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10 great dumbbell exercises for women (with exercise program)

BingMag.com 10 great dumbbell exercises for women (with exercise program)

Today, free weights, including dumbbells, form a major part of strength training and fitness, and their first use dates back to Greece and India. Even in the distant past, athletes and coaches recognized the importance of strength and physical strength to increase physical function, and benefited from the benefits of these free weights for body growth. They came into being in 17 AD. Dumbbells are exactly the same as barbells, which are smaller in size and easier to carry. The versatility of dumbbells with their physical condition, dynamism and high availability has made these sports tools a favorite part of exercising and used by almost all athletes and bodybuilders.

Apart from bodybuilding, Dumbbells are also used in martial arts and many other sports. Dumbbells are useful for increasing strength and power as well as balance between the muscles and the left and right sides of the body and can be as effective and useful as barbells and other exercise equipment.

In this article we want to take a closer look at dumbbells and We have its benefits. Apart from this, we also consider some exercises that are great options for women. In general, dumbbell exercise is very suitable for women and is more compatible with their physique. So join us to introduce some training programs for women.

6 benefits of dumbbells

BingMag.com 10 great dumbbell exercises for women (with exercise program)

Now we have to see what are the benefits of dumbbells. This method of training has many advantages and not all of them can be named. But the list below includes some of the most important benefits of using dumbbells:

Dumbbells are suitable for beginners

A variety of hard and practical movements such as forearm, shoulder press, armpit bend and deadlift along with a pair of dumbbells with the right weight, this method of training is useful for all athletes at any level. And it works. With just one pair of dumbbells, you can prepare a workout program for beginners and strengthen your muscles by doing it at home!

2. With dumbbells you can do a lot of movements

This is one of the most important benefits of dumbbells and therefore you should go to this exercise tool as soon as possible. Dumbbell exercises are very common and include more or less all weight-bearing exercises using barbells. For example, if you had a program that included 50 squats, 25 Swedish swims, and 10 burpees, you can now do the same with dumbbells and strengthen your muscles by changing the number of sets and reps./p>

In general, you can say that all the movements you do with your body weight or barbell, you can perform with dumbbells and have a complete and varied exercise program.

3. With dumbbells you can do single movements

Unlike barbells, dumbbells allow you to perform single and one-way movements; This means holding the dumbbell with one hand and focusing only on that hand. With this training method, you can better work on weak muscles and eliminate muscle imbalance. More or less most people have more force on one side of their body, so they should use dumbbells to strengthen both sides of their body and increase the overall strength of their body.

4. Using dumbbells can increase coordination between the brain and the muscles. . With the help of dumbbells you will not only strengthen your body, but also help increase your mental capacity!

5. Dumbbells are better than exercise machines! Long or short, or have very long or short arms, they can not use the devices and may be damaged. Are allowed to withstand all pressures (such as the chest device); Therefore, the main pressure is on your stronger arm and your weak muscles will not have a chance to strengthen. They focus individually and strengthen all the muscles equally.

6. With the help of dumbbells you can strengthen more or less all muscle groups

Dumbbells can be considered the best exercise tool for exercising at home. Nothing better than a pair of dumbbells, or those dumbbells that can change weight, can strengthen all the muscles in your body. Exercise your shoulders, forearm, back of arm, buttocks, quadriceps, hamstrings and even legs.

Best dumbbell exercises

BingMag.com 10 great dumbbell exercises for women (with exercise program)

Many training movements can be done with the help of dumbbells. Although many of them are great and can help strengthen and improve your body, but we have gone for some practical movements that strengthen the muscle groups of the body well and increase your overall strength.

Exercise list As you can see below, it is a combination of functional movements such as squats from the front and deadlifts, along with purposeful and focused exercises such as the forearms and armpits. You can do all of these exercises or add some of them to your current workout plan. In general, these exercises are the best option for women and using dumbbells.

1. "Stiff-Legged Deadlift"

Stand to perform this movement, spread your legs hip-width apart and keep your toes forward. Hold a pair of dumbbells in your hands, hang your arms around your body, and place the palms of your hands facing your body. Keep your chest high and tighten your core muscles. Now bend your knees slightly, bend forward and keep your back straight. Bend your hips back and let the dumbbells come down to your feet. Lift the front end of each dumbbell to the ground. This is the beginning of the deadlift.

