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11 characteristics of women who have a masculine personality type

BingMag.com 11 <b>characteristics</b> of <b>women</b> <b>who</b> <b>have</b> a <b>masculine</b> <b>personality</b> type

Masculinity and femininity are the opposite ends of a chart. While most men have a masculine personality, some of them have feminine tendencies and some have overly masculine behavior. Similarly, although most women have a feminine personality, some of them have masculine tendencies and others have overly feminine behavior.

Levels of masculinity and femininity, like sexual orientation, are determined before birth. . In short, a person's masculinity or femininity depends on their exposure to male hormones in the womb. This prenatal exposure to male hormones determines a person's baseline level of masculinity or femininity. This is why you can recognize different levels of masculinity and femininity even in children. Some boys are more masculine and aggressive, while others are more feminine and submissive. In the same way, some girls have more feminine behavior and enjoy playing with dolls while others are more interested in masculine things.

This does not mean that we are in the form of these masculine behaviors or We're stuck as women, it's just that some behaviors seem more natural to us than others. Humans are flexible in their behavior and can strategically express the behaviors they want.

In the continuation of this article from BingMag, we will examine the behavioral and appearance characteristics of women who have a masculine personality. Stay with us.

Adjective male women

BingMag.com 11 <b>characteristics</b> of <b>women</b> <b>who</b> <b>have</b> a <b>masculine</b> <b>personality</b> type

The term "Adjective male women" ", actually refers to women who have masculine characteristics. These women generally have a masculine appearance, have masculine interests, prefer friendship and interaction with men to women, or take on men's jobs. In fact, most of the masculine women do not match the feminine stereotypes.

The social concepts of masculine women and feminine men arise from the binary gender system that equates a person's sexual identity (masculinity and femininity) directly with biological sex. He knows (being male and female) in relation. In a social system where all activities, colors, clothes, behaviors and even objects are decidedly gendered, men and women who exhibit characteristics of the opposite sex are at best queer and at worst deviant. They are called sexist.

However, characteristics that women have as male traits, such as self-confidence, assertiveness, independence and boldness, are not scientifically or biologically male characteristics. However, the manifestation of such characteristics by a woman makes her to be called a masculine woman.

In fact, feminist currents have promoted these values to a great extent among women and girls. The term "women's empowerment" refers to the transformation of power relations between men and women and offers a new definition of the traditional concepts of femininity.

Applying the adjective "masculine" to a woman strongly depends on her race and social class. it depends. For example, women of color and working-class women may be seen as more "masculine," stronger, more independent, or more self-reliant because of challenges and struggles specific to their racial reality and socioeconomic status.

The racial division of labor in many Western countries assigns work that requires manual labor to women of color and working-class women. These women may also be considered masculine terms because they do not reflect the beauty standards associated with white women; Standards that require money and free time to achieve them, other than "whiteness". Because of this, women of color are often seen as more masculine due to racist stereotypes.

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Characteristics of women and men

BingMag.com 11 <b>characteristics</b> of <b>women</b> <b>who</b> <b>have</b> a <b>masculine</b> <b>personality</b> type

Come on Let's take a look at the physiological and psychological characteristics of masculine women:

a) Physiological characteristics

Masculine women have a higher level of male hormones such as testosterone. This issue is reflected in their physiology in different ways.

1. masculine face

Masculine women usually have a masculine face with square jaws, prominent jawline and large forehead. They are more likely to have bushy eyebrows and their face shape is more square than round. They may also have smaller eyes but larger noses, ears, and chins.

2. Male gait

There is a difference between male and female gait. women with feminine spirits tend to walk with smooth movements. They bring their arms close to their body, sway their hips and take short steps.

Masculine women, however, usually walk in a masculine manner. They walk with wider strides, avoid swinging their hips, and lack flow in their gait. Their walking seems more like a forced act than a behavior graceful.

4. Bass voice

Masculine women generally have a bass voice like men. They speak loudly and often verbally dominate those around them.

b) Psychological characteristics

BingMag.com 11 <b>characteristics</b> of <b>women</b> <b>who</b> <b>have</b> a <b>masculine</b> <b>personality</b> type

The psychological characteristics of masculine women are also controlled by hormones. But, unlike physiological traits that cannot be changed, psychological traits create a space for change. In fact, it is possible to strategically show the usual behaviors of a gender, even if a person feels different inside.

4. Dominance and aggression

Dominance and aggression are male characteristics that may also be seen in masculine women. These characteristics make a masculine woman dominant over others. He may attend martial arts classes and even resort to physical aggression when needed.

5. masculine Interests

Masculine women are generally interested in masculine activities and sports, such as bodybuilding, driving, biking, fishing, camping, etc. It is difficult for them to pursue these interests with ordinary women. Therefore, they prefer to hang out with men. This is why masculine women usually have many male friends.

6. Independence and self-reliance

Male-female women emphasize independence and self-reliance. For them, being dependent means being weak.

7. Assertiveness

BingMag.com 11 <b>characteristics</b> of <b>women</b> <b>who</b> <b>have</b> a <b>masculine</b> <b>personality</b> type

Unlike normal women, masculine women are clear and decisive in their communication. They are often praised by their boy friends for being outspoken. They say what they want with determination.

8. Courage

Masculine women usually have a bold spirit. In fact, high levels of testosterone lead to risky behaviors among them. Men's women are frank and opinionated. They are not afraid of conflict.

9. Ambition

Manly women tend to be ambitious. They put themselves first and seek to improve their social status. They are people who get things done in a fast and efficient manner.

10. Rationality

Men women are more rational than emotional. They rely less on their intuition and more on analysis. They don't let their emotions affect them.

11. Competitiveness

A masculine woman is likely to have a more competitive spirit than the average woman. From getting good grades in college to getting a promotion at work, she may want to beat everyone at everything.

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Strategic display of masculinity

BingMag.com 11 <b>characteristics</b> of <b>women</b> <b>who</b> <b>have</b> a <b>masculine</b> <b>personality</b> type

If a woman has masculine physiological characteristics, she naturally has a masculine spirit. Is. However, this is not always the case. A woman may be psychologically masculine, but not physiologically. Again, the cause of this problem can be traced to variable exposure to male hormones in the womb.

At the same time, there are naturally feminine women who act masculine. They do this strategically to reap the benefits of masculinity. For example, if a woman wants to rise to a position of power, acting like a man can help her be seen as more of a leader. But this work has its own disadvantages.

People expect women to be feminine. When a woman is masculine and pushy, people experience cognitive dissonance. And they ask themselves: "She is a woman, but why does she act like a man?" This gender deviation of a masculine woman makes people feel uncomfortable. Not fitting into social norms makes him very different and people subconsciously see him as an outsider. Being seen as an outsider carries with it the risk of rejection.

The solution here is to maintain masculine traits to move up the social hierarchy while neutralizing these traits by projecting feminine traits. For example, if a macho woman who is a CEO brings her child to the office, people will think of her like, Oh, she's a woman after all. She gave birth. thanks God." The same effect can be created by showing more feminine interests, wearing make-up, keeping long hair and dressing in a more feminine way. Strong women who do not balance their masculinity with femininity can easily intimidate people.

Concluding Remarks

Since men generally prefer feminine women, masculine women often feel They can't attract men. They seem to either scare men or make them their friends. This issue can cause a lot of discomfort in such a woman.

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