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11 advanced bodybuilding training systems to achieve maximum muscle mass

BingMag.com 11 advanced bodybuilding training systems to achieve maximum muscle mass

Advanced bodybuilding training techniques and systems are designed to shock the muscles, overcome the stunting of muscle growth and put maximum pressure on the muscles. The goal of all these advanced bodybuilding techniques and training systems is to increase the volume of muscle mass (hypertrophy) that has stopped growing for various reasons.

These training techniques and systems are based on the resistance training approach, in In contrast, some other techniques may be used to improve a person's other athletic needs, such as speed, balance, coordination, agility, responsiveness, flexibility, strength, and more.

Described focuses on hypertrophy (increase in volume) of muscle groups (ie muscle, tendons, ligaments, joints and bones). While focusing on long-term goals, you need to prepare the support structures needed for your muscles to adapt to these changes, because with these training systems, your muscles are constantly growing. Join us.

Muscle workout shock

BingMag.com 11 advanced bodybuilding training systems to achieve maximum muscle mass

A common theory for muscle shock in bodybuilding clubs is to use a gradual overload technique. This theory is based on the belief that to increase muscle mass you need to lift more weights or gradually increase the amount of weights. This type of exercise is very difficult to do for a long time.

In fact, if you could do this throughout your bodybuilding career, you would weigh up to 200 kg. Or, for example, people in the gymnasiums pressed 750 kg chest! The gradual overload technique can be done for different periods of time, but this technique is not the only method available to increase muscle pressure during exercise.

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Change your routine

BingMag.com 11 advanced bodybuilding training systems to achieve maximum muscle mass

You should change your normal exercise routine regularly (approximately every 6 weeks). This change includes not only the type of exercise but also the technique of performing the exercise. Constantly changing the pattern of exercise and the pressure applied to the muscle groups prevents their anatomical adaptation and forces the body to react. Alternating on muscle tissue (using overload, strenuous exercise, high endurance) as well as during the tissue repair process (with rest, lighter activities, and different techniques) will allow periods of muscle growth for you.

You should note that there are several terms to describe a single sport activity. However, this article is not a comprehensive list of all bodybuilding techniques and systems. Obviously, there are a number of other training techniques and systems that are not mentioned in this article. If you have any ideas or are familiar with other training techniques, please post them in the comments section below.

Also, the amount of resistance and rest in these training systems is just a suggested amount. Changing or personalizing these techniques will allow you to create your own training methods and thus add variety to your workouts and deliver the most amount of shock to your muscles to experience the maximum possible muscle mass. The following is how to perform 11 advanced training systems in bodybuilding.

1. Giant Set Technique or Giant Sets

BingMag.com 11 advanced bodybuilding training systems to achieve maximum muscle mass

A giant set usually involves performing a number of different exercises on a It is a specific part of the body. In this technique, first one exercise is performed, then the first set of the next exercise and is performed.

The amount of weight is usually moderate and there is a little rest between each exercise movement. After completing a set completely (for example, doing the first set of 3 workouts on a muscle group), rest for about two to three minutes.

Example: Giant set technique For the muscle group of the back of the arm (triceps), it can include performing these three training movements in a row: the extra chest press (beyond), the back of the strings standing, the kickback with dumbbells.

2. Superset technique

The superset technique involves a number of different training movements performed on two or more different areas of the body, one after the other. For example, first the training movement related to the number one part of the body is done and then without interruption the training movement related to the second part of the body and so on. The amount of weight is medium to heavy with the minimum amount of rest between workouts. Exercises for the biceps and triceps, for example, can include standing forearms with a barbell with a barbell and a French chest press with a barbell.

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3. Auxiliary Repetition Technique

BingMag.com 11 advanced bodybuilding training systems to achieve maximum muscle mass

Auxiliary Repetition is a process that involves training a muscle group to the point of complete disability. Is. Auxiliary repetitions are performed in a specific set and can include a pattern of maximum weight to complete disability (less repetition) or based on light to medium weight (high repetition).

In this system, exercise to create complete muscle contraction It is necessary to get help from a training opponent. The time between auxiliary repetitions (until complete muscle contraction occurs) should be kept to a minimum, and the time between sets based on auxiliary repetitions should be slightly longer than usual for complete muscle recovery.

Example: Perform a chest press with a weight equal to 90% of absolute power (maximum power) for 6 to 8 repetitions (get help from an auxiliary opponent to reach the full stage of contraction).

4. Negative Repetition Technique

The negative repetition technique is based on specific muscle contractions in which the length of the muscles increases during contraction instead of shortening (concentric contractions). This training technique can be done with the help of a training opponent and using the maximum weight (30% to 40% more than the maximum single beat power) or under any other training conditions that the athlete in addition to the positive phase of movement (upward movement of the weight) Focus on the negative phase (downward movement of the weight) as well. Reach your minimum. But the time between sets is usually longer because the person needs it to recover their muscles. Gently bring it to your chest and then, with the help of your opponent, return the barbell to its original position and then repeat this movement until the end of the set.

