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10 creative and attractive gift ideas

BingMag.com 10 creative and attractive gift ideas

Many people spend a lot of time choosing gifts for their friends and loved ones, but do not pay much attention to giving them. How to give gifts to others can indirectly transfer many professions to them. With creative methods, you can give your gifts and increase the enjoyment of gifts for your friends and loved ones. Here are some creative ways to give a gift and get ideas from them. Join BingMag.

Why is it important to give a gift?

Every gift you buy for your loved ones is valuable to them and they will love it; It does not matter if the gift is expensive or cheap. But the more time you spend on this gift and give it as beautifully as possible, the more you show your loved ones how important they are to you. Pass a lot of secrets to your loved ones. For example, by giving your gift as a gift with beautiful fabrics for gifts, you can show the importance of the environment to your friend. Or by placing an old photo on the gift, you can remind him of a common memory.

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The best way What is a gift to give?

In our distant childhood, there were a variety of gift wrappers, some of which were glossy. Most people would buy gift wrapping paper as a gift, wrap the gift in it, and decorate it with ribbon. But today, despite the increasing variety of colored paper and gift paper, people are trying to find new ways to give their gift with a little creativity.

The best way to give a gift is to do it as much as possible. Keep it simple and sometimes add personal items, such as an old photo, a shared drawing, or a special message. That is, give a gift a special feature that sets it apart from other gifts and is unique to you two.

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Creative Gift Gift Ideas

Check out these creative ideas below. Seeing them will help you come up with new ideas for gift giving.

1. Add photos or prints

BingMag.com 10 creative and attractive gift ideas

If you like, add something to your gift that your friends and loved ones You can use photos or print products. Browse your camera and personal files. Find some two-person photos you have with the gift recipient and choose the one you like best. Print the desired photo in small size. You can put this photo under the ribbon around the gift or stick it on it with double-sided glue.

If you have trouble finding a photo of two people, you can add any other photo you know your loved ones like to their gift. For example, a small photo of their hometown, their favorite pet, and you can even add printed products to the gift. For example, print a picture and paste it on the gift.

For this method, you need the following tools:

  • Plain gift paper
  • Hemp threads for Wrap around the gift
  • Printed photo

2. Use natural elements. Found, is the use of natural elements. For these gifts, you can be inspired by the nature around you. You should use neutral colored paper for the gift. Then you can add natural elements such as dried flowers, leaves, shells, pine and.. These things you should find in your nature tours and they are not worth buying. For this reason, a gift given in this way will be very unique and attractive and you will not find anything like it anywhere else.

First you need to choose some plain gift paper or kraft paper to wrap the gift. . Kraft paper is a good choice as it can create a completely neutral background. Another advantage of these papers is that they are 100% recyclable. Then you can find leaves, twigs, flowers and whatever you like from the heart of nature and stick on it and wrap yarn around it. This method is so attractive and eye-catching that it makes your friends and loved ones do not want to open their gift.


  • Kraft paper
  • Leaves, dried flowers and/
  • hemp yarn for wrapping gifts

3. Make a note

BingMag.com 10 creative and attractive gift ideas

For this method you can use greeting cards or design a simple card yourself But always adding a note to the gifts will make them more attractive. This post should be short and engaging or reminiscent of a sweet two-person memoir. Be sure that every word you write will bring a smile to your loved ones' lips. You can combine this idea with the first idea and write your note on the back of the photo, for example. This is one of the best ways to personalize gifts. li> a simple card or photo

4. Discard Paper

BingMag.com 10 creative and attractive gift ideas

Looking for a way to wrap your gifts without wrapping paper? ?

It is a good idea not to use wrapping paper as a gift because some types of wrapping paper are not recyclable. To replace the gift wrap, you can buy a piece of gift wrap from a flea or gift shop. These fabrics have beautiful designs and can later be used many times as a fabric to give as a gift or napkin at home.

Place the gift in the middle of the fabric and wrap the fabric with hemp threads around the gift. This method is very different and attractive, and recently you can easily find fabrics for this work that have attractive designs. If you have a hand in the artwork, you can make gift fabrics by hand printing on plain fabrics.


