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Religion is an important part of human life. Every day, one of the religious occasions is covered in the news, and wherever we go, we see traces of religion. The names of the prophets of Islam and Chr Top 10 playmakers in history

The artist is the author we know by name, because he has a unique artistic style. The authors create works of art that are distinct from the works of other artists and look personal and special. Just Top 10 Kingdam Hearts Worlds that depict the magic of the collection

There are times when, for a variety of reasons, the existence of the Kingdam Hearts franchise does not occur to anyone. In the age of copyright, protecting the brand and complex organizational themes Top 10 games that deal with important emotional issues

Since the birth of criticism, fine arts have been closely linked to human emotions. Plato denounced poets for using revelation and inspiration instead of reason, and criticized them for arousing the e 12 top bald characters in the history of video games

Life has never been easy for anyone, and once you get into the realities of life and serious issues, it is as if a virus strikes a person who does not leave. The other half pulled comfortably. It is o 13 games of the Persian prince from the worst to the best

The Persian prince, who first set foot on the video game scene in 1989, even though he shows himself once a year to remind everyone why he is one of the best And the most disparate platformer franchis Top 10 black and white video games in history

In today's digital age where display technology is evolving day by day and it paints clearer and more accurate colors for us, it may be strange that some Artists make their works in black and white. Y Top 10 political games; Games that challenge the mind of the audience

Usually when we talk about video games, we are talking about their gameplay, story and graphics, but another topic that can be talked about is the theme. Games are the way human issues are reflected i Top 20 games of the legend of Zelda; The father of adventure in video games

The Legend of Zelda is one of the most acclaimed collections in the game world. Year after year, generation after generation, Nintendo releases new games from this series, almost all of which are nomi All Fallout series games; From the worst to the best

Although the first two games in the Fallout series focused heavily on its classic role-playing game, the games Bethesda made focus more on exploration. This difference has made it possible to find a t 10 role-playing games that make waiting for Fantasy 16 easier

As we approach the release of the 16th Final Fantasy game, fans who have experienced all of the previous titles are still looking for similar Final Fantasy games. To keep them entertained until the ne Top 10 ways to create a sense of horror in video games

Have you ever wondered what is the mechanism of fear in video games and what tools do game makers use to scare you? What elements make a horror game experience a memorable one? Here are ten great ways Top 10 Japanese PS4 role-playing games with the best combat system

When we want to evaluate a Japanese role-playing game, many aspects and angles must be considered, but without a doubt, the combat system is one of the main criteria for this assessment. . In this art Top 10 Retro Games Released in the Last Decade

The gaming industry has come a long way in the last decade, but sometimes in the middle of the game developers' transition to the simpler past of the gaming industry. Recent live service games such as Top 10 Giant Dark Souls Trilogy

Ever since I started playing games, like many other gamers, one of my favorite parts of the game has been fighting bosses. Perhaps the first game that brought this love to life in me was the classic Z Top 25 free games you can experience right now

Our list of best free games fills your days with fun and adventure even when your wallet is free of banknotes and spider webs. Games that can be promoted without financial transaction are getting bett Top 20 Star Wars games; A world whose richness is rooted in video games

The world of Star Wars is so big that if you are interested in it, you will never wait for new content. Fortunately, Star Wars is a series that has also shone in the world of video games, and many gam Top 10 street racing games

A variety of content has been added over the years. The world of racing games today is a vast world with a wide variety of cars and motorcycles that the player can easily choose and entertain for hour 10 movies you should watch after finishing Ghost of Sushima

Ghost of Sushima is not historically accurate. The samurai did not follow the samurai rules as we see in the game and did not even wear the armor in the game. They did not carry their katanas everywh 20 Diablo-like games that can keep you entertained until the release of Diablo 4

Diablo 4 will probably not be released in a few years. This is a long wait and although Diablo 3 is a good game, sometimes you need to try a new game. This is where we come to your aid, here are the b 15 Zelda-like games for those who do not have a Nintendo console

The Legend of Zelda is one of the most iconic franchises in the gaming industry, so it's no surprise that Little Link and his heroism They have had a profound impact on many games. Magical realms, bla Top 10 Psychological Games in History

There are three ways to make the connection between video games and psychology. Here are some ways: Top 30 coop games you can experience with family and friends

Now there are some amazing multiplayer games on the market that are a good excuse to hang out with friends and family. In this article, we have selected games for you that give you a quality collabora 10 golden tips from Bloodborne game for newcomers

Bloodborne Game is considered by most gamers to be one of the best games in the history of the PlayStation console. This game is the gateway for many players to enter the gaming world of FromSoftware