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10 important facts to prove that infidelity relationships are short-lived

BingMag.com 10 important facts to prove that infidelity relationships are short-lived

If you are reading this, you are probably wondering how "infidelity-based relationships that lead to the separation of a couple "Do they last long?" Or "Do infidelity relationships that end in marriage stand a chance of survival?" If you have met a couple who are exempt from this rule.

So, what do you think in a relationship based on infidelity condemns the parties to from the beginning?

The answer to this question will help you understand why people betray in the first place, as well as what can motivate you to betray. Knowing these two tips can help you protect your feelings and your marriage.

In the continuation of this article from BingMag, we discuss the cause of infidelity in marriage and the 10 causes Relationships based on infidelity do not last long. Join us.

Why do couples cheat on their marriage?

BingMag.com 10 important facts to prove that infidelity relationships are short-lived

Where betrayal-related relationships end and how long they last depends primarily on the reasons for the formation of such relationships.

Here are the most important factors that lead people to betrayal. :

  • Fear of conflict with your spouse: Some people avoid discussing their problems with their spouse because of their strong desire to stay calm and in harmony with their surroundings. And they pretend that everything is fine, when it really is not.
  • Fear of feeling vulnerable: In this case, people argue with their spouse and create a wall between themselves and their spouse. They do, which leads to their loneliness and leads people to the next stimulus.
  • Feeling lonely, not understood or not appreciated by others: It leads to repetitive and boring state, but one of the parties to his heart for those warm and passionate feelings. Missed.
  • Addiction to love and romantic atmosphere: Sometimes you miss being in love and falling in love. Therefore, when an attractive person comes to you and pays attention to you, it is obvious that you are reciprocally interested in yourself.
  • Sex addiction: For some people, relationship Sex is like drugs, and they have more sexual desire than they get in a marriage. Therefore, it is difficult for them to say no when they are able to have sex.
  • Feeling the need to escape: Sometimes your marriage is frustrating and you want to break free from it. Get rid of your life. At the same time, you are not sure that divorce is the best way to improve your situation.

What percentage of infidelity relationships end in separation?

BingMag.com 10 important facts to prove that infidelity relationships are short-lived

According to the American Mental Health Association, the romantic phase of an infidelity relationship lasts an average of 6 to 18 months and is about 75 Percentage of marriages that begin as infidelity end in divorce.

It should also be noted that only 5 to 7% of infidelity relationships lead to marriage, which is a bitter statistic There are couples who hope that their infidelity relationship will last forever.

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Are marital infidelities that lead to divorce Do they get married, does it last in the long run?

Here are 10 reasons why infidelity relationships do not last and end in separation:

1. Betrayal-based relationships are like greenhouse flowers

Beautiful flowers in greenhouses can only grow in an environment with a controlled climate. But when you take these delicate flowers to the real world, they die quickly.

Betrayal-based relationships are never supposed to be able to withstand the conditions of a real relationship and last for long. Such relationships were supposed to be kept secret to be a secret pleasure for both parties. Go and see each other naturally, how do you react? If you think that this is the end of the matter between me and him, then you should know that your relationship between the two has never been a real one. Unable to see it, they last.

2. No marriage is perfect and ideal.

BingMag.com 10 important facts to prove that infidelity relationships are short-lived

He is not lost. In fact, it's more about escaping the painful realities of marriage.

Your spouse may not have a problem with the situation, but you think the situation is not acceptable. Or maybe you both are desperate. But you think to yourself that the right thing to do is to keep working on your relationship and staying together, maybe because of the kids or maybe just because you can't live alone.

So, You begin a secret relationship as a way to experience a "different reality" to cope with the pressures and relieve your mental fatigue. At least for some of the time they are not a problem.

But after that, the marriage ends and you no longer have to run away from it. You are actually free! So, why should you stick to someone who is the cause of your misery and unhappiness?

3. Excitement does not last long

One of the important reasons for the formation of relationships based on infidelity is the excitement related to these sudden relationships and secret love between the parties. In fact, you know what you do is wrong, but on the other hand, it is the wrong thing that makes you feel alive again.

These relationships are really exciting! Why can't relationships be like this forever?

Short answer? Because emotions don't last long, and that's very good. Because if you were constantly in a state of emotional turmoil, you would soon be physically and mentally exhausted, and this would lead to your complete disability.

4. You will not always "love" each other

BingMag.com 10 important facts to prove that infidelity relationships are short-lived

Until recently, you thought "very You are in love with your secret partner. You counted the moments every day to be alone with him again. But now that everyone is aware of your secret relationship, do you feel that you have become an awful person? And the person with whom you started this secret relationship is now just a reminder to you of suffering and a symbol of the destruction of your sweet life?

Or maybe no one has noticed yet, but looking at your other secret partner You are not excited and you are looking for a change, in fact you want to experience the feeling of falling in love with a new person again.

Or you may be wondering if you can be passionate. Revive in your marriage? And put an end to all these stupid escapes from reality?

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5. Sometimes, everything revolves around sex

Sometimes, the only reason to start this secret relationship is mutual lust. Maybe it's just for one night, or maybe you both need to change your mood.

These types of relationships have the shortest lifespan possible. In fact, sexual intercourse can sometimes last as long as an hour, sometimes for months at a time. But in any case, sex is the only thing that people want from each other in such relationships and there are no emotional and romantic dimensions between them.

