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Yoko Taro predicts the future of video games; From definitions to artificial intelligence

Yoko Taro, in his most recent interview with WIRED, discusses the uncertain future of video games and the ending of video games in the format we know them today. He speaks.

"Which is more important? "The minced meat that goes into the bread, or the bread itself?" The old problem of causality has taken various forms over the centuries; From the famous and old puzzle of chicken or egg to internet discussions and quarrels about the value of an anime compared to its manga. For Yoko Taro, director and creator of the Nier series, this is a logical fallacy. However, this is also one of the things he uses in his games to show that betraying the expectations of the fans and convincing the players to engage with the narrative are two different story elements that can coexist. "Minced meat is more important, isn't it?" Taro said in a recent interview with WIRED. Yes, it's more important as a result of minced meat (burgers). It summarizes the main ones that are categorized. While games like Super Mario Bros. and Doom (first released in 1993) defined the Platformers and FPS genres in their time, some of the most successful works of 2021 Games such as Death's Door, It Takes Two, and Returnal from Housemarque Studios, also one of Yoko Taro's most popular games, are often equated with thematic equations due to their narrative tone, environmental effects, and action sequences.

BingMag.com Yoko Taro predicts the future of video games; From definitions to artificial intelligence

For example, consider Returnal. This exclusive PlayStation 5 game was introduced as a weird sci-fi shooting game. Returnal is a rogue-like effect that uses time rings, Metroid-like ecosystems, futuristic environments and menus, dual-sense features, neon-light missiles and projectiles, Bobby Cricket (composer of the game), and a swordsman's ominous sound and visual scene. To show that the world needs more Bullet Hell games (a subgenre of the shooter genre that you have to dodge the arrows that hit you and shoot at the enemy). This is what Yoko Taro believes. Of course, he himself has used such an approach in some of his games. However, they are often limited by the technology or the need to connect narrative and gameplay.

"No matter what kind of story I write, there are always certain people who say I don't want a story, Give me the gameplay. Hence, I try to make the game so that even if you do not pay attention to the story, the gameplay makes sense. Therefore, I try not to think about how to improve my writing techniques, but to focus on and increase the time that players want to experience the game. "If some people completely ignore the game's dialogues, I will not be upset at all until I can look at the picture of the kittens or something like that, and I will feel better." "It's a lot of fun." Kittens are inherently funny, but the ability to write a great story and create engaging gameplay without sacrificing player interest is impressive. The Final Fantasy 7 remake and the Outer Wilds game have achieved this, but in very different ways.

The authors and development teams are working to create compelling stories that keep pace with rapid technological advances. And, of course, to narrate its limitations, and many of them are still stuck in it. As Taro points out, much of this is due to the difficulty of classifying games based on elements such as style of play or their physical characteristics.

Yoko Taro explains: Video games are unique in that they When they are computer-mediated and interact, their physical shape does not really matter. In fact, the moment a work in the media involves some kind of control or set of choices can be considered a video game. On the other hand, if we want to consider the same idea of computer interface and interaction with it, then withdrawing money from an ATM can also be classified as the same behavior. However, we obviously do not call it a game. What about things like trying and competing to get more likes on social media? If you think about it, I'm sure you will understand how vague the definition of video games is. "

BingMag.com Yoko Taro predicts the future of video games; From definitions to artificial intelligence

BingMag.com Yoko Taro predicts the future of video games; From definitions to artificial intelligence

Taro's fascination with the human psyche is certainly what makes his published works so fascinating. Nier: Automata was released in 2017, the year in which other thriller works such as Prey and Hellblade: Senuas Sacrifice were released. However, this work was able to bring a memorable experience for the players by telling its special and unique story and the importance of the same subject that Taro refers to. Following the acclaim for that work, this year saw the remake of the previous episode of Nier Replicant. This remastered version of the campaign system transformed and improved the original version. All these efforts were made in order for the players to better experience the complex and deep narrative of that game. Nir series games convince players to have a better understanding of the characters' existential crises and even use the value of their re-experience to show the motivations of the story antagonists.

BingMag.com Yoko Taro predicts the future of video games; From definitions to artificial intelligence

The commitment of Yoko Taro and every other creative person who has worked on the Nir game series has been to create unique narratives and find ways to engage players with stories. Engage the sophisticated and thought-provoking series that the series is known for, and keep them entertained with gameplay. No matter what they do in the future, they must stick to what they know best and do not give up; Redefining the importance of coherence and solidarity of game elements and their impact on the art of game design, even as the medium slowly abandons its set of rules.

), Video games or related elements are integrated everywhere, and eventually the term video games may disappear. As AI grows, so do situations where only one person writes. I am a very eager person that day. In that case, I do not have to pretend to be smart when answering these interviews. "

Source: WIRED

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