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Why is this map the best map of all time in role-playing games?

BingMag.com Why is this <b>map</b> the <b>best</b> <b>map</b> of <b>all</b> <b>time</b> in <b>role-playing</b> games?

Today, we have high expectations for game maps. We expect the maps to know everything we need to know, and our next destination is marked with a big arrow. We should also be able to use the map to return to any place we have already entered during our trip. In other words, with the help of our precious time map, we should never spend time walking this way and that.

That's why I want to introduce a new game called map Quest, a game that is the most modern map in history. Has! Let's take a look at the first area:

BingMag.com Why is this <b>map</b> the <b>best</b> <b>map</b> of <b>all</b> <b>time</b> in <b>role-playing</b> games?

At the first level we start our adventure in the big forest. We have to get out of the forest to reach the frozen castle. There a wonderful sword awaits us. This is a long journey and we do not want to waste our time, so we use the Fast Travel system to reach the castle with one click, defeat the boss and get the sword.

BingMag.com Why is this <b>map</b> the <b>best</b> <b>map</b> of <b>all</b> <b>time</b> in <b>role-playing</b> games?

Sure, the example above is a great example, but sometimes I feel like the games are getting bigger. Day by day, they become more and more like Mapucest. Game developers are forgetting that the purpose of the map is not to make the game world as clear and obvious as possible; Make it easy for the player to get the information they need.

Fortunately, there are a number of games that understand the value of a simpler map. Divinity: Original Sin and Morrowind game maps have a more limited scale, forcing the player to truly explore the game world.

BingMag.com Why is this <b>map</b> the <b>best</b> <b>map</b> of <b>all</b> <b>time</b> in <b>role-playing</b> games?

But among all the games I have played, I have never seen a map like the Gothic 1 map. This plan is so lacking in detail that it confuses the audience at first glance; In fact, at first glance, it looks like a cruel joke against the player.

However, as you progress through the game and learn how to use it, you will find that this map is a perfect complement to your experience. In the game. In this article I want to explain:

  • Why Gothic Maps work so well?
  • Why did the game developers decide to remove elements from the game map that any other game developer Was considered an integral element of the map?
  • Why do these elements removed from the map make Gothic a better game?

This article also addresses the vital elements that I will refer to the included map and explain why these elements are preferred to other elements. .

BingMag.com Why is this <b>map</b> the <b>best</b> <b>map</b> of <b>all</b> <b>time</b> in <b>role-playing</b> games?

all elements on the map are painted according to their actual size in the game world. This means that some in-game locations appear only in the form of small dots on the map. The main focus of the map is to accurately map the game world, and a lot of attention has been paid to designing important places so that they look recognizable.

The four main locations of the game are as follows:

  • Old Camp
  • New Camp
  • Swamp Camp )
  • Old Mine

If I were to give you a map of the game, would it be easy for you to find these four places on it?

It is easier to find the old camp and the lagoon camp than the rest. When you look at the game map, a large settlement in the center is the first thing that catches the viewer's attention. You may not know its name, but it's obvious that it's important.

BingMag.com Why is this <b>map</b> the <b>best</b> <b>map</b> of <b>all</b> <b>time</b> in <b>role-playing</b> games?

Note that it is relatively easy to guess its location: somewhere in the right corner of the map, as we see a vague drawing of a lagoon in that area.

BingMag.com Why is this <b>map</b> the <b>best</b> <b>map</b> of <b>all</b> <b>time</b> in <b>role-playing</b> games?

However, the location of the other two locations is not very clear. The entrance to the old mine is a small cave on the northwest side of the map. It is very likely that you will confuse the hole with the symbol on the map with an ordinary and insignificant cave.

BingMag.com Why is this <b>map</b> the <b>best</b> <b>map</b> of <b>all</b> <b>time</b> in <b>role-playing</b> games?

The new camp is also a place to the west of the map that has no features to indicate that it is a camp. This camp is mostly located under a large cave, so from the point of view that the map provides you, you can hardly see anything.

BingMag.com Why is this <b>map</b> the <b>best</b> <b>map</b> of <b>all</b> <b>time</b> in <b>role-playing</b> games?

