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Why is Doyle May's hard design unparalleled?

BingMag.com <b>Why</b> is <b>Doyle</b> <b>May's</b> <b>hard</b> <b>design</b> unparalleled?

The creators of most games, which include the ability to adjust the level or level of difficulty (Difficulty), have not spent much time on this feature to make it more difficult than Improve in several ways. This is not unique to the games of the last decade. Often more difficulty means prioritizing the challenge and reducing the fun of the game, as if the two could not live together. Usually, the "difficult mode" in games makes the enemies more resistant to your blows or shots, and they will damage you more easily in return. In general, this idea is not too bad, because on paper it gives the player a challenging experience and he will feel more satisfied if he succeeds. But when the game can not use its mechanics properly to make challenges more difficult, the concept of "difficulty level" is mistaken. Reducing resources and tools, increasing the ability of enemies to predict and read player data, and increasing the health of players is not really the best way to make games more difficult. We often feel that the developers did not pay attention to it and only added it during the last stages of development. Most games are based on their average difficulty and everything is based on that. The developers then add various difficulty modes to the game, as most players are reluctant to move on to more difficult and challenging modes.

This build-up policy may make some sense. However, the main method of gaming experience is often based on the same default difficulty mode. Anything more difficult than normal is just a reward, so Why the balance and accuracy? No matter how frustrating some difficult situations in games may seem, they are almost always so polite that they are not "impossible", and this goes back to the issue of challenging entertainment. Difficult modes in games are usually designed without considering the discussion of the player's entertainment and pleasure, and there is only one thing: the challenge. But a game can be challenging at the same time, but fairly engaging. Hack and Slash PlayStation implemented this approach well 20 years ago. Its uniqueness and excellent combat design made a lot of noise. The game also became famous for its unforgivable and ruthless difficulty. The enemies, especially the good ones, were really stubborn. Death in Doyle May was not hidden in a corner, but was inevitable. With all that said, nothing was impossible in the game. Although there have been more challenging games in the franchise and even in the hack and slash genre, the first part of Doyle May Rent is one of the best examples of the unparalleled "difficulty level" design. As you increase the difficulty of the game from normal to difficult and then to "Dante must die", you will clearly see fundamental changes in the gameplay structure, enemy position and new boss tactics - especially Dante's evil trigger which is an ability to improve combat for normal enemies. . But what sets Doyle apart is that adding a series of incentives for players to experience the game is not difficult. This game is actually designed from the beginning with three different cores in the story: normal, difficult and Dante must die.

Normal or normal

BingMag.com <b>Why</b> is <b>Doyle</b> <b>May's</b> <b>hard</b> <b>design</b> unparalleled?

Each difficulty level in Doyle May's pursuit has a specific purpose, and for the normal level, this is to teach players how to use Dante's skills. In the first two missions, you are likely to hit enemies mercilessly without paying any attention to the Style System. As a result, getting C and D will be inevitable, but progress is by no means impossible. But when Dante reaches the third stage and has to fight the first fairly well, you only realize that the matter is serious and you can not overcome the opponent without thinking. Even the phantom itself is not a stubborn enemy at all. Considering everything, it can be said that he is one of the easiest advantages of the whole franchise, which has an almost clear offensive pattern and is not so challenging. The reason he can trouble a lot of novices is because he is designed to challenge sloppy and lazy playing styles. It enters, but easily repels attacks with its pliers. This is very important, because very little damage and repelling attacks teaches players to find new ways to attack the phantom. If there was no discussion of repelling attacks by the above-mentioned boss, the players probably thought that the only way to make Doyle Mi's difficulty difficult by the creators was to reduce the amount of damage to the bosses with each hit. But when reckless and thoughtless attacks bring you unfavorable results, you learn to analyze your opponent and approach him with a certain tactic. The phantom has a very thick outer body and the best way to attack it is to hit it from above. To date, I have not seen any better technique to attack this bass. This may seem like a fairly simple method, but eventually players will learn that any kind of attack will not work, regardless of the opponent's circumstances. Also, the player learns to use Dante's advantage and ability in vertical movement.

BingMag.com <b>Why</b> is <b>Doyle</b> <b>May's</b> <b>hard</b> <b>design</b> unparalleled?

If a player Defeat the Phantom only with simple attacks - which may be due to Dante's vital stars and ability to trigger an evil trigger - he will have to wake up in the next stage. Nelo Angelo has the command of the fourth mission and fights exactly like Dante. If Phantom is just a simple lesson to change your playing style, Angelo is a real test. While Nello has his own techniques, he spends most of his fighting time showing and imitating what Dante does best. Now that Dante is somehow in front of his own sword, players see what a terrifying and powerful fighter he will become if they use their full potential of the main character's skills. Most importantly, you can measure the speed of your reactions well against Nello. As a result, it can be said that the battle with Nello Angelo teaches you how to use Dante's skills and how to better fight other enemies.

