Life style > Fashion and beauty What is a jacket and how can you have a more stylish style with it?

Posht (coat pocket handkerchief) is one of the accessories that men use with a formal suit. If you don't know how to use this accessory, stay with Digistyle and read more about the pocket, how to choo What is the best way to remove makeup? (Introducing the best cleaners)

If you wear makeup, one of the most important things you should do to keep your skin healthy is to remove your makeup properly. Never sleep with makeup on and always clean your face completely and tho Is it better to wear white or black clothes on hot days?

We have always heard that wearing white clothes makes the body cooler on hot days, and on the contrary, if we wear black clothes, we feel more heat than usual. But we have never found the reason for t What is facial serum and how should you use it?

Facial serum plays an important role in skin care. To learn more about these serums and how to use them correctly, follow Digistyle in this article. 6 simple steps for shaping the face with contouring technique

These days, makeup without a contour is not perfect. The cream powders and pancakes that you use have a uniform shape without any ups and downs. With face contour, you can return the face to normal an How to choose the best facial cleanser based on skin type?

Having healthy and beautiful skin is a hassle and a cost. One of the most important things you need to know about healthy skin is that you should always keep it clean. There are many types of facial c BTS group style; How to dress in the style of BTS band?

BTS is a group of 7 boys from South Korea. After nearly 10 years, this group is still in the world music industry and has something to say. BTS, which has risen to the top of the music charts and bill What is Micellar Water and what are the benefits of using it?

Micellar Water is one of the skin care products that has recently received attention. These days, most people choose Micellar Water to clean their face and remove impurities from it, and this populari How to make natural sunscreen at home?

UVA and UVB rays are harmful rays of the sun that damage the skin. That is why dermatologists recommend using sunscreen even in winter. In the colorful cosmetics market, there are different sunscreens How to identify and care for your skin type?

What your skin type is plays an important role in your skin routine and the products you choose to use. All cosmetics and skin care products are produced for different skin types. Before buying any pr 13 tips to have a perfect and beautiful bridal makeup

If you are a makeup artist and you are good at it, you may prefer to do your own bridal makeup. Especially those who have special tastes or like gentle make-up usually prefer to make-up themselves at 9 Marilyn Monroe Stunning Beauty Secrets You Need to Know

Marilyn Monroe has always been one of the symbols of beauty and is still a symbol of feminine beauty and charm over the years. She is remembered for her red lipstick and the twist of her blonde hair. 7 summer skin care trends to do

The world of skin care is constantly changing. These changes are not limited to inventing new products. Every year new devices are invented that you can buy to have the beauty services of the best cli Do's and Don'ts of Skin Care Routine for Cancer Patients

Cancer is not the end of life and many types of cancer are being treated these days. If you are undergoing cancer treatment, you may have many questions about your skin care routine for cancer patient 19 attractive summer color combinations for men

Colors can have an immediate and dramatic effect on mood. Everywhere we look we can see different colors. In the fashion world, different colors and their proportions are the same and can improve or w 8 important points to consider when buying men's sandals

The oldest known shoe or chair is a 10,000-year-old chair from a desert area in eastern Oregon. Other artifacts found include 8,000-year-old shoes found in a cave in Missouri and parts of shoes found 6 ways to have an attractive style with white shoes

White is a miracle color from the category of neutral colors that has the potential to simply go with any color you want, from the range of warm and cool colors. , Set simply but with dignity and beau What is a lip balm and what are the benefits of using it?

It is difficult to tolerate dry and cracked lips and hide them. In addition, they can make you feel bad about your appearance and can even interfere with your eating habits. In this case, the lip balm 10 destructive habits that can damage your hair

The rules of hair care are very simple, but sometimes, we do things with our hair that have become a habit over time and cause a lot of damage to the hair. . If you want to have thick and beautiful ha 11 main causes of hair loss in women and ways to prevent it

Hair loss is relatively common and can be a bitter experience, especially for women. Hair loss in women has many causes and sometimes several causes may go hand in hand and cause hair loss. Read these How to follow a skin care routine when traveling?

Summer is on its way and travel is at its peak this season. If you are also traveling and trying to get out of town on the weekends and see new cities, at least it is time to plan a travel skin care r 7 excellent and effective ways to reduce puffiness

Our face may become puffy for a variety of reasons. Facial puffiness can have several causes; From poor diet the night before, such as eating a salty snack in the middle of the night to not getting en 12 attractive colors to shine in summer

Summer is the hottest season of the year and the extreme heat is unbearable for many people. For this reason it is recommended to avoid wearing dark colored clothes; Because they absorb a lot of heat