If this type of relationship harms the marriage, there is definitely no reason for the person The adulterer should continue his relationship, let alone think of marrying the person he is betraying.

6. Once this type of relationship has reached its goal, there is no reason for the parties to continue communicating.

BingMag.com 10 important facts to prove that infidelity relationships are short-lived

Some infidelities are actually intended to punish the spouse, because he or she has been careless with the infidel or has not expressed the necessary appreciation. Or, for example, if you have been betrayed by your spouse, you may be tempted to retaliate immediately for his or her ugliness in his or her own way.

And he loses his purpose.

Now, you are left with someone whose only purpose in life is to show your spouse how he or she feels about his or her ugly behavior, and ultimately you somehow You have overcome him and won.

But your life together and all your dreams are gone with the separation of your spouse from you.

7. Emotional infidelity only fills a void in a person's life, no more

You may be tempted to have a secret relationship with someone because the other person makes you feel wanted and attractive. Give. In fact, the other party is meeting an important emotional need that your spouse is unable to meet in the form of marriage.

So, you are constantly spending time with this new person, but your relationship with You just keep him Platonic. In fact, the only sexual intercourse that has taken place is in your imagination and you have kept this secret only to yourself.

But if you were both so looking for a romantic relationship that you were willing to achieve it. Destroy one marriage (or two marriages), you have probably had such a relationship before. You love the feelings you experience with this person, but they are definitely not worth ruining your life together and enduring the psychological damage caused by divorce.

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8. Serial Traitors

BingMag.com 10 important facts to prove that infidelity relationships are short-lived

If the person with whom you are experiencing a betrayal relationship is a traitor He is a chain and has a long history, rest assured that he will never look at you as someone who is worth it to leave his wife for you. Such people will never start a relationship that feels like it is going to be a long-term relationship.

Of them, you are just a new and glamorous toy. But they give you the feeling that you are the only one who has ever mattered to him. At least they will treat you this way until they get what they want from you.

Then, when they find a new toy (or get bored of you), then they will end their relationship with you.

9. A relationship is not based on accidental infidelity

No two people have entered into a relationship based on infidelity accidentally or suddenly. In fact, both of them have consciously chosen to give in to this relationship, and until both of them take responsibility for this relationship, it is unlikely that they will experience a healthy and lasting relationship.

Relationships Sustainability is based on adult love, which is itself based on responsibility. If one of the parties fails to admit his mistakes, he always blames another person or factor when a problem arises. Takes.

10. Communication does not eliminate unpleasant consequences

BingMag.com 10 important facts to prove that infidelity relationships are short-lived

If you feel that your relationship is based on infidelity And your body is rooted and you feel like you are half lost to each other, which probably means that your marriage is probably over. This type of secret relationship is likely to lead to a second marriage.

But in any case, the depth of your feelings and emotional connection with the new person does not in any way diminish the consequences of divorce for those who are affected. And your children and other relatives are more likely to view this stepfather as a nuisance and an enemy.

This is where the pleasure of your "lover" interferes with the pain you have caused others. You will learn more about the depths of selfishness.

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Do betrayal relationships ever work?

BingMag.com 10 important facts to prove that infidelity relationships are short-lived

If we want to put aside vague and general statistics, some marriages that are based on relationships They have started betraying, lasting for years or even decades. Their success usually stems from the fact that their relationship with the new person has been much healthier and better than the person's marriage.

This type of relationship may sometimes begin as a Platonic friendship, but over time other states of Build a relationship.

For example, if your spouse is physically or emotionally abusive to you, you may be dating someone who has a friendly relationship with you. That relationship may lead to the end of your toxic marriage and the beginning of a good one.

This does not mean that a second marriage will be easy. But it is a step towards a better life.

A relationship based on infidelity may be a prelude to a better and more effective marriage, but you have to admit that it is far removed from social norms. You should know that a marriage is made when two people are completely available to each other and committed to each other.

Remember that if you cheat on your spouse only once, it will be easier to justify it next time. And it gets easier. So it is better to always be aware of this issue and your life together.

How do infidelity relationships usually end?

BingMag.com 10 important facts to prove that infidelity relationships are short-lived

Your relationship with your new secret partner, no matter how deep or emotional, usually ends in one of the following ways:

  • Personal (For example, your spouse) becomes suspicious of your behavior and discovers the truth.
  • One of you finally makes mistakes and leaves evidence that reveals your relationship.
  • One of the parties He eventually divorces his wife to commit to the other party.
  • One of you is cheating on another again and your secret partner finds out.
  • One of you to commit Returning to her own marital relationship ends her secret relationship.

Only a small percentage of infidelity relationships last long, and most infidelity marriages end in divorce or separation. They end.

Because most such relationships do not begin with a long-term perspective. Everything is centered on secret pleasures, nothing more.

But when such secrets are revealed, the situation for both of them becomes much more complicated.

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Final point

The problem with a relationship that starts on infidelity is that one or both of them are always They ask themselves if this relationship ends so smoothly and painlessly?

The proverb says: "A person who betrayed once will always betray." It is not without reason and wisdom. Also, the answer to the question that asks: "How long does a relationship based on infidelity last after the divorce of a couple?" It's a sad and upsetting answer.

It is never too late to think about your marriage and make an honest assessment of what might make you more vulnerable to the temptation of infidelity

This is just about education and information. Be sure to consult a specialist before using the recommendations in this article. For more information, read the BingMag Meg Disclaimer .

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