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10 ways to add color to room decoration

BingMag.com 10 <b>ways</b> to <b>add</b> <b>color</b> to <b>room</b> decoration

Many people these days use neutral colors in their home decor. This causes some houses to be dull and not feel like a cozy and warm house. By adding color to home decoration, you can change its mood a lot. Of course, this addition of color to home decoration should be in accordance with the principles and rules that you read below. Stay tuned to BingMag.

ways to add color to Your room Decor

If most of the colors used in your room dcor are neutral colors, use one of the following methods to add a little Use color and charm to the room decor.

1. add artwork

BingMag.com 10 <b>ways</b> to <b>add</b> <b>color</b> to <b>room</b> decoration

You can use artwork to get started. Artwork is an attractive decorative item that has a great variety. If the furniture in your room has neutral colors, adding a beautiful painting with vivid and bright colors can double the charm of the room and add a little energy and spirit of life to the room.

If in your room furniture other than color Neutral, other colors are also seen, the color of the painting or artwork should be chosen according to that color. Complementary colors are a good choice and can create a spectacular decoration in the room.

2. add a color device

BingMag.com 10 <b>ways</b> to <b>add</b> <b>color</b> to <b>room</b> decoration

Many people use room accessories such as sofas that are in screaming colors and They are bold, skeptical, and usually do not choose these colors. But if the space of your room and its walls are neutral colors, adding colored items can change the mood a lot.

If you have never used colored items in your home and you are still hesitant to buy them, Start small. For example, for the study, you can buy a bookcase or colored shelves instead of a white bookcase. Or you can choose the cushions and tables of the sofa in color.

After a while you get used to the presence of colors in the room, you can also buy other items such as bedspreads, sofas and in color. Just be careful not to overdo it with the decor and choose the right colors.

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3. Using Colored Wallpaper

The simplest advice for adding color to your room dcor is to take a bucket of paint and paint the walls, but the end result may not be what you like. Instead, choose a colorful wallpaper with attractive designs for the room.

Wallpapers turn a neutrally decorated room into a colorful, glazed room in the most beautiful way possible. In addition to adding color to the room decoration, wallpaper is a good opportunity to add depth and add personal taste to the decor where you are going to spend a lot of time.

4. Use of colored carpets

BingMag.com 10 <b>ways</b> to <b>add</b> <b>color</b> to <b>room</b> decoration

These days, carpets with neutral colors are fashionable, and unlike the old days, many carpets They have minimal designs with the least color. But if the space of your room is often neutral and without pattern and color, you should not buy a carpet with neutral color and simple design for this room. Instead, buy a rug with distinctive colors that will completely change the mood of the room.

Patterned and colored rugs add depth to your room and make it look warmer and more cozy. Choose bright and distinctive colors and do not be afraid to try new colors.

5. Decorative items

The least expensive and least painful way to add color to a room decor is to use decorative items. Decorative items are very diverse and you can find everything you think suits your taste. These decorative items have different dimensions depending on what you choose. If you want the color you want to stand out and make a difference in the room, you should choose larger decorative items. For example, a colored dream on an empty wall can create a special charm in the room.

6. Lighting fixtures

These days, chandeliers and lighting fixtures are very diverse. Their dimensions are also very variable, and if you provide colored lights and chandeliers in large dimensions, you can change the appearance of the house a lot. Of course, chandeliers are usually expensive, and there are cheaper ways to add color to a room's dcor.

Adding colored shelves

Shelves or shelves are found in most homes these days. By adding shelves, you can create more space for books and decorative items in the room. These shelves, in addition to having many uses, can also play an important role in changing the decoration of the room.

Instead of simple shelves with neutral colors, use colored shelves. You can easily add a little color to the room decor.

8. add flowers and Plant

Houseplants come in a variety of colors. Even if they are only green, they harmonize well with most neutral decorations and create an attractive and pleasant appearance. Use several large pots in the room. If the green color does not suit the decoration of your room, you can buy plants with different colors.

If you do not like to keep houseplants or your room does not have suitable conditions for plant storage, use artificial flowers and plants. Of course, artificial plants do not have the charm of natural plants and do not create that sense of vitality and vitality. But if they are of good quality, they are usually not recognizable from a distance, their artificiality.

The pots themselves can give another color and glaze to the room. Use colorful pots and do not limit yourself to white, black and gray pots.

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9. Colored Bed

BingMag.com 10 <b>ways</b> to <b>add</b> <b>color</b> to <b>room</b> decoration

If your bedroom decor is neutral and lifeless, there are more opportunities to add in the bedroom. There is color. You can buy a colored bedding set for the bed. The bedspread plays an important role in the appearance of a room because it covers a large area of a room. Be bold in choosing happy and varied colors. Make sure that adding a colored bedspread to a room that is completely neutral will not create an unpleasant appearance.

Conversely, if you have a crowded room full of patterns and colors, you should not use a thick and glazed bedspread. Too many colors and designs can disrupt the order of the room and you can not relax and unwind in it.

10. Using colored curtains

Installing colored curtains is the easiest way to add color to simple and uniform rooms. The simpler your room, the more colorful curtains and patterns you can use.

5 Tips on Adding color Elements to room decoration

To get started, you need to follow a few rules. Learn about decorating your home with a variety of colors.

Get started step by step

BingMag.com 10 <b>ways</b> to <b>add</b> <b>color</b> to <b>room</b> decoration

If you have never used different and special colors in your home decoration, this one It may be a little difficult at first and you may feel bad about it. You may think that you have not chosen a good color or you are worried that in the end, the room will not look what you wanted. To get used to the colors in the house, start with a small space, such as a room.

First, color the decoration for one of your rooms using one of the methods above. If you are satisfied with the result, you can change the decoration of other parts of the house in the same way.

2. Use white to make the space wider

If you want your home to look bigger, use white for most parts of the house, such as the walls. But not every white color makes the house look wider. White with gray to blue is suitable for this. White with a yellow tint makes the space warmer and smaller.

Use lighter spectrums when you want to make the space bigger with the help of color. Colors should be clear and bright and do not use dull and dirty colors.

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3. Use Complementary Colors

If you want to use more than one color in your home decor, choose complementary colors. Complementary colors are colors that are exactly opposite in the color cycle. Using these colors together creates a beautiful and eye-catching decoration.

4. Recognizing the properties of colors

BingMag.com 10 <b>ways</b> to <b>add</b> <b>color</b> to <b>room</b> decoration

Colors have different properties and each can convey a special feeling and mood to a space . For example, red is a symbol of activity and mobility and gives a feeling of excitement and happiness. Blue is the color of calm and silence and is usually suitable for spaces such as bedrooms. Aside from personal taste, it's not bad to research the colors and features of each to find out what atmosphere the color you choose creates in the room.

5. Using dark colors to make the space smaller

It is very common these days to use dark colors to design the decoration of modern homes. But this color is not suitable for decorating all spaces. If you have a small house, using dark colors in the decoration will make it look smaller.

If you have a large space that you like to look more cozy, then you can use dark colors and even charcoal for Use wall decoration and space decoration. For example, you can choose dark colors for the bedroom to have a more cozy room.


Adding color to your home decor will make your living space more attractive and pleasant. If the walls and floor of your house are simple and colorful It has a neutral effect. By adding decorative items, curtains, carpets, chandeliers and other colored elements, you can give a different feeling to the rooms. Be careful in the use of colors and adhere to the rules that exist in the use of color in decoration, so that the end result is a pleasant and relaxing atmosphere for a happy and calm life.

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