Now you should lift the dumbbells without bending your elbows, hold your back and central muscles firmly, press your legs to the ground and stand; Just as you stood at the beginning. Do this move for 5 sets with 10 repetitions. Choose the weight of the dumbbells yourself, but be sure to maintain a proper body shape.

2. "Dumbbell Clean"

This movement, which is a combination of deadlift and jump to lift dumbbells, is very similar to single dumbbell lifting. That's why we call it "dumbbells." When the dumbbells are above the knees, place them by throwing them over the shoulders (palms facing each other); You should now be in a sitting position with the dumbbells on your shoulders. Then stand up like Scott did. This cycle is a repetition of this movement.

Do this movement for 3 sets with 15 repetitions and try to go for light to medium weight dumbbells.

3. "Box Step-Up"

This movement is good for improving body balance as well as strengthening the core and leg muscles. You need a box or step to run it. Its height should be such that when you put your foot on it, your knees and hips are in line. Hold the dumbbells in your hand and walk on the box with your right foot. Keep your chest up and down with your left foot. For each repetition, move the legs and alternately go over the box.

Do this movement for 3 sets of 20 repetitions. It is better to have light to medium dumbbells so that the balance of the body is not disturbed and you do not lose your proper shape.

4. "Front Squat"

Hold a pair of light dumbbells and place them on your shoulders. In this case, your elbows should be facing forward. Spread your legs shoulder-width apart, your toes forward, then your hips slightly back and sit down.

When sitting, your chest and elbows should be high, your heels should be perfectly flat, and your thighs Be parallel to the ground. Get up and push yourself to the starting position by pushing on the ground. Do this move for 5 sets with 10 repetitions.

5. "Dumbbell lunge"

Hold a light dumbbell in each hand, spread your legs hip-width apart, keep your upper body straight, and tighten your core muscles. Put your right foot back, now bend it and bring your right knee to the ground. Your left leg should also bend and your left knee should be in front of your body. Then push the ground with your left foot to stand. Now do the same thing again by moving your legs. Performing 5 sets with 10 repetitions is enough for this move.

6. "Bent Row"

Stand with your dumbbells close to your body. Bend your knees slightly, then bend forward from the hips. Dumbbells should be in front of the knees and just below the shoulders. Now straighten your back and tighten your core muscles, then pull the dumbbells to your shoulders and bring your elbows up. Now lower the dumbbells again and keep in the starting position.

Perform this movement for 4 sets with 7 repetitions.

7. "Renegade Row"

Swim or plank by holding a pair of dumbbells in your hands. Spread your legs hip-width apart, push your dumbbells to the ground, and tighten your leg and abdominal muscles. Now, holding the dumbbells, bring your arms periodically to your shoulders and lower them again. Perform this movement for 3 sets with 10 repetitions for each hand.

8. "Biceps Curl"

Hold a dumbbell in each hand, tighten the core muscles and open the shoulders. The palms of the hands should point upwards, then bring your hands toward the shoulders periodically, bending at the elbows and lowering them again. Be careful not to move your elbows or shoulders. Do this move for 6 sets with 5 repetitions for each hand (10 repetitions in total).

9. "Bench Press"

You will need a press table or box to lie on to perform this movement. After lying down, raise the dumbbells and keep the arms perpendicular to the body, the palms of the hands should be towards your knees. Now bend the elbows, lowering the arms until the elbows are at a 90 degree angle. Then straighten your arms again. Performing 3 sets with 8 repetitions is enough for this move.

10. "Shoulder Press"

Stand up straight and hold a pair of dumbbells. Place the dumbbells flush with your shoulders and palms facing each other. Spread your legs shoulder-width apart and keep the core muscles and legs tight. Now straighten the arms up so that the forearm muscles are at the corners. Then gently lower them so that the elbows are at a 90-degree angle. Perform this movement for 3 sets with 8 repetitions.

Dumbbell training program for women

BingMag.com 10 great dumbbell exercises for women (with exercise program)

There are countless ways to set up an exercise program using dumbbells. But we have to see which exercises are suitable for women. Programs that include dynamic exercises for the upper and lower body and also increase fuel production, such as running and push-ups along with weightlifting, can increase the body's cardiovascular fitness and also strengthen the body's overall strength and stability./p>

You can modify any of the following exercise programs to suit your fitness level and to be in a better position when performing movements, sets and repetitions. The first exercise program includes a few exercises with dumbbells for weight loss, such as squats from the front and long, and also uses a few exercises to strengthen the shoulders and back.

