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Wolverine was introduced exclusively for PlayStation 5

BingMag.com Wolverine was introduced exclusively for PlayStation 5

One of the big surprises of last night's Sony event to showcase the upcoming PlayStation 5 games was Wolverine. Wolverine is made by the creators of the best Marvel game in history, Spider-Man PlayStation 4. Marvel's Wolverine is being developed exclusively for PlayStation 5 by Insomniac Games's game developer, Sony. It is currently focusing entirely on making the Spider-Man PlayStation 4 sequel. Explaining the process of making Wolverine games, Insomniac Games said that they had different ideas for making games in Marvel, one of the best of which was Wolverine. Insomniac is said to have decided to present his Wolverine game idea to Marvel, and they accepted the idea, and construction began.

If you want to know how early we are in the Wolverine game development process, you can Take a brief look at the key players in the game's development team who have been working hard on Spider-Man Miles Morales until just a few months ago. Wolverine is directed by Brian Horton and Cameron Christine, both of whom have previously directed Spider-Man Miles Morales.

BingMag.com Wolverine was introduced exclusively for PlayStation 5

Insomniac Games explained a bit about the game and said that Wolverine's game will be very big and we will not be on the side of a project like Miles Morales. The studio also added that fans of Wolverine's character can expect Wolverine, like Spider-Man games, to have the highest level of attention to detail and Wolverine's features and characteristics.

The game is in the early stages of development, but it has been added that we can expect an emotional story and advanced gameplay. As we said, even Insomniac Games does not know exactly what it wants to do with Wolverine at the moment, and this unveiling is more reminiscent of Marvel's unveiling of his movies and series: all we have at the moment is a logo.

Wolverine has no release date and we only know that it will be made exclusively for the PlayStation 5 console.

A short teaser has been made and released to announce this news, which you can watch below.


BingMag.com Wolverine was introduced exclusively for PlayStation 5 BingMag.com Wolverine was introduced exclusively for PlayStation 5

Source: Gematsu

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