At first glance, the map is useless It seams. What good is a web site if it simply "blends in" with everything else out there? But this piece of parchment paper contains an extract from the magic of video games, which makes it very useful. Wherever you are in the game world, the map tells you exactly where you are and which way you are standing.

I know this is a common feature of game maps, but in Gothic this simple feature is an important factor. Makes the game map so useful. As you explore the game world, you can look at the map to see where you are, and over time you will learn that you have to make a mental connection between the visual features of the places you visit and the drawings you see on the map.

I hit a tower early in the game where it was too hard for me to clear the enemies.

BingMag.com Why is this <b>map</b> the <b>best</b> <b>map</b> of <b>all</b> <b>time</b> in <b>role-playing</b> games?

I knew I would like to go back there later, so I checked the map to see where I was. I noticed that the small drawing on the map was the symbol of the tower I was standing next to. Until now, this little painting was meaningless to me. But now I knew what representation was.

BingMag.com Why is this <b>map</b> the <b>best</b> <b>map</b> of <b>all</b> <b>time</b> in <b>role-playing</b> games?

It was a very enjoyable experience, because when I realized that, The game map did not change. There was no message in the game titled "So-and-so tower was discovered" and the name of the tower was not marked on the map. The only thing that changed was my understanding of the game world. As you explore the game world, the experience of understanding the meaning behind the drawings and symbols on the map is constantly repeated. Before you know it, a plan that used to be meaningless to you makes sense to you. You do not need to mark and address accurately, because you will get to know the game world to the extent that you will make the map meaning for yourself.

The game map has another feature that makes it easier for you to explore the world. Be. The dotted line outside the drawing shows you exactly where the game's magic wall is located.

The game colony is essentially a dungeon surrounded by a kind of magic wall that allows anyone inside. Does not leave. You can explore inside the wall wherever you want, but if you try to cross it, a kind of blue lightning will kill you very quickly.

This is a great mechanism, because it shows any place inside the magic wall It can be explored. There are no inaccessible places or invisible walls. Just looking at a map, all the places you can - or can't - go are in front of your eyes. There is. After realizing this, I decided to swim in that area, and after swimming for a while, I discovered a hidden cave by the water.

BingMag.com Why is this <b>map</b> the <b>best</b> <b>map</b> of <b>all</b> <b>time</b> in <b>role-playing</b> games? BingMag.com Why is this <b>map</b> the <b>best</b> <b>map</b> of <b>all</b> <b>time</b> in <b>role-playing</b> games?

Clear demarcation of the interior and exterior maps of the game world gives you enough confidence to explore an area, because you know You will probably find a hidden path or place in that area. You may not be strong enough at the moment to explore and need to return later, but at least you will not come across an invisible wall that assigns you a task that says you still do not have the right to enter an area.

Finally, the map has another mysterious and surprising feature that arouses the audience's curiosity. A large part of the southwestern part of the map is completely empty. This is one of the most dangerous parts of the game, so you can not explore it for most of your adventure.

BingMag.com Why is this <b>map</b> the <b>best</b> <b>map</b> of <b>all</b> <b>time</b> in <b>role-playing</b> games?

Most of the game, you are wondering what is going on down there and you are impatiently waiting to gain enough power to explore it. When you finally get there, the sense of freshness and surprise you experienced at the beginning of the game is re-injected into it.

This decision is in line with the game's story and worldliness. The reason this area was never mapped was because orcs live in it, creatures that humans do not like at all. For this reason, the maps never succeeded in entering it and carefully recording its geography. This feature makes the game map really look like one of the components of the game world that follows all the rules that govern the game world.

In other words, this map is not just an out-of-game menu for The player is designed to be used. This map was created by people who have lived in the game world.

The Gothic map is a prime example of the proverb "Less is More". Less detail and clarity may be confusing at first, but the result is that the game becomes more immersive and mysterious, encouraging the player to explore more and more. The game forces you to explore the world yourself and this experience It will always be more enjoyable to be guided by a guide arrow.

In fact, the Gothic map is so impressive that you no longer need to look at it at the end of the game.

Source: Gamedev Adventures YouTube Channel

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