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Becoming the best parent in the world may seem difficult and impossible at first. Problems with children are always difficult and parents have to spend a lot of time and energy to deal with them. Some 6 Important Properties of Garlic for Breastfeeding Mothers (and Complications of Overdose)

Can you eat garlic-containing foods while breastfeeding? Is this safe for your baby or should you avoid it? You should know that if you are worried about eating garlic and its effect on the baby and b 15 forbidden sentences that you should not say to pregnant women

Pregnant women go through a lot of worries from the beginning of pregnancy until the birth of a child. So at this crucial time in a mother's life, it's important to avoid saying some seemingly positiv What is postpartum anxiety and how is it different from postpartum depression?

It is normal to be a little worried after your baby is born. Do you want to know if he is eating well or getting enough sleep? Do you find yourself relaxing? How to take care of the child and do the h 10 important tips for boosting children's vocabulary that parents need to know

You have probably heard of many ways to raise your child and have tried different ways to gain their children's respect and vocation. But if you are not very successful in this, do not worry! Many par 5 important benefits of distance learning that are rarely talked about

In-person training replaced the usual training methods in 2020 with the beginning of the Corona epidemic, and in 2021 the discussion of training continued in the same way. During these two years, expe 11 practical tips for turning home into a suitable e-learning environment

This year, like last year, the school year is supposed to start with virtual education, so you need to prepare the home space for your children to study. Of course, this educational space should not b A complete guide to setting the sleep time of children of different ages

Children's bedtime is one of the most important challenges for families. Too often, children's bedtime is not the same as their parents'. Exactly when the mother and father feel tired, their child is How to get rid of stress and prepare for your child's online classes?

This year, whispers of absenteeism due to the coronavirus epidemic are heard, and children are scheduled to study online for the second year in a row. Virtual form to be present in the classes. This c Why do children get angry and how can this anger be resolved?

If you have a toddler at home, you must have noticed that the distance between laughter and angry screams is very small. Children at this age have more physical strength than in infancy but still do n 11 effective training methods to deal with rude and aggressive adolescents

Who would have thought that your child would be so rude and ready to answer ?! 10 comfortable exercises for children

Exercise in children is an essential activity that helps prevent overweight and keeps them fit and healthy. But you should know that you can not perform these exercises with the strict principles of t 17 ways to raise strong and confident children

Confidence is one of the greatest gifts a parent can give their child. A child who lacks self-confidence will not want to do new and challenging things because he or she is afraid of failing or blamin How to control obesity and overweight in children?

Children can achieve healthy weight and growth with the help of their parents and family. By choosing a healthy lifestyle, all family members will benefit. Choosing healthy foods, reducing the use of How to cut children's hair at home? (Step-by-step guide)

Nothing is as scary as cutting a baby's hair; Of course, as long as you have not experienced trimming his nails before! When you cut your baby's hair, you are involved with the sides of the ear and ot 9 ways to easily buy children with supermarkets

Sometimes shopping with children and walking through store shelves turns into torture and we lose control of the situation. Many families are fleeing to shopping malls with runaway children due to the Do children suffer from depression?

Depression is different from the everyday emotional problems that children suffer from during their development. Just because a child looks sad does not mean that they are significantly depressed. But Complete guide to choosing the size of baby clothes

When you decide to have a baby, you have a lot to do before you are born and a lot to learn. If your decision to become a parent is serious, one of the things you need to know well is choosing the rig 9 great summer activities to keep kids entertained indoors and outdoors

Summer is the season in which sweet childhood memories are formed. Trips, long vacations, evening picnics and lively summer recreation. But now that we are dealing with the Corona epidemic, we have to All the essentials for a newborn baby until the third month

When you are about to bring your newborn and lovely baby home, you are probably wondering if this newborn is in the first weeks of life. What does he need at home? The answer to this question is that 6 tips for raising girls with high self-esteem

Undoubtedly, everyone likes to raise their children with high self-confidence and self-esteem. These traits are even more important for girls. According to Child Mind, girls are confronted with a vari 7 Important Tips to Know When Choosing Your Baby Diapers

Many parents spend a lot of money to buy diapers, but ultimately do not have a good choice. As a result, their babies develop skin irritations and behave in a restless and angry manner. Babies do not Basic tips for washing baby clothes that every parent should know

Being a parent is associated with many stressors, but learning how to wash a child's clothes should not be one of them. Caring for baby clothes while washing includes the same tips that you follow for