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Why Final Fantasy has the 12 best stories in the history of this series

BingMag.com Why Final Fantasy has the 12 best stories in the history of this series

Xbox's recent announcement of the addition of Final Fantasy 12: The Zodiac Age to the game in February means another step towards experiencing all of its original titles. We will have a role-playing franchise with Microsoft membership service.

In addition, we have another opportunity to renew the covenant with Final Fantasy 12. Fans and even the game's creators have called the story disappointing, with the creators believing that problems with the game's development process ultimately thwarted their efforts to provide fans with a decent title. Final Fantasy 12 was well received in 2006, but because of its controversial story, it has always been next to a star in the corner of its name.

However, over the years, there are compelling reasons to conclude that Fantasy 12 has not only been ridiculed, but it can be claimed to have the best story in the history of the Final Fantasy franchise. Before you stubbornly oppose this claim, we invite you to study the reasons we will discuss in this article and then re-judge the story.

Best Final Fantasy Political Story

BingMag.com Why Final Fantasy has the 12 best stories in the history of this series

For those who are fond of the game's story, the slightest hint of the political elements of Final Fantasy 12 is enough to make them Simply put, a significant group of fans believed that Final Fantasy should be more fantasy-oriented and less about the relationship between the realms and their rulers. Fifteen years after the release of Final Fantasy 12, this element of the game story has not lost its luster among others. This is not the first Fantasy Fantasy game to depict a war between territories, but it certainly certainly performs best in exploring the motives and history of these lands. This comparison does not seem far-fetched when you are involved in alliances, betrayals, and reforms that take place during these conflicts. While it may sound a bit extremist to say that all Final Fantasy games should emulate this game, the political angles of Final Fantasy 12 make sense given all that the franchise has so far offered.

The story of Final Fantasy 12 An efficient way to show the depth of his world

BingMag.com Why Final Fantasy has the 12 best stories in the history of this series

those people who like Final Fantasy 12 Criticism usually considers the game world and how it is constructed as one of the strengths of this title.

The success of the game in this aspect is often due to the quality of its functions and side missions. Released late in the life of the PlayStation 2, this title is one of the few last-generation games that could have harnessed the power of the PlayStation 3 hardware, but instead the makers of this shortcoming of the PlayStation 2 hardware paid more attention to the depth and story that each The narrative game environments made up for it.

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This is also true for Final Fantasy 12 side missions. They are satisfying both in terms of gameplay and in terms of processing the smaller stories of the game world, so much so that you will ultimately appreciate the amount of attention paid to the creation of each of them.

Play professional voice actors It turned out that the dialogues went well

The first full-sounding experience of the Final Fantasy series with Final Fantasy 10 did not leave any good memories in the fans' memory. The game itself is great, but the level of Tommy Viso's dialogue and performance led to scenes like this:


For Final Fantasy 12, experienced voice actors The creators believed that they had the ability to evoke emotions and dialogue well, which they did. Of course, the quality of the Final Fantasy 12 characters is questionable compared to other franchise titles, but the voice acting in this game set a standard level that even some future versions failed to pass. The good sound quality in this game makes it easier to enjoy the other parts that are neatly put together.

The mood of Final Fantasy was 12 new breaths for the franchise

BingMag.com Why Final Fantasy has the 12 best stories in the history of this series

As one of the defenders of the story of Final Fantasy 8, I can not sit here and say that this series can not be good when it is unreasonable. Irrationality is one of the biggest shaping parts of the Final Fantasy franchise. Nevertheless, there is a completely new and original feeling in most of the elements rooted in the reality of Final Fantasy 12.

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This includes the political aspects of the game's story, but goes beyond it and with a little reflection one can feel that the game's characters were born and raised in this world. Because their goals and growth are believable and sometimes sympathetic. Even the more fantasy-centric elements of Final Fantasy 12 are embedded in the story in a way that does not interfere with its realistic nature. This makes the story stand out and at the same time retains its magical feel.

Final Fantasy 12 does not bother you

BingMag.com Why Final Fantasy has the 12 best stories in the history of this series

Opinions about unbreakable cutscenes and other non-interactive story elements vary, but opinions about the Final Fantasy 10 mandatory ten-hour storytelling and crossing acceptable boundaries are the same.

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