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Xbox cloud service for consoles released

BingMag.com Xbox cloud service for consoles released

Xbox Cloud Service for the first time in September 2020 after a trial period that started in November 2019 for mobile and in June 2021 for Personal computers were up and running. The service now appears to be available on eighth- and ninth-generation Xbox consoles. Stidia, they are not going to focus much on it at first. However, this cloud service is something that the company has high hopes for, and it is clear that they intend to continue to expand it and make it available to more players. Undoubtedly, one way to do this is to make it available on different platforms. To that end, Microsoft confirmed earlier this year that the cloud service will be available for the Xbox One and Xbox Series this holiday season. They have already announced that the service has been launched for the mentioned consoles. This means that all games on the Xbox Game can therefore be run on your console without worrying about their size. It should be noted that having a game subscription is also necessary to experience these games.

  • See the full list of games in this service here

BingMag.com Xbox cloud service for consoles released

It should be noted that Xbox One owners can even play games that are only available in the Xbox X and S series, including games such as Microsoft Experience Flight Simulator, Medium and now on this console. This service will be available on consoles in 25 regions. Brazil will soon be added to the list. You want to experience them and now we have it for you. You can now try out the games you want from the cloud service provided and then decide on their full installation and experience. This will be a great feature for consoles. In addition, receiving an invitation from a friend to experience a work that you have not yet installed will not prevent you from entering the game quickly. We've made this service a quick, easy experience, and a great way to discover your favorite and next game, while also saving space on your memory for games you want to try over and over again.

BingMag.com Xbox cloud service for consoles released

Earlier this year, Xbox CEO Phil Spencer said he wanted to extend the service Rival platforms such as PlayStation and Switch bring the talk, though there is still a long way to go before that happens. On the other hand, some time ago, Microsoft upgraded the servers of this cloud service with Xbox X-Series hardware to run games with higher resolution and quality.

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