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Chicken salad is one of the most delicious salads that anyone should try at least once in their lifetime. This salad is prepared with healthy ingredients and helps to lose weight due to its fat-burnin How to prepare ranch sauce and flavored bread; Delicious and fragrant snack

Ranch sauce is a delicious American sauce that is served with salads, sandwiches and other snacks. This sauce has a wonderful aroma and taste due to its fragrant spices and dried vegetables. In this a How to make chocolate cake with ganache; Unique texture and taste

Although cakes and pastries can be easily made from pastries, baking them at home is more fun; Especially the perfume that is wrapped at home when cooked, loses intelligence. In this video of BingMag How to prepare grilled eggplant Borani; Gilani seasoning is delicious

Borani is a delicious northern condiment that is served with a variety of foods and is very tasty. The combination of different vegetables such as spinach, lip and grilled eggplant makes this deliciou How to prepare legumes; Delicious and traditional southern sweets

One of the most original and delicious sweets in southern Iran is "Legimat". This sweet has a similar appearance to okra and is prepared in a special style in each region of the south. This sweet is p How to make an easy homemade marshmallow with a wonderful texture

Marshmallow is a delicious pastel-like food that has a softer and softer texture. Marshmallows can be eaten alone or consumed with a hot drink, but the most delicious way to consume it is to put a few How to make a mini cheesecake with chocolate coating without the need for an oven

Cheesecake is one of those very tasty and popular cakes that are prepared in different ways. Cheesecakes can be prepared both with a sponge cake base that is baked in the oven and with a biscuit base How to prepare a Greek salad with a special special sauce

Greek salad, as its name implies, is a delicious and popular salad from Greece. In this salad, in addition to the usual vegetables, the combination of olives and feta cheese gave it a wonderful taste, How to prepare pasta salad with ham; Unique and easy

Pasta salad or pasta salad is a delicious appetizer that is prepared all over the world in different ways. This salad, which is very easy to prepare, can be a complete and delicious meal, especially f How to prepare Kashani original sumac shafteh

Shafteh Sumaq is a traditional food of Kashan that is prepared with meat. In this dish, minced meat is combined with other raw materials and cooked in the form of small meatballs in sumac water and it How to prepare tonic tonic concoction with extraordinary taste

Potion or dessert is a very tasty drink that is prepared with a wide variety of fruits, nuts, ice cream and chocolate. This is a complete and nutritious food, a natural energy drink that provides the How to prepare chicken and vegetable noodles; Fast, easy and delicious

In today's busy lives, we often do not have enough time to cook and prepare a detailed and delicious meal, and on the other hand we are so hungry that one Fast food should save us. Noodles and all the How to prepare nardoni chicken; Delicious and authentic northern stew for Yalda night

One of the foods that can be prepared in autumn and winter is nardoni chicken or pomegranate chicken. This food is actually a kind of stew that is served with pilaf and originally belongs to the north How to prepare a delicious pomegranate and green apple salad with a special sauce

It is the bold combinations of different foods that turn a simple lettuce salad into a surprising and extremely delicious salad. A good salad is made by combining fresh ingredients with a delicious sa How to prepare cheese and pomegranate balls; Different and Yaldai snacks

If you are looking for a delicious and different food with pomegranate, you have come to the right place. Cheese and pomegranate balls are a delicious snack that is prepared from a combination of crea How to prepare 12 delicious and hearty pomegranate dishes for Yalda night

Pomegranate is considered one of the healthiest fruits on earth. This fruit contains many plant compounds, vitamins and minerals, among which we can name fiber, protein, vitamin C, folate, vitamin K a How to prepare pomegranate cake mousse; The best dessert for Yalda night

To enjoy the longest night of the year as much as possible, a variety of delicious dishes are the best choice, especially those prepared with pomegranate, the most delicious fruit of the cold season. How to prepare Yalda pomegranate and walnut meatballs; Yalda night special dinner

If you are looking for a delicious and special meal for this year's Yalda dinner, in this video we will teach you how to prepare Yalda pomegranate and walnut meatballs. In other tutorials from BingMag How to prepare a special and delicious Yalda pomegranate salad

There is nothing left for Yalda night and dinner on the longest night of the year is very important. In this video, we will teach you a Yalda salad from the series of video cooking tutorials of BingMa How to make delicious chocolate and pomegranate tarts in the simplest way

Pomegranate is definitely one of the most delicious, if not the most delicious fruits of the cold season. This fruit, with its extremely beautiful appearance, tastes so good that we can enjoy the pain How to prepare crispy and fluffy Chinese chicken with all the tricks

Chinese chicken is a delicious and simple food. This food is actually chicken with a coating of baneh or tempura paste, which has a crisp and attractive feeling under the teeth after frying. This dish How to make mocha coffee at home and in a professional way

Coffee, like tea, has its full and ardent fans, and the variety of types of coffee includes many tastes. One type of coffee that has a sweeter taste than the others is mocha coffee, which is served ho