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World of Warcraft heritage; The largest online role-playing game in history

For more than 15 years, World of Warcraft is still one of the most popular MMORPGs in history. And its most committed fans spend many hours each day exploring and exploring the vast, imaginary world of Azeroth. It is still not out of the storm of controversy over the culture of misconduct among employees and allegations of gender discrimination and assault on female employees. This media giant has already plagued some other companies such as Ubisoft, but so far, unlike Hollywood, it has not captured the space of the video game industry in such a thought-provoking dimension. This great company may not be able to survive this tornado, but there is no denying that Blizzard has left a huge legacy in the history of this interactive art, and it will take a long time for many game developers to develop their projects in such styles. Get out of the shadow of Warcraft and Diablo.

Now that we are almost 17 years away from the release of World of Warcraft, former and current Blizzard creators and designers are talking about the game's legacy. The genre of competitive multiplayer role-playing speaks for itself.

BingMag.com World of Warcraft heritage; The largest online role-playing game in history

Let's look at this from any angle. The immense success of Warcraft World surprised even Blizzard himself. The game's stage designer, John Staats, had predicted before the game's release that the online role-playing game would live on for decades, but no one was willing to take his word for it. "The first day we were on the project, Blizzard told us we wanted to make something in the EverQuest theme, but simpler and get rid of what the players were complaining about in the game," he said. It was clear to me from the beginning that this [World of Warcraft] was going to be a big game. When we first introduced it and went to conferences like E3, I said in interviews that the game was going to be 20 years old. They thought I was joking. The development of this world is vast. The Battle for Azeroth development package may be over, but then the next dialogue, Shadowlands, was launched in 2020 to reassure the 20-year turning point promised by States.

BingMag.com World of Warcraft heritage; The largest online role-playing game in history

World of Warcraft was first introduced in 2001, but the development team is still a long way off. Many had to complete the game development stages. Blizzard first released the third major game in the series, Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos, and its expansion pack, The Frozen Throne, in 2002 and 2003. The global acclaim of this game once again raised the name of "Warcraft" and prepared gamers for the release of World of Warcraft. The game was released on the tenth anniversary of Warcraft. Patrick Dawson, the current director and producer of Blizzard, remembers the day of its release very well and says about it:

That drowned me in myself. "World of Warcraft seemed like a very easy and accessible game, and the battles were fun and smooth." Dason did not join Blizzard at the time, so he had the opportunity to play All other players experience. But Statz had been working on WoW since the early years, and his early experiences differed one hundred and eighty degrees from Dason. "The first thing I noticed about Blizzard was how irregular the company was. No one was responsible for anything, and we were just a handful of people [so we worked], so it could be attributed to a jazz band rather than an orchestra. "Blizzard had an explicit atmosphere and everyone worked together." They wanted to make an online multiplayer game with 3D space, but they did not have much experience in this field. Stats says that even during his job interview, senior members of the studio asked him about how to build the 3D steps to learn about the behind-the-scenes process.

BingMag.com World of Warcraft heritage; The largest online role-playing game in history

It may seem strange to many Warcraft fans today to realize that most of the dungeons and realms in which they adventure are designed without a prior plan, but in those days Even the creators themselves had no idea how each of these different pieces of the puzzle should fit together. The main reason for this was Blizzard's lack of experience in creating a 3D online role-playing game that bore little resemblance to the real-time Warcraft strategy gameplay itself. The work was called Ahn'Qiraj, but the design team at the time did not know that the environment would support 10 players or more, such as 50 to 100 people. Interestingly, Ahn'Qiraj was not in the main game at the time of its release, and was presented to players as a temporary event the following year when Dason joined the team. Years from that time full of ambiguity, most creators of World of Warcraft happily remember it, because the game they created was an unimaginable success, but there is no doubt that most of this success is due to a process of testing and This is a very long and tedious mistake.