You should do the exercises we have written every minute. Do it with the number of repetitions and rest a little. If you can not do the number of repetitions in one minute and rest for at least 15 seconds, you should reduce the number of repetitions by more than 5. In general, start with the number of repetitions you have set and then change it according to your physical condition.

Exercise Plan 1

20 Minutes of complete exercise; Head to the next move every minute:

  • 1 minute: Scott from the front - 15 reps
  • 2 minutes: Periodically raise the dumbbell while swimming - 10 reps
  • 3 minutes: Deadlift flat foot - 15 reps
  • 4 minutes: Shoulder press - 10 reps
  • Minute 5: Barpi - 15 reps

Go back to the first move in the sixth minute and repeat this cycle. You should do this set of movements 4 times (20 minutes). Repeat this cycle 3 to 4 times, depending on your level of fitness and fitness. Pay attention to the proper shape of the body when performing the movements and focus on each movement completely. If you see that you can not maintain proper form, you should reduce the number of repetitions in each set or go for lighter dumbbells.

Do these movements 4 times in total:

  • Swimming with dumbbells in each hand - 7 repetitions
  • Chest fly with dumbbells - 8 repetitions
  • Periodic raising of dumbbells in swimming position - 9 repetitions
  • Scott from front to shoulder press with dumbbells - 10 repetitions (in this move, after Scott, you should do shoulder press immediately)

Do not forget these points!

On the other hand Dumbbells, like any other device, can damage your body. If you do not pay attention to the proper shape of the body when doing dumbbell exercises or perform the movements incorrectly, you may damage muscles, joints, bones and and you may suffer from muscle imbalance. Apart from these, you must also pay attention to the following points:

1. Always warm up before exercising

Many people often skip warm-up altogether because they are unaware of its benefits along with basic exercise. Proper warming up can increase your heart rate, increase blood circulation, warm up and prepare large muscle groups, and also prepare your mind to start exercising. Ignoring warm-ups and stretching exercises can lead to imbalance when performing movements, damage and reduced physical function of the body.

Therefore, be sure to take 7 to 10 minutes to warm up before exercising. And see its positive effect!

2. When warming up, do these exercises without weights.

As part of your warm-up program, do the same exercises we examined without weights and external pressure. You can warm yourself up well by performing these movements. After warming up, do the same movements using dumbbells.

3. Exercise with lighter dumbbells

Although dumbbells are a great and useful tool, if you use very heavy dumbbells you may not maintain proper body shape and increase the risk of injury. By using a pair of lighter dumbbells, you can follow better movement patterns and do the range of motion of each exercise well. Also, by choosing lighter weights and performing the correct movements, you can find out the strength of your body and then choose more suitable weights.

4. Remember to keep the central muscles of the body strong and stable

You should keep your central muscles strong and stable to perform all the exercises with dumbbells. This is one of the reasons why dumbbells are useful and exercise with them. By focusing on the core muscles throughout the workout, you can strengthen these muscles as well as ensure that your body is in good shape and performing the movements correctly.

Final Word

Dumbbells They are strength and fitness exercises, and the adaptability of dumbbells to their physical condition, dynamism and high availability has made them an effective element of exercise and used by more or less all athletes and bodybuilders.

This tool Exercises are beneficial for increasing the strength and power of the body as well as the balance between the muscles of the right and left sides of the body and can be as efficient and useful as barbells and other exercise machines. Dumbbells have many benefits and can be the best option for exercising at home. With a pair of dumbbells you can strengthen all the muscle groups in your body and achieve the body you desire.

Try a regular and balanced exercise program using the exercises we reviewed. Make arrangements for yourself and start exercising today. Of course, be sure to pay attention to what we have said, warm up your body, go for lighter weights, and be sure to pay attention to the correct execution of movements and the proper shape of your body. With these tips in mind, you can prevent injuries and ensure your own health.

This is for educational and informational purposes only. Be sure to consult a specialist before using the recommendations in this article. For more information, read the BingMag Meg Disclaimer .

Source: Dr. Ax

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