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You can finish the Alden ring without even hitting the enemy!

BingMag.com <b>You</b> <b>can</b> <b>finish</b> the <b>Alden</b> <b>ring</b> <b>without</b> <b>even</b> <b>hitting</b> the enemy!

If You are wondering if You can finish the Elden ring game without hitting? The answer is yes. One of the players in this game was able to finish the Alden ring without hitting a single blow.

One of the professional players of Fram Software (From Software) called Iron Pineapple posted a 29-minute video on his YouTube channel. The video showed him finishing the game without a single hit. Of course, it is not as if he finished this game without a fight. But he was able to use other parts of the game!

The whole video is very interesting. Because You will notice how diverse Fram Software's new build is. How Iron Pineapple ended the game was the use of Summon in the game. In essence, this player has made his summonses as powerful as possible so that they can fight a giant!

BingMag.com <b>You</b> <b>can</b> <b>finish</b> the <b>Alden</b> <b>ring</b> <b>without</b> <b>even</b> <b>hitting</b> the enemy!

Alden ring is one of the best titles ever made in the history of video games.

The main strategy is to use magic. This YouTuber selects the Prophet class from the beginning of the game and does not change its process. He also spends all his points in Faith and Arcane. The interesting thing is that in addition to the main giants of the game, he also destroyed optional items like Rykard!

Alden ring is a very difficult game in itself. Now it will be much harder without using a blow! During this time we witnessed some very strange cases in the Alden ring experience. From the use of banana control to other things. But in general, the varied gameplay of Alden ring allows people to complete it in different ways. If You do magic, You will definitely hit less. However, this title provides space for experience and people also use it to gain an audience.

Source: Gamesradar. com

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