Gaming > Preview Gustavier Tokyo game; Attempts to integrate modernity with Japanese folklore

New game from Japanese studio Tango GameWorks, a game of Ghostwire: Tokyo immersed in Tokyo's advanced technology and traditional Japanese attractions such as shrines, temples and lace gates. benefits Destiny 2 returns to its roots with The Witch Queen expansion pack

Savathun is set to take the lead role in the world of Destiny 2. The Witch Queen add-on pack has been under construction for about 7 years. Now, in this expansion pack, the players will face Savathon. Sherlock Holmes Preview: Chapter One; In search of a fountain of youth

The adventures of Sherlock Holmes have been with us for over 130 years, yet the researcher The legend of 221B Baker Street continues to work in various media and does not intend to retire any time soo Dying Light 2 game preview; Does the ups and downs of Takland have a happy ending?

It was like yesterday that I was updating day and night with the trailers of the first game Dying Light. At that time, I did not even have a console or computer with the right hardware to experience t Stacker 2 game preview; Symphony of Fear and Isolation

Since the introduction of STALKER 2, this game looks like an atmospheric and ambitious sequel in an apocalyptic world that fans of this series have been waiting for a long time. It has been. However, Preview of Fortza Horizon 5; The best experience in any style of driving

Fortza game series can be considered the best game in the field of driving. This series has always attracted the attention of driving enthusiasts with its great attention to detail and environment. Th Alden Ring game preview; A breathtaking battle to retrieve the ring

Last year was very difficult and long. The year that Bilden Ring passed. After the unveiling of the game at E3 2019, we did not see or hear about it anymore, and Fram Software took the path of complet Hell is on the way; Preview of Diablo 4 game

For us gamers, Blizzard is more than just a gaming group, it is a company that plays He has uniquely defined the great genres of today and introduced new standards. After succeeding in the strategic g Kina is one of the most beautiful games of this year; Powerful start for PS5

During the recent State of Play event, we saw a new gameplay from Kena: Bridge of Spirits. In this trailer, while watching parts of the story and the game world, we also got acquainted with how the ga Batman without Batman; Preview of the Knights of Gotham

It's been five years since the release of Batman's latest game, Batman: Arkham Knight. During all this time, we have heard various speculations about a possible sequel to this game. Various leaked and Preview of Dethlop; Day Again Death Again

Almost eight years ago, when I first experienced Disorder; I was amazed at this amount of freedom in a game. This is not the first time that a game has provided such an atmosphere, but Disorder is als The new version of Amnesia brings the series back to its peak

The latest version of the Amnesia: Rebirth series of games has been completed, and in about two weeks we can Experience the game. New details have been released along with the game's five-minute gamep Crash Benedict 4 comes to relive memories of the past

After years of not knowing about the Crash Bandicoot game series and fans waiting for a new version of that moment, it is now close to the release of the latest version That means we are Crash Bandico