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Why didn't OG win the Dota 2 World Championship for the third year in a row?

BingMag.com Why didn't OG win the Dota 2 World Championship for the third year in a row?

There is always a story in the series of eaters who, despite all the doubts, disappointments and failures, overcome great challenges and achieve great victories for us. And our lives have been inspiring. It is as if we can see our lives and countless struggles at the heart of these efforts, all of which have not necessarily been fruitful. But on the other hand, this great victory on the part of a humble and so-called secretive group motivates many of us for our goals.

They may say, "You can do anything if you want!" It is a great deception to feed the capitalist system and a marketing tool to sell motivational books, but when we see such inspiring stories with our own eyes, we re-evaluate ourselves and our abilities and go to war with the difficulties of our lives with a new spirit./p>

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This is perhaps the main reason why the OG team is so popular among dozens of Dota 2 professional teams around the world; An impressive account of how the captain of the team, N0tail, managed to regroup and endure after betraying his best friend and leaving the team to play for a more successful team - which had a better chance of winning The International 2018 championship. Unbreakable and fight for the survival of the OG for its survival. How "Ceb" inspired his team members with his unstoppable positive thinking at every step of this ups and downs. How "Topson" from a low level player who played in the city giants was able to become the most unpredictable player in all teams and surprise the opposing team with his unusual style at every stage of the game. Or even "Ana" and "Jerax" who, with exemplary coordination, ensured the team's victory.

BingMag.com Why didn't OG win the Dota 2 World Championship for the third year in a row?

Anyway, who can forget that epic moment of rescuing "Anna" by "Sab"? A move that alone weighed so much that it led to OG winning the world three years ago, TI8. In that game, the OG team won the first match and lost the next two games to PSG LGD due to inaccuracy. But in the crucial fourth game, "Sab" became an untamed monster, and "Anna" did her best to carry the team.

Next year, OG knew full well. The team is an unrepeatable line-up, spending plenty of time to devise an almost perfect strategy and stepping into TI9 with such vigor that almost no team or player had a chance against the relentless, calculated and planned attacks of Nutil and his teammates. Winning the next World Cup seemed so simple for OG that from one point on, Anna sacrificed the opposing team with a series of support heroes to simply humiliate them. Although OG's victory at TI8 was very sensitive and imminent, it is safe to say that their re-emergence at TI9 was not even challenging. "Nutil", "Seb", "Tapson", "Anna" and "Jerks" played with such confidence that it was nothing but their right to win.

On the other hand, from the very beginning of the second OG's victory at the World Cup has led many to question whether the legendary team can win the championship for the third year in a row next year. But unfortunately, the fate of another story was decided to continue the path of OG.

BingMag.com Why didn't OG win the Dota 2 World Championship for the third year in a row?

Consecutive championships are considered to be an extraordinary achievement, but for many of these professional players, it comes at the cost of sacrificing their personal lives. For example, "Anna" had talked many times about the psychological pressures of participating in doubles competitions. It is unlikely that even a professional player would deny that two can be very harmful. Yes, there is a possibility of defeat and its devastating psychological effects in any other sport, but the gameplay of Dota and its indescribable complexities are a constant mental softness for these players. Obviously, each person lasts for a certain period of time; A person like "Anna" who, as a Kerry player, had a duty to guarantee OG victory in each game. There is no doubt that the roles of "Support" and even the "Middle" player are key to achieving this victory, but in the end, as we approach the final moments of each match, it is the "Kerry" player who must overcome the opposing team.

These issues caused "Anna" to retire from playing two games after the 2018 championship. Of course, after a significant break, "Anna" returned to accompany her teammates in the 2019 competitions. But when it came to OG's third major test, he failed to appear on stage. The team immediately sought to replace one of the Safelane Dota's best players, and it was not long before new champions joined in the form of MidOne and Sumail.

These two players, in turn, were very professional players, for example, "Midwan" himself had won the World Cup twice, the new OG lineup could not achieve those extraordinary results of the previous team and experienced consecutive defeats in local competitions and regional leagues. The truth may be a bitter and not-so-mature judgment, but when we look at the games of the past year, one thing is clear: new players on the team can not bring the surprises of old people back.

BingMag.com Why didn't OG win the Dota 2 World Championship for the third year in a row?

Finally, when OG went to TI10 or the 2021 World Cup, instead of "Anna" and "Jerks" and fights Surprisingly, those who changed the course of the game in favor of the team, "Sommel" as the main Kerry and "Saksa" as Soft Support, along with "Nutil", "Sab" and "Tapson".

Now, if this combination did not sufficiently disrupt OG's dominance, the not-so-favorable "Sab" situation would have worsened the situation. As die-hard fans of the team know, Sebastian had his eye operated on a few days before the start of the World Cup. It is certainly commendable that "Sab" is so committed to the game between Dota and his team that, despite his unfavorable situation, he entered the tournament, but there is no doubt that it has had a great impact on his skills and leadership.

Finally, perhaps the most important issue that led to OG's defeat to Team Spirit and their elimination from International 2021 is the lack of coordination. I was really upset when I watched their last match in front of the team. For example, in one of the hotspots of the game, "Saxa" and "Sommel" attacked the base of the opposing team alone and two people fought against five people, which resulted in the death of both of them, when "Nutil" and "Sab" And Topson were in the woods.

BingMag.com Why didn't OG win the Dota 2 World Championship for the third year in a row?

It turns out that OG not only did not have a specific strategy for participating in this year's competition, but also failed to maintain coherence during it. In fact, the fact that "Nutil" and his team were able to advance to the third stage of low blessing with this awful performance is a miracle in itself. Maybe they owe this not-so-remarkable success to their experience from previous "International" games.

Finally, if "Saxa" and "Sommel" spend more time training with OG and the team for the next matches Be more prepared, you can expect a return to the golden days. But as a fan of this team, I hope that "Jerks" like "Anna", who recently returned to two, will retire and that #DreamOG team will be formed again.

What do you think about this? And how do you evaluate OG performance in The International 2021?

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