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Planning is very important to get things done on time, but more important than planning is sticking to the plan. It must have occurred to you that you had planned for your time but could not stick to How Does Natural Therapy Help Mental Health?

We may all, more or less, love nature or spend time in nature. Few people can find you who do not like nature and do not receive energy and a good feeling from being in nature. If we want to look at t 11 strengths of introverts that make them progress in life

If you're reading this article, you're an introvert, probably several times by others being shy, withdrawn, antisocial and You are, you are accused! But you may not really feel that way about yoursel How does loving-kindness make us unaware of ourselves? (3 ways to improve)

Compassion is one of the most common and at the same time one of the most destructive personality patterns that if left unchecked can cause severe damage to the psyche and the quality of relationships Contrary to popular belief, women are no more emotional than men!

Calling someone "emotional" does not mean humiliating or insulting them. In fact, we mistakenly consider emotion to be the opposite of "rational" or "effective" thinking, although neuroscientists have What is the pattern of avoidant attachment mixed with fear? (And 6 ways to manage it)

The issue of attachment from birth defines human relationships and emotions in its context and gives meaning to various aspects of life. In childhood, attachment to the mother guarantees survival, and 6 different types of bullying in today's world and ways to prevent it

Bullying does not always involve beating or making fun of others. In today's world, bullying can take many forms and take place in different contexts. 17 Common Problems in Cohabitation That Affect Couples

Marital life does not always go well. Months and even the first few years of marriage are almost normal, but after a while, problems gradually arise and the couple disagree on various issues. Some of Older women marry younger men; A wise decision or a big mistake?

There may be many stereotypes in the minds of all of us about the age difference between a couple, but the truth is that age is just a number. In fact, most men tend to marry a woman younger than them 15 Simple Ways to Restore Lost Confidence

Most people experience failures in their lives that lead to frustration and loss of self-confidence. But since all human beings need self-confidence to survive, it is important to restore lost self-co When does a midlife crisis in men occur and what are the symptoms?

Middle age crisis in men is a period in men's life in which they take a hard look at their current life. They think they should be happier, and if they feel the need for a big change, they feel they n How to break the habit of apologizing too much?

Are you one of those people who have a habit and a tendency to apologize too much? Are you one of those people who always express regret? Do you still apologize when someone hits you on the street, ev How to control and manage irrational thoughts?

The mind, like a fingerprint, is unique to each person. And no two minds are alike. We all have different ways of thinking. Some of us have thoughts that are left over from the past, while others focu 16 effective ways to overcome test stress and anxiety

Many people experience severe anxiety before each test. While a little stress can help improve your performance; But if it exceeds the acceptable level, it can be harmful and even have a negative effe 20 Motivation Techniques That Get You Out of Bed Every Day

Some days we wake up easily from bed, we are full of motivation and we do things in the best possible way, but some days we roll over in bed. And we do not have the strength or motivation to get up an 10 ways to be a better listener

It may have occurred to you that you enjoyed meeting someone who has a good understanding of what you do, but sometimes you think you are a good listener. you are not. Lack of active listening can lea 8 Physical Complications That Prove Depression Is Beyond A Mood Disorder

Depression is one of the most common mood disorders that causes various emotional symptoms such as feelings of constant sadness and hopelessness. In depressed people, changing the way the brain works 9 Signs of Fatigue Disorder from Decision Making and Ways to Manage It

When we have to make a lot of decisions over a period of time, the mind becomes tired, has difficulty making decisions, or is no longer able to It will not be up to you to decide. This is called Decis What is freedom of expression and how does it affect our daily lives?

Your opinions and ideas are important as a human being and you have the right to share your thoughts with others and demand a better world. You also have the right to agree or disagree with those in p Are you bored? Do these 50 fun things

Winter has its own beauties, but the problem with this season is that it is difficult to go out and explore due to the cold weather. That's why you should spend most of your time at home, which will m How to control travel anxiety during corona?

During the corona, many people are forced to travel or decide to travel by changing the incidence to change the mood. But travel anxiety, which has always existed for a variety of reasons, has taken o Feminism or patriarchy; This is the problem!

In terms of the gender status defined for individuals in society, today there are different types of social systems around the world. Some include well-defined gender roles, while others allow men and 12 Fun at home to spend long winter nights

Long winter nights are a good opportunity to get together and enjoy good time with family. In this season, we may spend more time at home and less time to go out and enjoy the outdoors and nature. Ins How do gender maps and stereotypes limit our choices?

When a baby is born, everyone is excited and wants to know if he or she is a boy or a girl. From this point on, the baby's life plan is drawn in front of him without the slightest interference from hi