Important Note: Negative Repetition Technique They cause more muscle pain than concentric contractions (positive phase-based repetitions) and the risk of injury is much higher due to the use of super-heavy weights!

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5. 21 Repetition Training System

BingMag.com 11 advanced bodybuilding training systems to achieve maximum muscle mass

21 Repetition Training System is a descriptive term based on the number of repetitions performed. Refers to a specific set. The unique aspect of this method is that each set is actually divided into three different sets that are performed consecutively and in one movement.

Three different phases of each set include three different range of motion from range of motion Perfect is that move. Each motion phase of the full range of motion is performed in seven repetitions, then the next phase of motion is performed in seven repetitions, and finally the last phase of motion of the full range of motion is performed again in seven repetitions, for a total of 21 repetitions.

Example: The movement of the forearm with a barbell is standing. Seven repetitions with a limited range of motion (from the starting point to the halfway point), then immediately in the next phase you set the starting point halfway and do seven repetitions to the end of the range of motion, then immediately complete seven movements (from the lowest point to the barbell Do the chest) while standing and give it to the first set.

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6. Sets/Repetitions

BingMag.com 11 advanced bodybuilding training systems to achieve maximum muscle mass

Sets and repetitions refer to moving at a specified time interval . In this training system, both phases of concentric contraction (positive phase or upward motion) and reverse contraction (negative phase or downward motion) related to a movement are performed in a certain period of time.

Time The positive and negative phases of motion can be the same or different, provided they are the same value in all sets. The pause time between repetitions is the minimum possible (in a row) and the rest between sets is moderate (2 to 3 minutes). The amount of weight is usually light to medium, as this technique is very difficult to perform due to the large number of repetitions with normal weight.

Example: Do the positive phase of the movement slowly for a period of 10 seconds, followed by the downward movement or the negative phase of the movement for another period of 10 seconds. Repeat after the movement to complete your set.

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Incomplete repetitions (hp)

BingMag.com 11 advanced bodybuilding training systems to achieve maximum muscle mass

Incomplete repetitions or repetitions based on limited range of motion (ROM) The training system is 21 repetitions, with the difference that the whole set is performed purposefully in a limited range of motion.

In this technique, the focus can be on both the positive phase of the movement and the negative phase of the movement. This technique can be performed in any range of the full range of motion of an exercise. Such as the initial range to the middle of the positive phase or the beginning from the middle to the end of the positive phase or vice versa, ie starting from the end of the range of motion and in the direction of the negative phase in two range of motion 50%. The amount of weight in this movement is usually medium to heavy and the distance between the sets is between 1 to 2 minutes.

Example: Back movement with the device (hamstring muscles). Each set consists of 12 repetitions that start from the end of the normal range of motion (top), ie the complete contraction of the hamstring muscles, and end almost in the middle of the normal range of motion, and the repetition is repeated. This method is also a good technique for moving the chest press with a barbell.

8. Pre-Fatigue Training System

Pre-Fatigue Training System is a method in which a muscle group is isolated using a (separator movement) before performing a (combined movement).

In this training system, more than one muscle is used in each set, or more than one joint is involved in the training). In fact, this method causes the muscle to become completely tired before undergoing "real" training.

The amount of weights in this training system is light to medium, and the repetitions are usually done in a higher range. The pre-fatigue training system uses a detachment exercise (such as a fly exercise) to train the chest muscles and bring them to complete disability, then the relatively fresh breath of the shoulder and arm muscles to put more pressure on the chest muscles during the press movement. Use a barbell chest.

Example: For the chest muscles: Perform a dumbbell fly (separator movement), three sets of 12 to 15 repetitions, then a chest press. With barbell (combined movement).

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9. Post-fatigue system

BingMag.com 11 advanced bodybuilding training systems to achieve maximum muscle mass

Post-fatigue system consists of performing a set with two phases including heavy phase (number Low repetition but high weight) which is immediately completed by the light phase (light weight and high repetition).

This can be done in two different ways, examples of which are given below. The amount of weights is the same as described above and there is no rest between the heavy and light phases of each set. Rest between sets is also moderate to long, to allow the athlete to recover muscularly. Lighter squats, 12 to 15 reps.

Example 2 : Squats, heavy sets with 4-6 reps and then leg extensions, medium weights, 12-15 Repetition.

10. Pyramid Training System

Pyramid training system is a general term used to describe a number of different training options. For example, weight pyramid, repetition pyramid, and rest pyramid. It becomes less. This technique can be done with minimal or moderate rest between sets.

Example: Move the barbell press with the barbell as follows: first set, weight 50 kg, 10 repetitions. Second set, weight 60 kg, 8 repetitions. The weight ratio and number of repetitions in the other sets change in the same way.

