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Why is the de_dust2 Counter-Strike map so popular?

BingMag.com Why is the <b>de_dust2</b> <b>Counter-Strike</b> <b>map</b> so popular?

Although Counter Strike does not need to be introduced, but as a precaution it is better to provide a brief and useful introduction to this game and this map Counter Strike is a first-person multiplayer online action game, the first version of which was released to the public around the year 2000. This game is about the battle between two groups of terrorists and anti-terrorists and has a number of plans with different goals; The goal of any map is generally either to rescue the hostages or defuse the bomb.

De-dust2 - known in the Global Offensive version as Dust 2 - is by far the most popular Counter-Strike map. It was created by David Johnston, a person who had previously made de-dust1. The location of the map is not the most important aspect. However, it is still important because it allows the player to ask the question, "Where am I now?" Recognize its position in the map space. 2204/19376-2.jpg ">


Although it looks like 2 open maps, it is structured to provide all the guidance needed for navigation. It provides the player.

The novice player will never feel like he has lost his way. All the elements of the map, in addition to playing a role in the player reaching his goal, also indicate where the desired goal is on the map. For example, the position of the bombs was painted on the wall with a guide arrow and on the locked doors was written "No Exit".

BingMag.com Why is the <b>de_dust2</b> <b>Counter-Strike</b> <b>map</b> so popular? BingMag.com Why is the <b>de_dust2</b> <b>Counter-Strike</b> <b>map</b> so popular? BingMag.com Why is the <b>de_dust2</b> <b>Counter-Strike</b> <b>map</b> so popular?

Another element that shows the player the way forward. The texture of the floor is paved. All the player has to do is follow the paved fields to reach the bombing site or other important access points of the map. The routing method is clearly and directly shown to the player.

BingMag.com Why is the <b>de_dust2</b> <b>Counter-Strike</b> <b>map</b> so popular?

The player can only review and analyze The map structure reveals its target position and how to reach it.

Low-rise walls are also effective in guiding the player, although the player's progress may be hampered and he may have to change course.

Due to the simplification of the navigation system, all the games that are followed in Didsat 2 have a very smooth and fast rhythm. In the following, we will examine to see how the design of the game stage succeeded in slowing down the rhythm and creating tension zones.

Rhythm and game flow control

Given that it looks like 2 relatively old maps, its surface structure is block-shaped. This block-like structure causes the corner of each building to have sharp angles. These sharp angles add variety to the player's rhythm. Anyone who has played 2 for a while will have a new habit of slowing down at the end of each turn to peek across the wall (however, the map is based on infiltration) or sound. Hear the footsteps of the enemy. The sound of walking is one of the main signs that the enemy is close.

More importantly, the angular structure of the map makes the player highly dependent on the grenade.

Other factors that It varies the rhythm. These checkpoints are essentially passages that are mandatory to cross (as well as guide the player) and force team members to skip one by one. These passages slow down the game and also increase the likelihood of close-range collisions. However, some players can influence these points by picking up a sniper rifle and firing into the gap at a distance. However, the sniper does not always respond. When the vast majority of players are killed and the map becomes more secluded, players are forced to approach these passages and engage the enemy closely. However, even some passages have long corridors that allow remote firing.

BingMag.com Why is the <b>de_dust2</b> <b>Counter-Strike</b> <b>map</b> so popular?

map structure was not like this, one of the teams might have been in a very unfavorable position in the offensive attacks at the beginning of the game and would have lost the first hand.

map like this Designed to move the player easily. There has also been some effort in the direction of verticality, which allows the player to continue moving at different heights.

BingMag.com Why is the <b>de_dust2</b> <b>Counter-Strike</b> <b>map</b> so popular?

BingMag.com Why is the <b>de_dust2</b> <b>Counter-Strike</b> <b>map</b> so popular? If the player jumps on the boxes to reach the ground, p p== caption-attachment-1091647 There is no harm to him

The topology of the map also plays a role in creating a slope on this verticalization. The slopes go down, and the stage designer was able to add several steps to create different progress routes and shooting points. The multiplicity of the map is very enjoyable. This feature allows the player to find different ways to navigate and also to choose different strategies according to his style of play.


Places suitable for engagement They are the darkest points on the map from close range and create doubt in the player's mind. These points are interesting in that they are in stark contrast to the mood and general appearance of the rest of the map. Therefore, in addition to the narrowness of places (for example, tunnels), the lighting of places also affects the rhythm of the game.

BingMag.com Why is the <b>de_dust2</b> <b>Counter-Strike</b> <b>map</b> so popular?

The player can use the darkness to his advantage, for example, the Phoenix Connexion group in the terrorist team wears clothes similar to the anti-terrorists. In the dark, where it is difficult to distinguish between friend and foe, the player can take advantage of this.

In the dark, the player usually digs more or tries to protect himself by throwing preventive grenades. .

Accurate Balancing

This is the most important feature of the map. View2 is one of the most balanced Counter-Strike maps. Although this map is asymmetric, its creator, David Johnston, has made sure that no team is superior to another. If the counter-terrorists decide to attack one of the four points of conflict, they will arrive there almost at the same time as the terrorists (and vice versa). The individual skills of the players and the overall strength of the team are the most important determinants of defeat or victory in the game. Most importantly, the middle section of the map provides players with an opportunity to move faster between bombardment areas and is also a good place to fight.

BingMag.com Why is the <b>de_dust2</b> <b>Counter-Strike</b> <b>map</b> so popular?

The middle part of the map provides several shooting points as well as several entrances to different points

They are close. This decision was deliberately implemented so that they could maintain their position and devise a strategy before the terrorists arrived. Of course, in the versions released after Counter Strike Zero, you can see a series of balancing problems. For example, in the Source version, Zone A boxes can not completely hide a terrorist, so terrorists have to sit on the ground. This problem does not exist in Zero and version 1.6.

The most interesting feature of Dido 2 is that it is impossible to camp due to time constraints. The map is designed so that you can not focus on just one entry point. One reason is the time limit of each round of play and another reason is the map architecture. At the same time, each player has to pay attention to several places, so he can not stand still and monitor a point. It should also be noted that it is easier to target a motionless player than a moving player.


In this article we tried to explain why the map Didasd 2 is so popular and enduring. The following is a summary of the reasons given:

  • The map is highly balanced despite being asymmetric, and neither team is superior to the other
  • The structure of the map is as follows: That forces the player to constantly change the rhythm of his game (between fast and slow)
  • The map is designed so that the player can look at his surroundings and answer the three main questions that may be for him Come on give: 1. Where am I now? 2. where should I go? 3. How do I get there?

The latter is very interesting, as it is difficult to design such a plan for multiplayer games, and in multiplayer games it is common for the player to be confused for a long time before Know the way to repeat the map like the palm of your hand.

Source: Gamedeveloper.com

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