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Xbox is not interested in entering the virtual reality market

BingMag.com Xbox is not interested in entering the virtual reality market

Virtual reality is one of the fastest growing platforms that encourages people to experience video games in new ways. While Sony has been trying to enter the market since the eighth generation with the introduction of the PlayStation VR virtual reality device and wants to continue to do so in the new generation with more power, it seems that on the other hand, at least Microsoft and Xbox At the moment, they are not interested in entering this market and are focusing on something else.

While virtual reality devices in the world of video games continue to expand and become more popular, they are still a long way from popularity. They have a traditional video game experience and it does not look like this will change any time soon. According to Xbox CEO Phil Spencer, that's why the Xbox is so focused on software and does not want to focus on hardware like virtual reality right now.

BingMag.com Xbox is not interested in entering the virtual reality market

Windows Virtual Reality Headsets or Windows Mixed Reality Headsets

This statement is in line with the focus of this generation of Xbox for the Xbox's game-sharing service. Just a few days ago, Xbox announced that games such as Age of Empires 4, The Forgotten City and other highlights will be added to the Xbox GamePass service this month.

However, Spencer The WSJ Tech Live event pointed to Sony PlayStation VR hardware and said that they admire what Sony, Aquiles and even in virtual reality are doing, but they are still interested in focusing on providing games to players in the current context. The Xbox boss also pointed to the fact that many virtual reality hardware use Windows, which was developed by Microsoft. So anyway, virtual reality experiences are making their way into consumers of Microsoft products.

Source: Game Informer

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