Gaming > Game news The first eFootball update is set to fix the game soon

According to a new statement from Konami, the first update of the eFootball game is scheduled to be released on November 28 (October 28) and some of the reported problems of the game The former Apple Arcade CEO will lead the PlayStation mobile division

A few months ago, during one of Sony's strategy meetings, Sony Interactive Entertainment Chairman Jim Ryan announced that the PlayStation is entering the mobile gaming market. It was at this time that The new Saints Row trailer shows its new city; First look at the gameplay

After the introduction of the new episode of Saints Row a few months ago, we now see a new and more complete display of the gameplay of this work. This new show, shared by Game Informer, gives us a ne First look at Jade Raymond's Haven studio; What is their exclusive game for PlayStation?

There are only a few studio executives in the industry with a reputation similar to that of Jade Raymond. If you're a big fan of Assassin's Creed, you probably know him, because he was the producer of Call of Duty next year will probably be Modern Warfare II

While the game Call of Duty: Vanguard has not been released yet, the name of the next part of the Call of Duty game series may have been revealed. If the reports are true, the next Call of Duty game s Sales of Resident Evil 7 exceeded 10 million copies; The best-selling part of the collection

According to new statistics released by Capcom, more than 10 million copies of the horror game Resident Evil 7 have been sold The Avengers game started selling items contrary to promises; The voices of the fans came out

After the new update that Marvel's Avengers game has received, it is now possible to purchase items that temporarily provide special capabilities to They will give you and make your progress in the ga Nintendo: We've improved the Joey Con switch; Problems still exist

While the Nintendo Switch is a very popular console among fans, there is a constant technical problem that bothers some users and that is something There is nothing but batch drift (spontaneous analog Electronic Arts: The name of the FIFA game series may change

In an official post on the official EA website titled "Future of Football", the company stated that it may be the future of the FIFA series of games. No longer referred to as FIFA. The creator of the Yakuza series left Sega; Meet the new game development team

A few weeks ago, we heard a rumor about the separation of "Toshihiro Nagushi" from Sega. Nagoshi has worked for Sega for decades as a game maker and producer, as well as in management positions. The n The Kingdam Hearts Game Series is coming to Nintendo Switch; But with cloud streaming

If you know, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate was unveiled a few days before the last character of the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate fighting game. This character was none other than Sora from the Kingdam Hear Battle Royale mobile game Final Fantasy VII will be released next month

Until last year, we might have jokingly talked about the idea of a fantasy finale in a Battle Royale game, but the current trend in the video game industry has surprised us once again. And this idea i How Much Money Do Biggest Streamers Make From Twitch?

As you probably know, the Twitch site has recently been hacked by an anonymous hacker, and various important data from it have been leaked to the Internet. Has been shared. Far Cry 6 reviews and scores released; The same as the usual Far Cry

A few days ago, the latest adventure in the Far Cry 6 game series, Far Cry 6, was released. That's why critics are looking at Ubisoft's new creation to say where the new episode of this free-to-play a Ghost Recon Frontline free Battle Royale game introduced; Watch the game trailer

Ubisoft recently introduced Tom Clancys Ghost Recon Frontline game for consoles and personal computers. This is a first-person shooter-shooter (PVP) game in the Battle Royale genre. Todd Howard: Starfield has twice as much recorded Skyrim dialogue

Todd Howard recently announced during an interview that Starfield role-playing game will have more than 150,000 dialogue lines. Free access to some of the PS5 games for hours

Last Friday, PlayStation sent an email to some PlayStation users announcing that users could play two exclusive Death Stranding games: Directors Cut and Experience Sackboy: A Big Adventure for free on Game Awards 2021 has been announced; An in-person ceremony will be held

As much as popular events like E3 and Gamescom have become less popular in recent years, the Game Awards event is several years old. Held in December, it has taken on a more prominent role and has est Spider-Man 2 will be a darker sequel than the first part

A few weeks ago, during the PlayStation event, Spider-Man 2 was officially introduced. In an interesting claim, Bill Roseman now calls Spider-Man 2 a darker sequel than the previous game. Sales of Code Vein exceeded 2 million copies

In late September 2019, following a trend that has recently become fashionable among some studios in the fashion industry and related to works from the Dark Games series. Souls has made small or large Stranger of Paradise has been released

If you remember, during E3 2021, Square Enix introduced a new work with the full name Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin . A new trailer of this game has been released at the Tokyo Game Show 2 Konami is considering reviving Metal Gear Solid, Castlevania and Silent Hill

While Konami has been away from making big console games for a relatively long time, there have been numerous rumors about a revival for several years. The return of some of the most popular and impor Awful eFootball release; We are the worst score in history and the beginning of the destruction of PES

We expected a complete failure due to the shows that were released before the release of eFootball. After the release of the game, our conjecture came true and the game was met with a disgraceful fail PlayStation bought BluePoint Games

While BluePoint has so far only worked on remasters or remakes of various games, the studio's director, Marco Thrush, explains in an interview with IGN that they will now be working on original conten