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The phrase "Rogue", which is derived from one of the classic games of the 80's called Rogue, is controversial. Ruglake games are known for a number of common features, such as: Top 10 games in the Call of Duty series; A pioneer in cinematic storytelling and online experience

Call of Duty has a long history in the world of video games. In general, many titles of this collection have been published and choosing the best one is really difficult. In the meantime, other side g 10 board games that should be turned into video games

Before video games, there were board games. Board games have remained popular to this day; From classic games like chess and clues to newer games like Arkham Horror or Twilight Imperium. There has lon Top 20 Magic Systems in Video Game History

I think we all agree that magic is great, right? Swords, archers, and rifles are great, too, but they seldom have a strong connection to game worldliness, while magic is in most cases part of game wor Lesser-seen Marvel and Disi games that you should not miss

Marvel and Disi comic book superheroes are at the peak of their popularity these days, and we see many of their movies and series every year. This genre has also experienced good growth in the video g Top 10 robots in the history of video games

Robots have always had a special place in the world of video games. These creatures are present not only as enemies, but also as friends and important characters in various titles. Many robots have fe Top 10 original Xbox games to experience on the X and S series

It is quite clear that one of Microsoft's main strategies is to enter the ninth generation of the GamePass service. However, the Gimps service is not the only important issue in Xbox sales. Another st Top 15 Online Game Makers in Video Game History

Widespread online role-playing titles quickly gained popularity among gamers. These games have their own culture and have a special community. On the other hand, they create many psychological problem 10 first-person shooters that revolutionized the genre

There is something special about the first-person shooter genre that has made it very popular since the early years of the video game industry. Maybe the idea is to see everything through the eyes of Top 10 Ways to Save on Video Game History

As video game technology has advanced, the ability to save games has become more common. While some games allowed you to save the game wherever you wanted, some games only allowed you to save the game 8 Pokémon-like games for those who do not have a Nintendo console

Is there a way to play classic Pokmon games on your computer? Oh, maybe but we do not know anything about illegal activities. What we are looking for is a series of great alternative games that can be Top 10 Mario games in all genres and collections

Mario's collection of games is so popular and well-known that talking about it, or to be more precise, writing a list of a dozen of the best in the series is perhaps a little tainted. Be a clich too. 10 virtual reality horror games that will nail you

Increased immersion by virtual reality headsets makes horror games even more terrifying to players, and on the other hand, the first-person perspective used in many games of this genre is more impress 20 great creative games of 2021 that no one played

2021 was a wonderful year! It might be a little better than 2020, but not much. This year we experienced the catastrophe of the closure of the Suez Canal, Space Jam 2 made people no longer want to wat 15 scary characters in the history of video games

The story of gamers and horror games is the story of love and hate. A story full of stress and anxiety that is impossible to miss and has its own pleasures. From the very beginning of the video game i 13 top opening scenes of video games

The opening and training section is one of the key points in attracting players to video games and preparing them to continue the path of various works. However, the opening games have not shone much Top 10 Strange Weapons in Video Games

Guns are plentiful in video games, and anyone who decides to eliminate the forces of darkness and evil must have a gun. Whether it is the most advanced firearm or an ordinary sword, the presence of we 10 least seen horror games in the last 6 years

Most gamers, when it comes to the horror genre in the video game industry, can easily point to important and popular games of this genre, and series such as Silent Hill and Resident Evil quickly appea 10 great Xbox exclusive games to experience on the X and S series

Xbox consoles performed very well in terms of playing backwards compatibility during this period. Now it is the turn of the 9th generation. One of the features of the 9th generation is the sharp reduc Ranking of all major Super Mario games, from worst to best

In 2020, Nintendo celebrated the 35th anniversary of Super Mario, and to satisfy the nostalgia of the fans, the news of making Super Mario 3D All-Stars and products He announced digital and other Mari Top 12 castle defense style games for PC

It was a time when his simple, unassuming style of tower defense was one of the most popular styles of video games. At first glance, tower defense games may seem like a simplified version of casual st Top 10 Sonic Games in Video Game History

Sonic, this lovely blue hedgehog, is part of the childhood memories of many of us. With the introduction of the Sonic character, a series of games was formed that entertained us at the Sega console fo The best PS4 exclusive games; The best generation of PlayStation

Before we get into the list, we need to make a few points. The titles mentioned were released exclusively for PlayStation 4, so some items may be released later on the computer. However, we removed th Top 10 horror games that have the best story and the world

The story becomes very important when it comes to scary games. Because the items in this style can not reach their goal just by suddenly scaring. This argument of sudden fear has answered very well in