Life style how to prepare pasta salad; Comfortable and delicious

Pasta salad is a very delicious dish that comes together in a very short time and you can eat it as an appetizer or main dish or even as Serve finger food in small dishes at your parties. If you like All the benefits and tips you need to know about exercising with bare feet

There are many athletes who exercise in sneakers or barefoot. Which is the better option is still up for debate, as each has its own characteristics, pros and cons. What is a jacket and how can you have a more stylish style with it?

Posht (coat pocket handkerchief) is one of the accessories that men use with a formal suit. If you don't know how to use this accessory, stay with Digistyle and read more about the pocket, how to choo How to use medicinal supplement for anemia?

Nutrient deficiency anemia is a common problem that occurs if the body does not get enough of certain vitamins and minerals. Usually, this problem is caused by improper diet, some diseases or taking s 10 popular and popular air conditioners in BingMag (July 1401)

With the arrival of the summer season and the start of sunny and long days, there is a desire to buy a suitable air conditioner that has the ability to cool the space and does not consume a lot of ene 4 foods that help increase longevity!

In today's world, concerns and preoccupations have become so vast and complicated that the quality of life and the possibility of increasing life span have undergone unexpected changes. Meanwhile, the 8 ways to treat and prevent calluses on the hands when lifting weights

If you are into bodybuilding, you are well familiar with hand calluses. Calluses are caused by pressure and friction on the skin, and this helps protect the skin from pain and tearing. What is the best way to remove makeup? (Introducing the best cleaners)

If you wear makeup, one of the most important things you should do to keep your skin healthy is to remove your makeup properly. Never sleep with makeup on and always clean your face completely and tho 7 miraculous ways to clean a burnt pot

The pot is left on the stove and you forgot to turn it off? Distraction usually leads to one thing and that is burning the pot! What do you do when your pots burn? Are you thinking of throwing away th 9 equipment that you must have before going fishing

Fishing is a great hobby to spend time with family and friends in silence. Fishing is a relaxing opportunity to get away from the city, relax, and maybe (if you're lucky!) catch a fish for dinner. If What is philophobia and how can it be treated?

In this article, we ask BingMag about Let's talk about Philophobia, its causes, symptoms and how to treat this annoying phobia. The best exercises that you can do even in the smallest apartments

Exercising at home has become very popular these days and many people are exercising and burning fat in their homes and apartments compared to the past. Therefore, this is not a strange topic and many Is it better to wear white or black clothes on hot days?

We have always heard that wearing white clothes makes the body cooler on hot days, and on the contrary, if we wear black clothes, we feel more heat than usual. But we have never found the reason for t Do men also suffer from postpartum depression?!

When it comes to postpartum depression, women's problems and challenges are always discussed, but until now, no one has mentioned the possibility of men suffering from it. This type of depression is n 7 tips to maintain healthy skin and hair while swimming

Swimming is a great exercise for weight loss and fitness, and it's also a very fun and engaging physical activity. The popularity of this sport multiplies in the summer and everyone goes to the swimmi 5 natural solutions to treat the symptoms of dehydration

The summer season has started and the weather is getting hotter. An increase in air temperature always leads to sweating and dehydration. In general, if the weather is hot or you are physically active FIFA has approved the use of semi-automatic offside technology for the 2022 World Cup

The World Football Federation (FIFA) officially announced that following the success of VAR in football, semi-automatic offside technology will be used for the upcoming World Cup. What is facial serum and how should you use it?

Facial serum plays an important role in skin care. To learn more about these serums and how to use them correctly, follow Digistyle in this article. 3 ways to prepare a glass of cold and tasty tea

On hot and scorching summer days, a glass of cold drink can eliminate all the fatigue and boredom caused by the heat in a few moments. Iced tea is the affordable drink you need for summer. Imagine a p Why shouldn't we trust calorie counters and fitness trackers?

These days there are many tools for counting calories and recording people's physical activity statistics; From smart watches to sports wristbands and all kinds of fitness trackers. One of the most im 7 important points that you should consider before buying travel luggage

Whether you are flying to Rome or taking a midnight train to Shiraz, a travel suitcase is a practical tool with you. This device should slide easily on the ground and be spacious and strong according 5 tricks to brew tea like a professional

Tea is the most popular drink in the whole world. On cool days, drinking a glass of hot tea can make us feel good, and on hot days, a glass of cold tea is what we need to quench our summer thirst. So Scott or Long; Which exercise is a better option for strengthening the legs?

Scott and Lang are among the most popular bodybuilding exercises for strengthening the body and are found in the training program of many athletes. But you may also be wondering which one is a better