Life style > Sports and travel What is the shoulder tap exercise and how does it help improve your fitness?

This exercise may be very similar to the plank exercise, but it has its own characteristics and therefore has a good effect on increasing body strength. Why should you exercise even when you don't feel like it?

It has happened to all of us that sometimes we are tired and lack energy and we don't feel like exercising. Sometimes we do our sports session in these conditions and we think that we will not get any Stationary bike or skier; Which one is better for fitness?

There are many exercise and fitness machines available today. From treadmills to stationary bikes and skis, fitness stair machines, etc., you will have a variety of choices for exercise. Or, for examp 5 great and simple yoga moves that are suitable for beginners

Yoga is a relaxing exercise that can be suitable for people of all ages and fitness levels. You have probably come across all kinds of yoga exercises and movements. We have written various articles ab 7 common mistakes you make in preparing protein shakes

Protein is found in all organs of the body, from muscles to bones, skin and hair, so it is important to get enough of it. There are different ways to get protein, one of which is to use a protein shak 10 exercises that you can do in bed!

These days there are many reasons to stay in bed a little longer; The weather is very hot and the cases of corona are increasing again. If you want to stay in bed a little longer, but you prefer to ha 10 exercise exercises with a stationary bike for beginners to professional athletes

Exercise with a stationary bike involves pedaling at different speeds in a certain time and increasing or decreasing the resistance force. Even the way you sit on the bike and the position of the body normal squat or sumo squat; Which exercise is better for strengthening the lower body?

Squat is one of the most popular and important bodybuilding exercises that has many fans. This movement is suitable for both beginners and professionals and is included in the exercise program of most raising the knees in a hanging position; A miracle for strengthening abdominal muscles

There are many exercises to strengthen the abdominal muscles, and you have probably already used most of them in your exercise program. Sit-ups, planks, mountain climbers, bicycle crunches, etc. are a 5 common sports mistakes that prevent healthy aging

We have all heard many times that regular exercise is good for health. Exercise plays an important role in weight control and obesity prevention, strengthens the heart and blood circulation and reduce 15-minute exercise program to improve fitness and lose weight

One of the reasons why many people may not exercise is lack of time. Maybe you, like many people, get involved in various daily tasks and cannot find time for exercise. In these situations, using a si 6 great burpee exercises to strengthen the muscles of the whole body

Burpees may not be as well-known as other strength and cardio exercises, but they are still a challenging exercise and can be much more impactful than many other sports. 12 great yoga moves to treat neck pain that you should try

Neck pain is very common and can occur for a variety of reasons. Lifestyle, sitting too much, improper body shape, lack of movement of the head or body, etc. can all lead to the formation of pain in t 14 Abdominal oblique muscle exercises to increase upper body strength and endurance

Abdominal oblique muscles, which are a group of muscles in the upper body and form the areas around the abdomen and sides, are an important part of the central muscles, and their strengthening It is i Plank from the side; Excellent exercise to strengthen the abdomen and sides

If you have ever done proper exercises to strengthen the central, abdominal and side muscles, you are well familiar with the unique plank exercise. Using different types of plank movements, including 11 fun ways to exercise without going to the gym

Going to the gym can be a key to improving your health and getting in shape, but there are still many exercises and sports that you can do at home or Do open space. If for any reason you can't go to t What is Superset and how does it help improve your health and fitness?

If you are into sports and bodybuilding exercises, you are well familiar with the terms "set" and "repetition". You should do each exercise a certain number of times, which include several sets and ea 9 things you should do immediately after exercise to get results

As an athlete, you may devote 7 hours a week to regular exercise. This seems like a lot of time and undoubtedly has a positive result. But you should not forget that there are still 161 hours left in 6 strange and mysterious natural phenomena for which there is no precise explanation!

Watching natural phenomena, such as aurora borealis or hail falling on Japanese cherry trees, is always pleasing to the eye and makes people happy. But sometimes, among all the beautiful and even roma What is a squat jump and why should you add it to your exercise program?

The jump squat is a strength and plyometric exercise that warms up the body and increases your strength, power and speed. Many athletes get help from this exercise to increase their agility and streng 7 great sports exercises to strengthen and increase muscle endurance

Most people may think that strengthening muscles is only limited to increasing their size and strength. But various bodybuilding exercises or sports are performed for another purpose, which is known a Can you continue to exercise despite muscle pain?

If you are an athlete, it has probably happened to you that you cannot go to your next training session due to fatigue and muscle pain caused by exercise. You may have pushed yourself a lot in the pre Does squatting really hurt the back?

Most people know the sit-up exercise and have done this exercise many times in physical fitness tests. In these tests, usually someone holds your leg and you repeat the sit-up exercise as much as you All the benefits and tips you need to know about exercising with bare feet

There are many athletes who exercise in sneakers or barefoot. Which is the better option is still up for debate, as each has its own characteristics, pros and cons.