Life style > Diet and nutrition 21 foods rich in vitamin E that you should include in your diet

This vitamin balances blood cholesterol levels and thus increases cardiovascular health. Vitamin E helps fight cholesterol oxidation. This vitamin can also prevent clogged arteries. 10 of the best and worst foods to eat at the end of the night

It must have happened to you that shortly after dinner and at the end of the night, you went to eat different snacks. It does not matter if it is due to boredom and stress, false appetite, hunger or e 28 The benefits of sesame for the body and interesting facts about it that you do not know

Sesame is a crunchy and fragrant seed that can surprise you with its many properties for the body. This grain contains various minerals and vitamins such as pantothenic acid, vitamin E, calcium, phosp 31 important properties of pear for body, skin and hair health

Pears are one of those popular summer fruits that have a lot of fiber and increase the health of the body in various ways. The antioxidants in this delicious fruit fight free radicals that cause vario 16 amazing health properties of hot red pepper (cayenne pepper) for health

Hot red pepper, also called cayenne pepper, has several health benefits. The many benefits of this plant have made many people consider it the king of plants. Cayenne pepper has been used to treat var 22 healthy drinks that keep diseases away from you

We all know very well that sugary drinks are very harmful to health. Sweetened beverages, like soft drinks, contain artificial sweeteners and have almost no health benefits. Fortunately, there are man 20 natural nutrients to improve and increase blood circulation

Poor blood circulation is a common problem that occurs due to various factors. Diabetes, overweight, smoking and Raynaud's disease are some of the common causes of poor circulation. Decreased blood fl 10 fragrant herbs and spices that you should include in your diet

Throughout history, the use of herbs and spices has always been very important. Many herbs and spices were known for their medicinal properties before they were used in cooking. Today, modern scientif 9 Important Side Effects of Zanhbil You Are Unaware of

Ginger is a very famous plant that has been used for centuries to treat common ailments. The properties of ginger include fighting inflammation, treating nausea, relieving muscle pain and reducing men 14 ways to have a healthy and cheap diet

Many people think that they have to spend a lot of money to have a healthy diet. While it is usually the other way around, the costs of buying fast food, processed foods, unhealthy foods and harmful d Is raw food healthier than cooked food?

Cooking food makes us experience better flavors, but cooking also changes the nutritional value of the food. It is interesting to know that some vitamins are lost by cooking while others become more u 9 surprising properties of plum for the treatment and prevention of diseases

Plum is one of the summer fruits that has many nutrients including fiber and antioxidants. You can use the properties of plums to treat constipation, diabetes and even prevent heart disease and cancer 13 Amazing Properties of Almonds (and Its Side Effects)

Almonds are not contrary to popular belief, but a seed that has a kidney-like shape. The origin of this seed goes back to Brazil. Almonds are rich in various nutrients and beneficial plant compounds. 20 exceptional properties of cabbage broccoli for health, skin and hair

Cabbage is known as a superfood. When you eat cabbage, you get a variety of nutrients. This type of vegetable is rich in vitamin C; So that oranges have twice as much vitamin C. Calcium, selenium, vit 21 low-carb vegetables that increase body health

Vegetables are low in calories but high in vitamins, minerals and other nutrients. In addition, many of them are low in carbohydrates and high in fiber, making them a good choice for people on a low-c 22 interesting properties of warm that few people know

Garmak, also called cantaloupe, is one of the most delicious and popular summer fruits. This juicy and tasty fruit has a relatively sweet taste and contains various vitamins and minerals such as vitam The do's and don'ts of diet in hyperthyroidism that you must know

Hyperthyroidism occurs when there is too much thyroid in the body. An inactive or enlarged thyroid gland may produce more thyroid hormone. The thyroid gland is butterfly-shaped and is located in front 11 Strange properties of peanuts that you may not be aware of

Peanuts are a type of kernel that is rich in essential nutrients and has many benefits for the body. Peanuts are usually eaten roasted or raw. Peanuts contain a lot of calories and all 20 types of ami 20 unique properties of mint for the health of body, mind, skin and hair

Mint is a fragrant plant that can surprise you with its many health benefits for body, mind, skin and hair. This plant contains vitamins and minerals such as niacin, folate, calcium, copper and iron. 18 important reasons to eat more tomatoes

The antioxidants in tomatoes protect you against deadly diseases such as cancer, diabetes, heart disease and other dangerous diseases. The origin of tomatoes goes back to Central and South America. Th 14 magical properties of nectarine for health, skin and slimming (and how to prepare 3 meals with it)

The nectarine most likely dates back to China. This delicious fruit can surprise anyone with its extraordinary benefits. This fruit has a high nutritional value and is rich in various vitamins and min Can caffeine replace adequate sleep?

We have always heard that caffeine can disrupt sleep, but health experts believe that consuming enough caffeine can repair and clear brain tissue. help. So if you want to sleep well, do not ignore the 12 exceptional properties of kiwi from improving digestion to treating cancer

The origin of kiwi, also called Chinese gooseberry, goes back to the northern parts of China. This fruit is low in calories and rich in important nutrients such as vitamins C, E and K, as well as pota 13 uses and incredible properties of peaches (and how to prepare 3 nutritious foods with it)

Peaches are fruits rich in vitamins A and C and strengthen the immune system and skin and even improve vision. This summer fruit, which is native to China, has many benefits for human health. In the a