all of them on the shelves of the house.

For example, we recommend not to put large pots on the shelves. It is better to always have a large and beautiful vase on the table. Collect the rest of the pots and store them in the closet. You can change the vase on the table every week and enjoy the new space created.

2. Buy Decorations with Care

Decorative accessories stores are a fascinating place to buy the best and newest accessories, but do not forget that the style of arrangement of the store is different from your home. The more you buy, the more space you will need to store these items.

Therefore, we recommend that you plan your purchase and define a shopping schedule for yourself instead of shopping on a daily basis. For example, allow yourself to buy only one antique vase per month. During the month, you can go to different stores and check all the pots. Then, as the time to buy a vase approaches, buy a vase that has caught your eye the most. By doing so, you will save money and buy the best and most suitable vase. To save money.

3. Do not choose outside the box

Ceramic utensils, candlesticks, woven baskets with fibers, large sculptures, are all beautiful, but do not fit together. Therefore, it is better to choose items that are in harmony with each other at the same time. For example, in minimalist styles, the use of large sculptures is prohibited, or if your house is decorated in a boho style, it is better not to use glittering decorations.

4. Don't forget to use the book

We all have many books that we may not have enough space to arrange. On the other hand, it may not be possible to buy the right libraries for everyone (due to the high cost and the large amount of space they take up). But you can easily put your favorite books on the shelves and always have them.

Books are one of the things that can be talked about for hours with friends and acquaintances, as well as by reading book titles. You can find out about the landlord's interests and his style of thinking. So do not forget to use books on the shelf.

5. The correct way to arrange books on the shelf

Note that the shelf is not a library and you should not place a pile of books horizontally on it.

If you have a large number of books, you do not need to put them all on the shelf, this will damage the beauty of the shelf. So choose books that have more interesting titles for you or whose colors are more in line with the rest of the items. You can place up to five books horizontally on one shelf. Of course, make sure that the shelf is able to hold this number of books and does not break. If your favorite books have few pages and are so-called thin, you can put more on the shelf.

Lay a few books vertically on the shelf and place a beautiful vase or half-sculpture on it. You will surely be very satisfied with your shelf.

6. Spread the colors

Our minds are interested in categorizing objects. For example, you might put all the blue items on one shelf and fill the other floor with white items. This is wrong and does not have much beauty.

If you have three red books, put two of them on a shelf and place the remaining red book on the far floor. Or if you have several gold ornaments, place each one on a floor and let the other colors show themselves.

You can do this with a variety of metal, ceramic, wood, and other items. Give.

7. Create charm with painting

BingMag.com 11 essential tips for decorating wall shelves that make them more beautiful

Painting does not cost much and will create unparalleled variety.

If you are not satisfied with the style of decorating your shelves, it is time to start painting! Suppose you are tired of the white color of the shelves. Take a brush and paint the shelves. Or, if you have permission, you can paint the walls behind the shelves black (or any other color you like).

8. Put art on the shelves

The use of special artwork in the design of shelves has a unique effect. For example, you can place a small, special sculpture on a book to see its effect.

Print a black-and-white photograph and place it in a white frame. Put it inside the shelf and fill it with other small decorations. Of course, be careful not to overcrowd your shelf. You will easily have a unique effect.

9. Use family photos in moderation

BingMag.com 11 essential tips for decorating wall shelves that make them more beautiful

It is nice to use one or two family photos; But it is not fun at all to fill your house with all kinds of family photos.

In general, we recommend that you do not put large family photos on the shelves, because shelves are not a place for large photos. You can use family photo frames on duplex staircases or consider small frames on a table in the living room for these photos.

10. Pay attention to the weight of the items

Heavier items look best when displayed on the lower shelves. So it is better to put your thick and heavy books on the lower shelves and use lighter items on the upper shelves. This is also important for security, in the event that something happens and the shelf breaks, the upper floor equipment will not be damaged.

Arranging shelves as you like

Styling is an ongoing process and you can change it whenever you want.

The beauty of using a shelf is that you can change the order of the equipment as you wish. Your style and that of your home will change over time, and you will bring new furniture and appliances that you want to put on the shelves. So you can easily change the order and arrangement of the shelves.


The use of shelves is a trend today. There are different types of shelves that can be installed in all places and spaces (such as bedrooms, bathrooms, etc.).

The arrangement on the shelves depends on your taste in the first place. Your tastes may change over the years. But do not be afraid to change and try to update the style of your home according to your wishes.

Source: the spruce

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