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10 attractive and creative ideas to decorate the niche

BingMag.com 10 <b>attractive</b> and <b>creative</b> <b>ideas</b> to <b>decorate</b> the niche

The niche in the old houses was one of the special and unique architectural details of the spaces and usually the most impressive devices were placed on the niche. The old niches, which had a smooth and prominent surface, are no longer visible. These days we see most of the spaces created in the recess between the walls and the columns, and if we name the niche on them, there are many ideas to make them more attractive. They are not decorating because due to limitations, they are in the final priorities of the design and tie the designer's hand to specific tasks. If you have a place in your home that you have a challenge to decorate and adorn it, join us in this article to review 10 ideas for decorating a niche. With the help of these ideas, you can easily create a unique part of your house from empty spaces and unused windowsills and turn it into a focal point of decoration.

To begin with, we need to know how to decorate each niche, depending on Whether it is in the recess or the wall, it is different where the house is located and what its dimensions are. The important point is that decoration experts always have a way to improve the current condition of your home, and with the suggestions they give, you can break the monotony of such a part and achieve maximum use and beauty of that part.

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1. Display a special set

If you have two or three small wall shelves next to each other, they are the best place to put similar accessories together. These accessories can be a collection of seashells, souvenirs of a memorable trip or sculptures of your choice. Our suggestion is to place three to five pieces of such objects on the shelves and make sure that these pieces are connected to each other and are part of a set so that they do not look multi-colored and scattered at the same time. p>

2. Install a bookshelf

BingMag.com 10 <b>attractive</b> and <b>creative</b> <b>ideas</b> to <b>decorate</b> the niche

For a deeper wall ledge, the best option is to have several wooden planks Install and create a built-in bookshelf! This is a great way to increase the storage space of books and objects in homes that are short of space. Shelves made of glass and Plexiglas are also available to you, but we suggest shelves made of natural wood and choose light colors for the wall behind the niche. Your bookshelf will look the most beautiful when the books are combined with the color cover design.

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3. Use a mirror to decorate your niche

If your niche space is larger than usual or you have a large recess between two walls, a mirror will be a great choice. Depending on the other elements used in the decoration of the room, you can use colored mirrors or a combination of several small mirrors together. Colored mirrors and glass bring clarity and a sense of fluidity into the home, leaving niches or recesses between walls no longer a lifeless, dead space.

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4. Make a candle

Do you have a small, somewhat shallow wall niche? Put two or three candles on it. There are a variety of decorative candles on the market that you can use to arrange small niches or above the fireplace. Do not buy regular candles if the niche in which you want to place the candle has a closed space or the distance from the ceiling to the floor of the shelf is short, because if it is lit, the traces of the candle flame will remain on the wall. Instead of a regular candle, you can make a non-flammable candle that works with a battery and has a stylish and attractive appearance.

5. Fill the niche with plants

BingMag.com 10 <b>attractive</b> and <b>creative</b> <b>ideas</b> to <b>decorate</b> the niche

There are places to pick flowers and plants. Buy small houseplants and place them in attractive pots to turn your shelves into a lush, scenic spot. The best option is plants such as Pitos, which have a rapid longitudinal growth and after a short time it becomes a waterfall and gives a double beauty to this corner.

Even if you do not have a light wall niche, you can create such an atmosphere. do. Wall shelves on which to plant your plants are the best choice for those who want to raise plants above the ground and keep them out of the reach of children and pets.

Just make sure your plants have enough light in the recess of the wall. They receive (of course, if you do not want to worry about lighting and watering, you can replace them with artificial green flowers. !).

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6. Create a creative space on the shelf

Usually people who play games like chess or board games do not like to put their play equipment in dark drawers and cupboards. Most people who are interested in such games like to have gaming devices available so that when a new guest enters the house, he/she will attract his/her attention and the conversation will be drawn to the game and its excitement. If you have the same spirit, then the niche is the best choice for you to create a creative part that fits your favorite games to attract the attention of any viewer.

7. Make room for past memories

A niche or shallow recess can be the best place to put a photo frame. You can make photo frames in different sizes and put them on the shelf or hang them on the back wall. In any case, you can easily create a beautiful place from an empty and unused space and decorate it with the image of your loved ones and good memories of the past years.

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8. Showcase your valuables

Let your interior art taste shine by adding a special sculpture to your niche. Depending on the size of the wall and your favorite decor pieces, this can be a great place to highlight a work of art. Our advice is to keep what you want to put a lot more emphasis on separately. Such an arrangement gives your decoration a sense of gallery or museum and creates a unique and artistic focal point.

9. Use only one color

BingMag.com 10 <b>attractive</b> and <b>creative</b> <b>ideas</b> to <b>decorate</b> the niche

And soulless, with contrasting colors and special accessories, again become an attractive and impressive point in home design, but one of the boldest and most artistic decoration ideas is to use only one color in the design or so-called monochrome decoration.

Monochrome decoration is one of the trending trends in the world and can give a stylish and modern look to your home. In addition to being up-to-date with this style of design, it really fits in well with the fact that you want to have no focal point in one space and all the components are equally important. So if you want the niches on the wall to be more central and less important, use the same color for the wall and the niche and make tiny accessories of exactly the same color.

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10. Use a niche for storage

A large wall niche, where the recess starts from the floor of the room, is a great place to put a large cupboard. Sometimes large closets take up space in the room and make it look suffocating. To solve this problem, the best way is to shelve the lower parts and install a door for it. For higher parts, either floating shelves or glass surfaces will be a better choice. Such a niche will add functional storage space to your home, without taking up too much space. There were some that have diminished in importance today, but still with new ideas it is possible to change this part to an attractive and dramatic place and make the most of it. If you have such a place in your home and you have left it empty for a long time, start working and give vitality and charm to your space again with the ideas we mentioned above.

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