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Finally, autumn, the season that many were waiting for, has arrived. One of the most popular autumn fruits or vegetables is squash, which not only tastes good, but also has many health benefits. By co How to prepare a delicious and colorful vegetable crumb, with all the tricks to fit

Qarameh Sabzi is one of the most popular Iranian stews, which is not an exaggeration to say that it is world famous. There are a variety of recipes for this wonderful dish, and the ingredients are sli How to prepare Turkish camphor with a pleasant and memorable taste

If you have traveled to Turkey, you must have come across a delicious food in different cities, especially Istanbul, which is very popular among the Turkish people. Turkish Kempir is a complete and vo Easy way to prepare delicious chocolate hazelnut truffles without the need for an oven

Truffles are delicious sweets that are very quick and easy to make at home, even if you are a beginner in cooking. In addition, the interesting appearance of this sweet is also very tempting and is a How to make homemade pastilles; Delicious and popular with all family members

Pastilles are one of the delicious snacks that young and old love and do not miss. This delicious food can be found in dozens of different shapes and flavors in supermarkets, and you can buy everythin How to prepare crispy and delicious fried onions in an easy way

If you are a fan of fried foods, then fried onions are definitely one of your favorite fried foods. Fried onions are as tasty as they are easy to make. You can serve this fried with a variety of foods How to prepare different Arabic chocolate halva with easy and quick recipe

Halva is a type of Iranian sweets that is baked in different ways in different cities and is used for reception on different occasions. Although halva is mostly used in funerals and charity for lost l How to prepare 3 different ice cream models for coffee lovers

Coffee, this amazing bean is so popular all over the world that any drink and food prepared with it will undoubtedly be delicious and popular. . There are different types of coffee in the form of drin How to prepare steamed corn with cheese sauce; A different taste of a memorable snack

Corn or our own cob is a popular and memorable food that can bring to life the memory of fun and travel and group pleasures. This delicious dish is cooked in different ways and served with a variety o Easy way to prepare delicious homemade chocolate

If there is a questionnaire that asks "What is the most popular food in the world?", we can say with great confidence that chocolate is one of Are the options that get the most votes. It is difficult How to prepare watermelon and strawberry smoothie; A cool and delicious combination of two popular fruits

Smoothie is one of the easiest and most delicious cool drinks you can make at home. To prepare this type of drink, it is enough to pour a few models of fruits and vegetables that you have in the refri How to prepare 3 breakfast models with Otmil to start an energetic day

Breakfast with oatmeal or oatmeal is popular these days, and those who are trying to have a healthy diet should definitely include oatmeal in their diet. They include their day of the week. Oatmeal is How to prepare 2 fast and easy finger food models with unforgettable taste

Fingerfood, or literally finger food, is a popular type of food that is often served as an appetizer and has a wide variety. These appetizing foods are great for serving at parties and kids pay specia How to make banana and mango ice cream; Unforgettable taste of summer

Mango is one of those tropical fruits that can be found in our country and has many lovers. This fruit with its attractive color and smell and unique taste is used in the preparation of various summer How to prepare 3 models of delicious flavored ice to cool summer drinks

In the hot summer weather, when the sun shines in the sky with all its might, nothing quenches the thirst as much as a cold drink, and the temperature It does not lower the body. Whatever this cool dr How to make a beautiful summer fruit tray?

Summer is famous for its diverse and colorful fruits and their unique flavors. With summer fruits, you can prepare all kinds of drinks, cakes, desserts and even food, some of which we have already tau How to make banana and chocolate ice cream; A very special combination for summer

We are approaching the last days of summer and the heat has subsided, but we still have a chance to enjoy the sweet coolness of a delicious ice cream. Of course, ice cream is one of those popular food How to make vanilla panna cotta with pineapple jelly and compote; A simple and delicious dessert

In this part of BingMag Meg cooking video tutorial, we will teach you how to prepare vanilla panna cotta with pineapple jelly and compote. This dessert can be considered a kind of panna cotta with a s How to make sour homemade lavashka with delicious fruits at the end of summer

We Iranians are usually divided into two groups; We eat either pickles or sweets. Of course, this does not include all foods, but there are always those who prefer lavashka and plums to a sweeter or d How to make chocolate cake in the oven with Oreo biscuits

In today's recipe, we will teach you how to prepare chocolate cake in the oven step by step and easily. The cake thing is one of the most delicious and popular cakes that is made in different flavors How to prepare 21 miraculous drinks for fast and painless weight loss

If you want to lose weight fast without putting too much pressure on yourself, you need to include high-fat drinks in your diet. Juices and vegetables are healthy and delicious and help to lose weight How to prepare eggplant fillet; Delicious Mediterranean-style snack

Mediterranean cuisine is one of the most attractive, delicious and varied foods in the world. Since vegetables, proteins and beneficial fats such as olive oil are abundant in the Mediterranean diet, i How to prepare a crispy and delicious meat cutlet with raw potatoes

In this part of BingMag video cooking tutorial, we will teach you how to prepare meat cutlets with raw potatoes and minced meat. Cutlet is one of the delicious Iranian dishes that is never repeated an