Life style > Home and life 7 miraculous ways to clean a burnt pot

The pot is left on the stove and you forgot to turn it off? Distraction usually leads to one thing and that is burning the pot! What do you do when your pots burn? Are you thinking of throwing away th 7 beautiful apartment plants suitable for summer (for beginners)

The summer heat usually prevents us from being outdoors during the day. This can take us away from the green space and watching the beautiful plants. But you should know that you can easily keep beaut A complete guide to keeping and propagating pearl plants at home

Pearl is a plant of the succulent family that has a different and beautiful appearance. The name of this plant is chosen because of its pearl appearance because the green balls are connected with the 9 Vacuum Cleaner Uses You Probably Have Never Thought About!

Vacuum cleaner is one of the most widely used and useful tools you have at home, but you are probably unaware of its many uses. This essential home appliance does other things besides sweeping. Stay t A complete guide to keeping and propagating begonia at home

Begonia is a plant of large families with more than 2,000 species in the world that lives for several years and is native to tropical and subtropical regions. This plant is one of the most popular pla Fan Buying Guide; Types, important points when buying and bestsellers in the market

Using a fan on hot days of each season is a simple and cost-effective way to reduce the ambient temperature. In general, whether you are at home, office or outdoors, choosing the right fan is the key 12 things at home that you over-clean!

Most of us like to spend less time cleaning and tidying the house and at the same time, have a clean and tidy house. It is interesting to know that in the house, there are tools and places that we spe How to assemble shards of glass in a safe and simple way?

Breaking glassware and scattering shards of glass is one of the most challenging and unexpected events that can occur indoors. Shards of glass usually find their way into corners of rooms and kitchens How to make a lush and beautiful garden at home?

In today's homes, there is little space to make a garden and it is usually just by the windows. If you are interested in flowers and plants, you can use this small space next to the garden and create 7 important points for choosing kitchen tiles

When planning the design and layout of the kitchen, most people only pay attention to cabinets and appliances and one of the most important parts that is ignored in this process, Choose the right tile A complete guide to growing and maintaining a petunia

Satin is a beautiful flowering plant known as Petunia. This plant needs direct sunlight and is the best option for planting in gardens. Stay tuned to BingMag and read more about this beautiful and col Top 5 Trends 2022 for attractive and summer home decoration

One of the beautiful aspects of Ayurveda's ancient science is that it is in tune with natural trends and seasons. Ancient medical science believes that we are fully connected to our surroundings. As t 5 colors that you should never use in the living room

The living room is one of the most important spaces in the house. For this reason, the color you paint on the wall can determine the overall mood of the house and make the house look warm or depressin 6 Benefits of Keeping Censoria at Home

Many people grow houseplants as part of their home decor or as part of a feng shui arrangement. But did you know that growing some of these plants is also good for your health? Marigold or censoria is 6 excuses that make us not throw away old furniture!

There are various tricks and lifestyles that will help you keep your home or workplace clean and tidy. The common denominator of all these styles is the release of extras. We have already published ar How to make great home cleaners for your stove?

Be sure to clean your stove as soon as it gets dirty so that it is tired to clean. Do not wash. Here is how to clean ordinary stains and old stains on the stove. Fortunately, there are safe, nature-fr A complete guide to the maintenance and propagation of the anthurium plant

Anthurium is a tropical plant with a special appearance and is also called flamingo flower. It is not easy to maintain this plant, but it is definitely worth the effort because it is very beautiful an 10 ways to add color to room decoration

Many people these days use neutral colors in their home decor. This causes some houses to be dull and not feel like a cozy and warm house. By adding color to home decoration, you can change its mood a 9 stages of bathroom decoration according to the trend of the day

If you want to change the decoration of the bathroom, in the first step, you should look at it more than a functional space. . With proper decoration, you can turn the bathroom into a relaxing place a 7 Common Mistakes That Destroy Houseplants

Keeping flowers and plants at home, regardless of their aesthetic aspect, helps to clean the air and improve physical and mental health. The same benefits have prompted many of us to keep them indoors 9 creative ideas for home decoration with fashion elements

If you are so interested in fashion that you are tired of reading fashion magazines and touring the malls and shops You do not wash, so you are probably one of those people who welcome home decoration 13 interesting ideas to change the decoration of the house with the help of a bird cage

Bird cage is an attractive tool with which you can give a new color and smell to home decoration. Placing different plants in it, using various colors and decorating the cage with beads and crystals a 8 simple and practical ways to increase home air quality

You read a lot these days about air pollution and its impact on people's health. Outdoor air pollution is not under our control, but we can increase indoor air quality with a few simple methods. When A complete guide to growing and maintaining a hydrangea plant at home

These days, while walking in the streets and parks, you may have seen the beautifully flowering hydrangea plant. This shrub is planted in gardens and spring is the flowering season. Stay tuned to Bing