  • Fabrics
  • Hemp thread

5. Hang the gift on the wall

BingMag.com 10 creative and attractive gift ideas

If your gift is a variety of frames or paintings, you can give it as a gift Knock on the wall to increase your loved ones' desire to open the gift. To do this, cover the board or frame with kraft paper and decorate it with ribbon. To place the frame right on the wall, after wrapping it in kraft paper, remove the part of the frame that is to be hung on the wall. You can also add a tag to the ribbon knot and announce the opening date of the gift to your loved ones. For example, write on it "Do not open it until Nowruz!"

After installing it on the wall, send a message to your loved ones and say that their gift is on the wall and how long they can open it.


Necessary items:

  • Kraft paper
  • Ribbon
  • Gift tag
  • Frame

6. Hang the gift from somewhere

BingMag.com 10 creative and attractive gift ideas

If your gift has this feature you can download it from Hang it somewhere, you can give it as a decorative item and hang it from a tree, door handle or anywhere in front of the person. For this purpose, you should give the gift as a gift that has a pendant made of hemp thread or ribbon. For those who leave a pine tree at home during the Christmas holidays and give each other presents, hanging a gift on the Christmas tree is also a good idea.


  • Ribbon or Hemp thread

7. Gift Gift

BingMag.com 10 creative and attractive gift ideas

to make your gift shine and have a stunning and stylish look You can use glossy and metallic gift paper to give it as a gift. To complete the gift, just wrap it around the gift, wrap a ribbon around it with a ribbon that matches the color of the gift paper, and tie it with a bow. These gift wrappers have attractive colors such as gold and silver. You do not need to add anything other than ribbon for this type of gift paper and the beauty of these gifts is their simplicity. Just choose the color of the ribbon to match the gift paper.

This method is suitable for when you have little time to give a gift. So always try to have one or two metallic gift wrappers at home.


  • Glossy metallic wrapping paper
  • Double sided adhesives or adhesive tape

8. Keep it simple

BingMag.com 10 creative and attractive gift ideas

Sometimes simplicity is the best choice. Some people are accustomed to using crowded gift wrapping paper to wrap a gift, wrap a few colors of ribbon around it, add photos and text to it, and make a crowded and flashy gift overall. But usually the result is not very stylish and attractive. Try to use a method and idea to give a gift. For example, wrapping a gift with a simple colored paper and making a cloth bow to decorate it is enough.

If you do not like simple gifts, you can choose a simple gift paper, but for a ribbon or bow tie Gift, choose patterned ribbons.


  • Plain gift paper
  • Ribbon or fabric bow tie

9. Recycle household items

If you do not have gift wrap or glue or do not want to spend money on non-recyclable paper, you can use what you have at home to give as a gift. Pieces of hemp yarn, a beautiful piece of cloth, old ribbons, small scarves, etc. With this method, you will spend a little creativity in giving gifts and by recycling the items you have at home, you will help to preserve the environment.

Pieces of fabric are commonly found in all homes. You can even make ribbons yourself by cutting thin strips of fabric. You can gift your gift with ordinary white paper and turn it into a beautiful handmade gift paper by drawing flowers and designs with watercolors or pencils.

10. Make a special gift tag

BingMag.com 10 creative and attractive gift ideas

One of the new things added to gift decorations is beautiful tags. It is a gift. A small piece of card that attaches to a gift with a strap and on it are written pleasant messages or the name of the giver. Instead of these ready-made tags, you can make your own custom tag with a piece of cardboard.

Write a message you like on this tag and add your name and the name of the person receiving the gift. You can even download downloadable tags from the Internet and print them. You can decorate this tag to your liking. For example, draw with watercolors on that flower or any design you want.

One of the features that makes your gift special and unique is how to give it as a gift. The more personal the gift, the better it will feel. Instead of buying ready-made items and sticking them together, try adding something to your memories, hobbies, days spent together, and gifts. In this way, you can have different gifts that are simple, reminiscent of sweet days together.

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