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Why is Resident Evil 8 more successful at balancing horror and action than the rest?

BingMag.com Why is Resident Evil 8 more successful at balancing horror and action than the rest?

It's a bit difficult to co-ordinate and outline my thoughts on Resident Evil Village. Part of me loves the game and even considers it one of the best in the series. The other part sees it as a repetition of a collection of ideas that does not help shape its identity. But I can say with confidence that I enjoyed the experience, and my favorite part about it is the well-balanced balance between the horror and action aspects of the villa; Despite criticisms about the lack of the first item in the game. In this respect, Village does even better than the fourth version, which often receives similar criticism; But in the end, it does not damage the credibility and popularity of the game.

The strangest moments of Village with Ethan Winters are somewhat familiar and certainly not to everyone's taste; However, they have less of a second-rate film feel, and we are more confronted with the often unreasonable logic of video games at the highest level; For example, is the main character's hand amputated? Apply a magic liquid on the cut part and stick your hand in its place again. Of course, most of these events are justified as the game draws to a close.

BingMag.com Why is Resident Evil 8 more successful at balancing horror and action than the rest?

Resident Evil 4 is a combination It is good for both and no one has to do it because it is a good game. This is exactly the kind of thinking that led to the creation of Resident Evil 6, and let's not talk too much about this particular game. Lian Kennedy's masterful adventure paved the way for such games; Because he prioritized meaningless and aimless action over horror, and failed to strike a balance between the two scales, unlike Village.

Yes, some parts of the game are disturbing; But this feature can be generalized to any movie or game whose main negative characters have awkward and terrifying shapes. Resident Evil 4 clearly preferred one genre to another, and while it can not be said that the choice of this path was wrong, the lack of effective balance causes Resident Evil Village to dominate it. There are scenes in my mind that have been categorized as real examples of horror in Resident Evil 4; But in Village, the parts that feel like Silent Hill are much more.

BingMag.com Why is Resident Evil 8 more successful at balancing horror and action than the rest?

Giant enemies are constantly following you and can be seen in every corner. There is a tense atmosphere in each new location that constantly surprises Ethan Winters and keeps him ready. All of this culminates when you reach the Steam Punk factory full of giant devices. A scary and, of course, unforgettable sequence.

In Village you will fight more enemies than in the game BioHard, and even a part quite similar to "Call of Duty" is placed at the end of the game; However, it is less common for the sense of action to prevail over the sense of fear.

You can finish the whole of Dimitresk Castle by shooting down the evil girls; But the limited number of bullets, the emphasis on solving puzzles, and the ruler's silence on the castle keep the location terrifying. If there were more similar parts of this castle in this game, it would definitely help to improve the game experience; However, the balance is much better than what we saw in Resident Evil 4 in this game. To me, Village is the true heir to Resident Evil 4, which fixes many of its problems and shortcomings.

BingMag.com Why is Resident Evil 8 more successful at balancing horror and action than the rest?

A location like Benito Mansion in Resident Evil 4 did not get a chance to shine; Because its pure horror was lost in the bustling action of the game. The fourth game was more of a third-person action game with elements of horror that guided you from one stage to another to kill enemies and remove the bass from your way to new locations to finally finish the game. p>

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Resident Evil 4 memorable moments, thrilling and flashy sequences or parts of the quick time event that forced you to interact with the game and save John Lian . These are just some of the goal setting shareware that you can use on Live Resident Evil movies. Instead, Village has all the mechanics of a classic Evil resident and stays true to the roots of the collection's horror. This loyalty can be felt in returning to places you have already been through and in the secret closed paths, which are released as you progress further in the game.

The game is designed in such a way that the atmosphere created by Instill nostalgia for the player in the early games of the series; Even if it is more visually similar to the fourth game in this series. Maybe it's because the essence of Resident Evil Village is a combination of BioHard and Resident Evil 4, and it can be concluded that this combination worked in favor of the game. By merging the two, Village succeeded where Resident Evil 4 failed. Resident Evil Village created a kind of action that had never been seen before in Resident Evil, and at the same time, it holds the roots of the horror that drew us to the series.

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