Having an Angelo-like skill allows players to use Dante's abilities. Communicate better and understand them better. Fighting Angelo is more about the audience learning how to play smart. To help the player break the habit of pushing the buttons unnecessarily - especially since most attacks are done with a special button - the amphibians are very resistant to simple and direct blows and sometimes punish the player severely for laziness and lack of creativity. Dante has three different types of attacks in his most basic combo, which are implemented with the right timing. If you buy the Stinger from the upgrade store at this point, you will also notice how the correct orientation of Dante's actions changes. For example, when you lock on the enemy, take a backward direction and attack, Dante will throw the enemy into the air. Now, if you hold the forward direction in the locked position, Dante throws himself at the enemy with the utmost force. As Angelo changes his position at different stages of the fight, the player can catch his breath and focus on his next moves.

BingMag.com <b>Why</b> is <b>Doyle</b> <b>May's</b> <b>hard</b> <b>design</b> unparalleled?

Conceptually, designing an upgrade system like Doyle May Hire is a complex and difficult task. Dante is in trouble for most of the game because the player cannot use all of his skills. If game design expects players to buy a new skill each time the red dots - the currency in the game - have, then those who focus more on buying health-related items will actually miss out on the opportunity to progress in Doyle May. This is especially true when considering double jumps. Dante can only acquire this skill if Alastor has his own sword. On the other hand, during some stages, the use of double jump is required and if a player has not thought about this before, he can no longer move forward in the game. Fortunately, Doyle May has all of this in mind and offers solutions for Dante to finish the game. Although he is often weaker than his enemy, skilled and experienced players can finish the game even without buying any new items or skills. For example, if you do not have double jumps, you can simulate them with the help of walls and different levels and overcome the challenges ahead. Be "mandatory". Also, buying these skills will not make the game any easier for you - unlike many other games. Instead, these skills give Dante more variety in movement struggles. Buying blue balls to increase the level of health will reduce the stress of the game to some extent because Dante can withstand more blows. But the game ranking system has made many players want to face more challenges and play better. For example, if you want to get S or A rank in missions, you have to avoid enemy blows as much as possible and instead use the maximum of skills to defeat the opponent as soon as possible. Here the property of blue spheres is practically lost. Also, the time of your battle with the enemies is important, and if you can not complete the mission within a certain time, you will not achieve the desired ranks. Many players do not consider this ranking system important, but getting S and A rankings will eventually lead to more red dots, which is a significant advantage.

You are probably aware that many games are skill trees or They have an advanced system that slowly eliminates the challenge and reaches a point where there are no new lessons to be learned. Doyle does not do that. Even so, owning one is still beyond the reach of the average person, and you will learn new things and receive rewarding rewards. Players who are very interested in the game use the normal mode as an exercise to prepare for difficult situations and Dante has to die. Usually during the first experience, the player better understands the depth of variety in the gameplay, as each skill tests different aspects of Dante. This becomes even more apparent in Dante's fight with the Griffon. While playing the game for the second (or several times), you can practically skip the fight with Griffon because he has Dante Ifrit; Ifrit is a powerful pair of gloves that allow you to access the next areas, even without killing the leading skill. Obviously, in the first experience, Dante does not have the Ifrit and should normally face the Griffin.

BingMag.com <b>Why</b> is <b>Doyle</b> <b>May's</b> <b>hard</b> <b>design</b> unparalleled?

Although Griffin is not as tough as he used to be - especially since Dante has more tools and skills at this point in the game - he ultimately strengthens the player's skills in using long-range weapons. Griffon is not on the ground most of the time, so the best way to hit him is from a distance. Dante's two main pistols, the Ebony and the Ivory, are the most effective tools for defeating the Griffon here. However, there is a general lesson in the game: Use the guns. You can activate the Evil Trigger at the same time as the Style area by keeping a safe distance with long-range weapons. Because Style has a great effect on ranking at the end of each mission (especially in normal and difficult situations), using a gun to keep the combo active while moving towards the enemy is a smart way to not lose high ranks. Although, it should not be forgotten that the variety in combos is still very important, but in no way can the value of Dante's rifles be ignored.

