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Forming bad habits in humans is much easier and easier than creating good and useful habits. Every human being has habits that he knows he must break for some reason. But how do you know if each of yo 20 Common Habits of Billionaires and Successful People You Need to Know to Get Rich

To be honest, money is very important in life and many of the problems we have in life are due to lack of money. If you think you can never get rich because you do not have a wealthy family, we must t 4 Japanese philosophical concepts that give you mind control

Japan has a rich and famous culture and philosophy. The teachings of Japanese philosophy can affect all aspects of our lives and lead to betterment. One of the lessons that Japanese philosophy teaches 30 simple self-care habits to increase the health of body and mind

Self_Care means taking care of your body and mind. Self-care means everything you can do to maintain and increase your health and happiness. If you do not take care of yourself first, you will not be Sturgeon Law; 90% of everything is disposable

Sturgeon's law is actually a proverb that says "ninety percent of everything is worthless." The proverb was coined by Theodore Sturgeon, an American writer and literary critic. Parkinson's Law; The secret to doing the most work in the shortest time possible

With the closure of offices and many jobs in different countries of the world due to the corona epidemic and the change of employment pattern from face-to-face to telecommuting, many of us usually We 9 Bad behaviors that cause others to resent and distance themselves from you

One of the most difficult questions you may be asked is "Are you a lovable person?" Is being with you pleasant, energizing, and soothing? What is the effect of Pygmalion? When our expectations affect the performance of others

Pygmalion Effect is a condition in which a person's performance is influenced by the expectations of others. In other words, a higher level of expectations of others from man leads to his better perfo 6 reasons that cause dissatisfaction with life and ways to overcome them

The strangest thing human beings do is deprive themselves of a valuable sense of life satisfaction. It seems that as soon as we achieve the things we once dreamed of, we immediately turn our attention 7 effective ways to find a good conversation

No matter what your current situation is, talking and connecting with others is the key to a good life, especially if You struggle with illness, depression, addiction, the loss of a loved one, or even Should we be proud of our perfectionism or think of getting rid of it?

Perfectionism is a trait that is like a double-edged sword. On the one hand, it can be positive and make people progress, on the other hand, it can be harmful and turn into an annoying obsession. Peop 11 ways to deal with life's turmoil and experience peace

There are times in our lives when we feel our world is collapsing and we ask ourselves if all these problems and troubles are my fault. Is? What if everything is really my fault? If I had never made t What is art therapy and how is it done?

Art therapy means the use of artistic methods and techniques to treat mental disorders and improve mental health. This method is used all over the world these days to help improve a variety of mental 5 Strange and Unbelievable Experiences That Happened During Sleep at Night

Humans are vulnerable during sleep and we can not deny this. In most crime movies we have seen the killer go to the victim when he is asleep or we have heard from different people that they inadverten What is Murphy's Law? Everything you need to know about preventing the unexpected

Does your home phone ring immediately whenever you are in a hurry to leave the house? Or when you are in the middle of typing a very important work project and you have not saved the content for 20 mi 145 fun questions that, contrary to expectations, have difficult answers

When we admit that we do not know the answers to all the questions, life becomes an exciting adventure full of various questions. In fact, curiosity allows us to open our minds to new worlds and share The three stages of love that everyone experiences in life

Nothing is like falling in love; In fact, no experience is so profound and exciting for humans. Boundless influx of emotions, separation from reality and endless fantasies. 18 respectful ways to not answer other people's private questions

When someone asks you a private question, how do you answer it? 11 simple steps to be yourself

Has anyone ever told you, "Please be yourself!" Expressing this grammatical phrase may seem simple, but it is often a difficult and inaccessible process for us. In today's world, we are so caught up i Is there a link between getting the first dose of Corona vaccine and increasing mental health?

People have different opinions about the corona vaccine these days. Some people believe that everyone should get the corona vaccine and thus protect themselves against this insidious virus. Others ref How do we accept others as they are?

The world is a complex place full of different people; People who try to understand what is going on around them. In addition, many people try to impose their worldview on those around them. They prob What is the difference between principles and values?

What is the difference between principles and values? We may all come across these two words many times a day, but there are many who do not know the meaning and use of each and how the two differ. 30 valuable lessons that everyone should learn in their life

Have you ever looked at your life and events in the past and thought to yourself, "I wish I had learned this lesson too long." "Did I learn in my life before?" In fact, it is only in the case of any h