But with this add-on package came another important event. Blizzard decided to bring all the players to one of the game servers in one place. At first, the developers did not even think that their role-playing game would be so popular that a large number of players would cause technical problems for the company's servers. That night was a particularly scary and nightmarish experience for the creators of World of Warcraft, but at the same time it made them realize that the potential of this game is incredible.

After this event, Blizzard solved many of the game's technical problems. Which allowed World of Warcraft to cross new frontiers. When the game's next two expansion packs, The Burning Crusade and Wrath of the Lich King, were released, World of Warcraft had more than 12 million players a month. That number may not be significant in today's world, along with games like Fortnite, PubJie, and Call of Duty: Warzon, but World of Warcraft was arguably the most popular video game in the world at the time.

BingMag.com World of Warcraft heritage; The largest online role-playing game in history

As it should be guessed, when a work becomes so popular, it can not always be accompanied by the unconditional support of society. Its fans noticed. One of the things States points out about this is all the gossip and misinformation circulating among users. For example, many of them, due to their limited knowledge of the process of developing video games, thought that, for example, because of a designer's hatred of a certain type of "World of Warcraft" characters, the creators downplayed his presence. Or, for example, due to the personal taste of one of the senior members of the studio, the issue of playing with the new update has changed.

The fact is that the issue is simpler than this and has nothing to do with any of these issues. Of course, most players and fans only know a few details about the events behind the development of a game, so it is natural for them to sit on the bench with the same limited understanding. But for Blizzard fans, it was slowly moving into a valley of conspiracy theories.

But on the other hand, many players had a lot of respect for the narrative of the game. For example, in one of the old cinematic videos, Saurfang's game revolts against the character of Sylvanas and symbolically covers his arms. After seeing this cinematic, the fan community decided to show their commitment and loyalty by imitating this movement. In other words, if you were a member of the Horde at the time, you would probably have removed your arm cover as well.

The creators pay attention to the demands of the fans. For the past 17 years, Blizzard game designers have been paying attention to the individual reactions of the game's full-fledged fan community and shaping the game according to their needs.

BingMag.com World of Warcraft heritage; The largest online role-playing game in history

But like any other successful game, the reign of" Warcraft World " should finally end one day. You may now find thousands of articles and analyzes all over the internet about this gradual decline, but perhaps no one can say exactly why WoW lost its players. Despite this, it can be boldly claimed that the game still has millions of fans around the world. For example, the game's new expansion pack, Battle for Azeroth, sold 3.4 million copies on its first day of release, making it the fastest-selling expansion pack in Warcraft World history.

Even Blizzard knows that The decline of "World of Warcraft" is inevitable, the designers and creators of this company are constantly thinking of new features that can make the game attractive to modern audiences and keep its excitement alive for old fans. One of these tasks was to change the game's Achievements system, which made it much more balanced than before.

Many of these efforts still go back to trial and error, as in the early days of the project. The development team must constantly evaluate their work so that the large fan community does not become angry with their work or disrupt the Warcraft World experience. For example, if you enjoy the Mythic Plus dungeon system today, you should know that Blizzard has been working on it for years to finally implement this feature in the game.

Another noteworthy issue is adding new content Or changing some features of the game is much more complicated than most players think. But Blizzard, on the other hand, takes the trouble to make these changes because it knows that even "World of Warcraft" needs to be updated from time to time to address the tastes of today's audience.

BingMag.com World of Warcraft heritage; The largest online role-playing game in history

Now the real question is, will the name of" World of Warcraft "still be in the gaming space in 15 years? Predicting the future may be difficult for anyone, especially in a video game space that is constantly moving forward and experiencing a new revolution every few years. But on the other hand, there is no denying that a work like World of Warcraft has its own charms, and even a sense of nostalgia for such a large fan base will be enough to keep it alive for many years to come.

But in terms of " Stats - the first person to predict this 20-year endurance - is the key to Warcraft World's success in Blizzard's decision to simplify EverQuest. In his opinion, before 2000, no studio or gaming team in the world had paid attention to beauty and elegance. This is perhaps the main lesson of World of Warcraft and its most important legacy for the video game industry.

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