Life style > Diet and nutrition How to have a healthy diet during Ramadan?

The first dawn and fasting is one of the most memorable memories for all of us. Despite the severity of thirst and hunger, until the call to prayer is heard and the Iftar table is spread; It creates a [Infographic] Healthy eating during the holy month of Ramadan

In general, a healthy diet during Ramadan is not much different from a healthy diet in other months. For example, the recommended amount of sleep in this month, like other months of the year, is 6 to How to prevent dehydration during Ramadan?

Although a person can survive for weeks or even months without food, dehydration soon shows its negative effects. How to get rid of the bad smell of garlic?

We are all negotiating daily. Sometimes these negotiations are so simple that they are not visible. For example, when we argue with our roommate about washing dishes. Even when we are bargaining over What is the best and worst sugar for the body?

In this video "Robert Lasting"; The sugar expert scientifically explains what kind of sugar is harmful to the body and what are the sugars that act like alcohol for metabolism and cause metabolic dama Avoid short-term intensive diets

Most people know that hard, short-term diets (such as one-month and forty-day diets) are useless and only make you lose more or less weight. Be. But the problem with this type of diet is not just that From vegetables, fish pilaf on Eid night to other seafood

Iranians celebrate the New Year by eating fish and vegetables on Nowruz. What is prominent in Nowruz pilaf vegetable plates is the green color and freshness of the vegetables, which of course has a go Do not throw away the eggshells anymore, eat them!

Of course, they are not going to chew on raw eggshells. This short video teaches you how to use them. Caffeine reduces inflammation

New research shows that caffeine reduces inflammation in old age. Previous research has shown that caffeine can prevent heart disease and type 2 diabetes, and now new research is finding a reason to d Caffeine reduces inflammation

New research shows that caffeine reduces inflammation in old age. Previous research has shown that caffeine can prevent heart disease and type 2 diabetes, and now new research is finding a reason to d Can eating hot peppers be harmful?

Many of us are fascinated by the spicy taste of chilies. Now the question is, can they be harmful to us? Why does nothing stick to Teflon?

Teflon is a brand name for "polytetrafluoroethylene" or PTFE. In 1938, a 27-year-old American chemist stumbled upon this substance. During the experiments, a strange white substance formed in his labo Eat nuts to prevent cancer and heart disease

Nuts have been mentioned as one of the most healthy foods for many years. A very tasty food that prevents many diseases. Researchers now point out that eating a handful of nuts a day can help prevent What are the chemical reactions of French fries? [the video]

This process is more scientific than you think; Because you need to know about the heat transfer and fatty contents of the food. Do carrots improve our eyesight? [the video]

Carrots are a great vegetable. They are crisp, beautiful, sweet and rich in useful vitamins and are especially a very rich source of vitamin A. But can carrots enhance our vision or even give us norma Do Eating Energy Drinks Damage the Liver?

One of the latest medical reports published by live-science mentions a special case: a 50-year-old man who after three weeks of continuous use Energy drinks cause acute hepatitis. The question is, can Why do certain foods cause migraines?

People who suffer from migraines often say that eating certain foods causes them headaches. But a new study suggests that food alone may not be the cause of the discomfort, but that bacteria in the mo Tomatoes lose their flavor in the refrigerator

Some foods are not made for refrigeration at all. One of these foods is tomatoes. As consumers have long known, putting tomatoes in the fridge spoils the taste, but the reasons for this were unknown. How much water should we drink daily?

We seldom pay attention to the mechanism involved in swallowing, but perhaps this process, In addition to the conscious feeling of thirst, it also plays a subtle role in controlling the entry of fluid Do you like fatty foods? You are not to blame

According to research, a new genetic mutation in a very small percentage of people leads them to Fatty foods are of interest. Everything you need to know about obesity [Tutorial Videos]

Do you have an obesity problem? Do you know the difference between obesity and overweight? Did you know that storing fat under the skin, which has become a problem in our world today, was once essenti Bread is better for health and longer life than meat

Australian researchers have found that contrary to appearances, perhaps a low-protein diet And high in carbohydrates, to help prolong life and fight obesity. Why should we eat artificial food?

artificial food; It's what we humans eat these days. Usually people respond by saying, "Oh! Yes, it is really unfortunate. Cheap, useless and food-like ingredients. "It's time to move on to natural fo How does the confectionery and chocolate industry play with human souls?

A new study by researchers at the University of San Francisco has revealed that in the 20th century one of the most important studies in The diet was funded by the confectionery and chocolate industry