Gaming > Museum Resident Evil 2 is the shining diamond of horror and survival genre; In the hustle and bustle of Raccoon City

The year is 1998 and you've just finished the most visually stunning and engaging opening ever created for a game, and now with a burning city that You have been attacked by the dead. There are none o Resident Evil 1 is the beginning of the golden age of the horror and survival genre; Rise of the Dead

Resident Evil (known as Biohazard in Japan) has been one of the most popular and influential series in the "Fear and Survival" genre since its first release in 1996. (Survival Horror). In fact, Capcom Lchak Postmodern Revenge (Game Museum: Monkey Island 2)

In April 2022, Ron Gilbert announced without preamble on his Twitter page that he had been secretly working on a new version of The Monkey Island series is titled Return to Monkey Island, and Dave Gro The Legend of Zelda: A connection to the past 30 years after its release shines even brighter

Learning the game also takes you quickly to one of the Dungeons. From the very beginning, you have received many rewards and rewards for traveling to these dungeons so that you can upgrade your sword Shakespeare's Love Story with Vampires (Game Museum: VTM Redemption)

Vampire The Masquerade: Redemption is hard work. This is because salvation is a very difficult game, but if you immerse yourself in it, it will open up in your heart in such a way that even much bette How the Baldour Gate transformed Western designs

The news of the construction of Baldur's Gate 3 provoked mixed but strong reactions. Some believed that the return of Baldur Gate meant the return of the pattern-making style to its roots. The reactio Max Payne is still a masterpiece after 20 years

Exactly twenty years have passed since the release of the Max Payne game. On the occasion of the birth of this everlasting masterpiece, it is necessary to take another look at it and after removing Resident Evil 4 is still the best part of the series after 15 years

For the past decade and a half, we have not seen anything better than the opening scene of "Resident Evil 4". Of course, we know that "Evil" is true, but "Evil" is a misnomer that has fallen on deaf e Silent Hill Downpour game review; Western storm

The life cycle of the Silent Hill series has seen many dark and light points. The early episodes, which old fans refer to as the main silent hills and the only respected games in the series, have alwa Game Museum: Thief 1998

The great and influential games of 1998 are so many that it takes a long time to count them, let alone name them and talk about them. Let's talk one by one. Metal Gear Solid, Fallout, and StarCraft or Game Museum: Final Fantasy 1987

Speaking of Final Fantasy, characters with exotic hairstyles come to mind; Characters that are mostly anime-style in style and not to everyone's liking. However, the current trend of the Final Fantasy Game Museum: Castlevania: Symphony of the Night 1997

No doubt over the past decade you have seen comparisons of games with the Dark Souls series; So that both gamers and writers in this field, left and right, compare every different game that is in thei Game Museum: Contra: Hard Corps 1994

Speaking of old and retro games, it is impossible not to exchange the name "Contra" between people once or twice ; So much so that Contra and its memories and conversations in this regard have been ad Game Museum: OutRun 1987

Driving a red Ferrari of the eighties on the green roads of Europe is not even in most people's dreams. However, a video game with the same style and context is the basis of today's racing and car gam