Gaming Dragon Age 4 will not be released in 2022 either

According to reports, Dragon Age 4 will not be released in 2022. This game was made by BioWare and was introduced in 2018. There has not been much news about the development process during this period The Dying Light 2 upgrade will be free for ninth generation consoles

There is nothing left until the release of Dying Light 2. Now people who experience this game on 8th generation consoles do not need to pay for the next generation upgrade. Techland, the maker of Dyin TelTill Games Studio; From destruction to the return of a creative studio

Telltale Studio was built about 10 years after the golden age of adventure games. It was also created by a number of former LucasArts employees. When games like Secrets of Monkey Island became scarce, Blizzard under Microsoft: We solve the company's ethical and cultural problems

After Microsoft acquired Activision Blizzard, Blizzard Entertainment CEO Mike Ybarra reaffirms the company's commitment to improving workplace culture The creator of No More Heroes talks about his meetings with Marvel

Guichi Soda, better known as the maker of the action and adventure series No More Heroes, recently announced that he has been working with Marvel, a company that has long Wanted to make games with its Horizon Forbiden West has fictional choices, but it will only have one end

Horizon Forbidden West can be considered the most important PlayStation exclusive game in 2022. This game is scheduled to be released on February 18 (February 18). So less than 1 month left until its Assassin's Creed 3 and Desmond's story were to end with the presence of a spaceship

According to interviews with developers who have worked on various Assassin's Creed games, it was originally intended to be the end of the third game in this action-adventure series. Popular to end di Activision CEO: One of the options was to integrate Activision and Electronic Arts

Bobby Kotik, CEO of Activision Blizzard, recently announced that it would merge with Electronic Arts (EA) before Microsoft acquired the company. In one recent interview with VentureBeat, Bobby Kotik e Analysts: PlayStation 5 will sell twice as many Xbox Series this year

In a new report from Ampere Analysis, the analyst discusses how Sony and Microsoft ran into problems in 2020 and 2021 due to high demand and difficulty console inventory. "Harding-Rolls announced that Most video game developers are not interested in duplication

While some large industry companies have expressed interest in entering the market for non-exchangeable tokens (NFTs), according to a poll A recent survey of developers found that about 70% of develop Dark Souls series PvP servers are temporarily unavailable due to security issues

It is said that this security issue was more common in the third version of the series and may have caused problems for some users. Meanwhile, the studio's new and long-awaited game, Alden Ring, is sc The creator of the Yakuza series has established a new studio called Nagoshi Studio

It was a couple of months ago that we announced the departure of "Toshihiro Nagushi" from Sega. Nagoshi has worked for Sega for nearly thirty years and has held various management positions, but is be Meet the cast of Horizon Forbidden West in its new trailer

The new Forbidden West trailer begins with the introduction of the voice of Aloy character named Ashley Burch. He explains that Iloi must enter a new role as the hero of the game world. Also, more inf The father of PlayStation has no interest in metavers and virtual reality

Ken Kotaragi, creator of PlayStation and former CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment Company, nicknamed the father of PlayStation, commented on the Metavars in a recent interview with Bloomberg. Black Holes and Dragons (Part 2): Aboliths

Desktop role-playing games did not succeed in becoming widespread in Iranian culture, but their legacy, namely role-playing video games, made up for this unpopularity, and today role-playing games , B Hawkeye and Kate Bishop came to Fortnite

The presence of popular characters in Battle Royale Fortnite has long been a common occurrence. Now, in the latest collaboration between Epic Games and famous brands, the characters of Hawkeye and Kat Introducing the best fighting games for mobile (Android and iOS)

Finding the best fighting games for Android and iOS may not be so easy. But fortunately, in this article, we will introduce the top 15 titles in this genre so that you can have a pleasant experience o From the historic Xbox deal to the PubJie and Free Fire lawsuit; The best video games

If you do not have the opportunity to read the important news and articles of the game and game industry, you can find a collection of the most important news and the best articles and videos of the g The best-selling PlayStation Store games were announced in 2021

As usual, PlayStation has compiled and published a list of the games with the highest number of downloads in the PlayStation Store in all of 2021, which has yielded interesting results. Comes with. Th Mobile role-playing games generated $ 20 billion in revenue in 2020

Yesterday Newzoo, along with its mobile app platform Pangle, reported that players will spend about $ 18.5 billion on mobile role-playing games (RPGs) by 2020. The Horizon Forbidden West story trailer shows new characters

Eloy's latest adventure in Horizon Forbidden West will be available soon, on February 18, 1400, and he In this great adventure, you will face many new threats, some of which we see in the fascinating 10 old Sega games that it's time to return

It does not matter which site you go to during this time, there is always talk of completely rebuilding a game. It is even possible for a collection that has been completely destroyed to be revived wi Activision Studios under Xbox will not just make Call of Duty

Activision has recently focused almost all of its studios on the Call of Duty series. This is due to the popularity of Battle Royale Warson, which has now become a service-oriented game. On the other Judgment game series becomes a serial series; In the presence of the main actor

According to a report in a Japanese publication, it seems that Takoya Kimura, the main character of the Judgment series (Spin-off of the Yakuza series), intends to appear in a live series Action from