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Today in this article from BingMag 13 we want to introduce the autumn decorations that make you feel warm. . 12 things to know about decorating your home with artwork

The decoration of any house is not complete without one or two works of art or handicrafts. You may be hesitant to use artwork at home at first; But as soon as you use these works, you will notice the A complete guide to keeping and propagating the oxalis plant at home

Oxalis is one of the most beautiful houseplants, which is popular because of the beautiful color of its leaves. This plant also flowers, but it is a little difficult to maintain. If you would like you A complete guide to keeping an agglomerate or evergreen Chinese plant at home

Aglonaema or evergreen Chinese plant is one of the most popular and enduring houseplants. This plant is also called unripe, and because it is easy to maintain, even novices can keep an agglomerate pot 43 simple hand tools to change home decor

This is the second autumn we start with the corona virus. Given that we still have to stay at home for many hours, the need to change the decor and interior space to the autumn weather is quite felt. 10 creative and attractive gift ideas

Many people spend a lot of time choosing gifts for their friends and loved ones, but do not pay much attention to giving them. How to give gifts to others can indirectly transfer many professions to t A complete guide to keeping and propagating Pepromia at home

Pepromia is one of the most popular houseplants. This beautiful plant has many different types; Including watermelon peppermint and spoon peppermint. Pepromia is easy to maintain and with a little car A complete guide to the maintenance, propagation and care of the willow leaf plant

Willow leaf is one of the most beautiful houseplants that can be easily propagated. This plant is very popular because of the different color of the leaves and its beautiful appearance, and in the hou 14 colorful apartment plants that double the charm of the house

Houseplants are very diverse. Each of them is specific to a particular climate and has a variety of colors and designs. Some of them produce attractive colorful flowers in ideal conditions, but most o 8 practical tricks to keep clothes fragrant, without constant washing

We may only wear a shirt for a few hours and think it is still clean so we can put it back in the closet. But a few days after returning the clothes to the closet, we notice that the smell of sweat is Everything you need to know about houseplants and their care

These days, houseplants have become very popular and in every house you can see at least one or two beautiful natural pots that have given a special charm to the home space. Caring for houseplants is 10 Simple But Miraculous Ideas For Decorating Small Homes

If your house is small, you will no doubt have trouble changing the decor. In small houses it is not possible to place different decorative items and the limited space does not allow you to use many i 9 Common Causes of House Plant Leaf Fall (and How to Deal With Them)

Leaf loss of houseplants has various causes and can indicate large or small problems that have occurred for the plant. If your houseplants have such a problem, you must first find the root cause so th How to choose the right lighting for each part of the house?

Lighting is one of the key elements in interior design that helps you to organize your house. Proper lighting allows you to easily do your work at home, feel safe and comfortable and enjoy the moments 10 are more desktop models and applications that you can use at home

We usually use the desktop as a decorative and complementary tool for home decoration. Using a desk also helps keep the tables clean. But when it comes to choices and decisions, things get tough. Whic 12 houseplants for storage by skylights

Most houseplants that are accustomed to our home environment these days are specific to forest areas where the sun shines through the leaves. And actually receive filtered light. But there are other p 10 important points that will help you in choosing a home curtain

Curtains play an important role in the beauty of home decoration and can determine the mood of the home. Transparent, thick, patterned, monochromatic curtains, with or without embellishments, each exp A complete guide to growing and maintaining the Diphenbachia plant at home

Diphenhobia is one of the most beautiful and popular houseplants with its oval and pointed leaves. There are different types of Defenbachia and its leaves, with a combination of green, cream and white 14 cheap tricks for arranging stylish and special houses

Creating a beautiful home does not always have to be expensive. Sometimes the simplest solutions can have the most impact. So welcome ideas that are easy and accessible so that every corner of your ho 14 Great Ideas For Decorating Your Home Terrace And Enjoying It!

Most houses now have terraces and are the most attractive part of any apartment. This small place can be a place to relax in the afternoon, after a hard day, or a place to start the day with a cup of A complete guide to the maintenance and breeding of the bridal grass plant

Bridal grass or baby tear is a tropical, perennial plant with many, many small leaves. This plant is usually used to decorate surfaces. It is sometimes mistaken for moss, but it belongs to the nettle Replacing the sofa cover in 8 simple, cheap and practical steps

If one of your sofas is old and the upholstery is not painted or if you are looking to change the interior of the house, it is best to change the upholstery Which you can do. By changing the upholster 10 apartment plants that are ideal for storage in the kitchen

The kitchen is one of the most important parts of the house. One of the best options to decorate your kitchen space is to use houseplants. Apartment flowers can purify the kitchen air and give a beaut