During the second fight with Griffon, Dante must use more of his rifles to He hurt. The player also has a better understanding of these weapons and how to use them. This leads to another important aspect of Doyle May: you have to fight each boss several times. On paper, this is like a repetition and a waste of the player's time, but in reality every fight against these bosses undergoes fundamental changes. Although the enemy that Dante fights is the same as the previous character, almost everything else in the fight is different. The first fight with Griffon takes place on a large open field, and he rarely sets foot on the ground. This location gives Dante plenty of room to vacate or try out fighting tactics. The second fight takes place on a small ship, and given that Griffon mostly takes an aerial approach, Dante here must seriously test his rifle skills. The third fight is ultimately a combination of the first two fights, where Griffon enters a large area and also stays in the air most of the time. This is where the player feels that the first two fights have been a kind of training to prepare for this final fight. This pattern exists for almost all Doyle May charters. Teach the player how to use the skills, practice with the skills learned, and finish the fight and the main challenge.

When the player reaches the Nightmare, Doyle hires all of his core mechanics It has given him small, indirect lessons that are truly respectable. The phantom punished the irrational use of the buttons, Angelo demonstrated Dante's own skills and abilities, and Griffin spoke of the importance of fighting the gun. During all this time, the challenges of the game did not become too difficult or too easy. Yes, some missions and bosses are more difficult than others, but overall Doyle May's normal mode is very stable and inconsistent. On the other hand, although there is a skill development system for Dante, the game, unlike other titles, will not be easy after a while due to the discussion of "progress". In this normal state, Doyle May offers a challenging and satisfying experience.

Difficult state

BingMag.com <b>Why</b> is <b>Doyle</b> <b>May's</b> <b>hard</b> <b>design</b> unparalleled?

After completing normal mode, players immediately enter hard Mode. While Dante does less damage to enemies and is more likely to hurt him in return, Doyle's Difficulty is different from other contemporaries in that it not only changes the location of enemies from normal, but also new tactics and attacks in Puts them at their disposal. In fact, in addition to inflicting more deadly blows, enemies and bosses perform completely different functions. Playing in difficult mode after completing normal mode is like doing a completely different game. Some rooms change enemies just by raising their level, while some other rooms play with the enemy position. Memory can sometimes get players in trouble. Most interestingly, Doyle's difficult state of mind is very different for different players and creates a unique experience for them.

Basically, it can be said that the difficult state of the bridge between normal and Dante's must die. This mode is designed to facilitate revenge from the normal state to Dante must die, as well as allow players to hone their skills, collect various items needed, and rent Dante's skills before entering the biggest challenge. Upgrade as much as possible. In addition, the difficult mode is a kind of last chance for players to understand the gameplay mechanics. Difficult mode is very different from normal mode, and if you have a limited set of challenges in normal mode, you will struggle a lot in difficult mode. But if you really understand all aspects of normalcy and have mastered Dante well, difficult situations can be a daunting task.

BingMag.com <b>Why</b> is <b>Doyle</b> <b>May's</b> <b>hard</b> <b>design</b> unparalleled?

Each step is carefully designed with its own challenges. Some stages seem surprisingly short, but their enemies are so stubborn and ruthless that they do not allow Dante to breathe. The first time you experience the game in a difficult mode, you feel that the concept missions are a kind of standard trick. But in later attempts you will find out what the philosophy and justification behind them is. Dante's loss of health can be very annoying, but it also implies to the player that Dante should not be hit from the start. Short steps that have only one goal give the player more breathing space, but if you are going to try to get an S rating, you have to work hard.

Reconsider the notion that mode The difficult bridge between the normal state and Dante must die, the difficult state is a barrier. In this mode, the player goes on secret missions, gets a lot of blue and red balls, and finally upgrades all of Dante's skills. In this mode, the enemies give the player even more red balls than in the normal mode, which makes it easier to improve in the game. Hidden missions can get a little more difficult if you do not complete them normally, but they are not impossible or exhausting at all. The creators' overall goal in designing the difficult mode was to encourage the player to explore all parts of the game and prepare Dante for the "Dante Must Die" mode. Now if you succeed in your first attempt - in normal mode - get all the red and blue spells, during the difficult mode you can only improve your skills and prepare for the main challenge.

In total, the mode Difficulty is extremely important in balancing Doyle May. If a player suddenly dies from normal to Dante, he will have a lot of problems because he has not yet developed his skills enough and has not received the required items. Without difficulty, Doyle's balance is virtually lost. . . ( ) .

BingMag.com <b>Why</b> is <b>Doyle</b> <b>May's</b> <b>hard</b> <b>design</b> unparalleled?

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BingMag.com <b>Why</b> is <b>Doyle</b> <b>May's</b> <b>hard</b> <b>design</b> unparalleled?

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BingMag.com <b>Why</b> is <b>Doyle</b> <b>May's</b> <b>hard</b> <b>design</b> unparalleled?

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