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Drop set system or reduction sets

BingMag.com 11 advanced bodybuilding training systems to achieve maximum muscle mass

Drop set system is a great way to increase the intensity of training and Can be used in almost any sport. In general, it is best to do this exercise technique with your regular workout. Take the movement of the chest press, for example. Warm up first.

After doing a few routines, put about 90% of your maximum weight on the barbell, or as many as 2 reps you can do without help. Now do 4 reps with weights and get help from your training opponent if needed.

Immediately after placing the barbell on the press table, lift about 60% of it and continue the movement for at least 8 reps. . For this training system to work, you have to lift a lot of weights at each stop. For example, if your weight is 75 kg and you train with high intensity and then lose 10 kg of weight,

in fact, the weight will not be much lighter and you can not do the repetitions you need to complete the set with it. Do it. In the last step of the drop set technique, you should be able to do at least 6 reps without any help. Usually making a friend using this technique is enough to train each muscle.

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A few more points

Prepare a pair of 20 kg dumbbells and a pair of 12 kg dumbbells. Now load the barbell with the amount of weight you can usually do with 12 reps. Start the fly with 20 kg dumbbells to reach complete disability. Release the 20kg dumbbells and lift the 12kg dumbbells and do at least 8 full repetitions. Is). Do at least 4 complete repetitions. Lift half the weights and move the remaining 50 kg until you reach complete disability. This usually happens after about 5 repetitions. Usually doing a friend or friend like this is too much for any part of the body (do not do more than this amount).

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What Is enough exercise?

BingMag.com 11 advanced bodybuilding training systems to achieve maximum muscle mass

Three days a week is enough for weight training. Exercising more than this amount has exactly the opposite effect and reduces your body volume and strength.

In fact, doing heavy bodybuilding exercises seven days a week puts a lot of stress on your body. In fact, by doing so, you are practicing life and you will only see the negative results of the exercises. The rule of thumb for these workout systems is to increase the intensity of your workouts, not their duration.

These workout systems should not be used for long periods of time, but should be used in conjunction with your regular workout plan. For example, practice with these systems for a week and then do your usual exercises for a week. Let your body be your guide and remember that rest is a key element to success in bodybuilding. Slow (sometimes it takes 2 or 3 days for the body to fully recover).

Always watch out for any signs of exercise. The following is an example exercise program with methods for dividing the body muscle groups in order to maximize the results of these training systems. The movements included in this program are general movements and for example and can be modified according to your taste.

Exercise program number 1

BingMag.com 11 advanced bodybuilding training systems to achieve maximum muscle mass

Monday: Chest and back

Barbell chest press: 3 sets 4-8 reps, weight: 60- 80% of maximum power. 2 sets of these previous movements should be performed as a combination of pre-fatigue and drop set systems (as described above).

High chest barbell press: 3 sets , 4-12 repetitions, weight 50-100% of maximum power. Maximum power. 2 sets with drop set technique.

Wired boat: 3 sets, 4-12 reps, weight 50-80. Maximum power. 2 sets with drop set technique, from 90% to 60% of maximum power. 1 set of dual drop sets (achieving complete disability, 60% weight reduction, achieving complete disability, reducing 60% of weights).

Wednesday: shoulders and legs

squats : 3 sets of 15-6 repetitions, 50-80. Maximum power. A set of at least 30 reps with low weight for warming up.

Back of the machine: 3 sets of 12 to 8 reps, 50-80% of maximum power.

Front foot with machine: 3 sets of 12 to 8 repetitions, 50 to 80. Maximum power.

Head barbell press: 5 sets of 12 Up to 8 repetitions, 50 to 80% of maximum power. 3 sets using the pre-fatigue technique along with the publishing movement from the beginning. 2 sets with double drop set technique.

Standing leg with machine: 3 sets with 20 to 10 repetitions and 50 to 90% of maximum power. The defeat of all sets is in the form of a drop.

Standing barbell forearm: 3 sets all with straight technique.

Single-handed dumbbell forearm (Arnoldi): 2 Double Drop Set.

Lying on the back of the arm with a barbell (French press): Do 1 set with 8 to 15 regular repetitions with 50-70% of maximum power. 2 .

: 2 15-6 50-80 .

: 3 10-12 .


BingMag.com 11 advanced bodybuilding training systems to achieve maximum muscle mass


: 3 ( ).

: 3 4-12 50-100 .

: 2 4-12 50-80 .

: 2 15 10 (2-4 2-4 ). . .


: 3 15 30 50 80 .

: 2 12-8 50-80 .

: 2 12 8 50 80 .

( ): 3 12 8 50 80 . 2 .

: 2 50-90 . 2 .

: 3 20-10 50-90 .


: 1 (30 30 ) 8-12 . .

(): 2 .

: 1 (30 30 ) . .

: 2 15-6 50-80 .

: 1 10-12 .

. . . .

. Be sure to consult a specialist before using the recommendations in this article. For more information, read the BingMag Meg Disclaimer .

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