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What will the Final Fantasy 16 battles be like? Action or turn-based combat system?

BingMag.com What will the Final Fantasy 16 battles be like? Action or turn-based combat system?

After the unveiling of the latest and last title of the Final Fantasy franchise, interesting news and information about this game were released. Fans learn more about the directors and production team of Final Fantasy 16. One of the most notable members of the team is Ryota Suzuki, who has previously worked on the battle systems of Devil May Cry 5 and Dragons Dogma. The impact of Suzuki's presence in the Final Fantasy 16 trailer can be seen, in which we see the new action-oriented system that has its own charms. They have a role to play. The Final Fantasy 15 battle system was efficient and became an important milestone in the franchise, but it did not contain the challenging and profound elements expected from a Final Fantasy game. Final Fantasy 7 Remix offered a more optimized and powerful battle system than Final Fantasy 15, but this system is not without flaws. Given that we now know who is working on the Final Fantasy 16 fighting system, this game could be the perfect balance between the two games before it.

Final Fantasy 15's first attempt at using a fully action battle system h2>

BingMag.com What will the Final Fantasy 16 battles be like? Action or turn-based combat system?

It is no secret that Final Fantasy 15 spent a long time in the purgatory of the production process. But there is no information that the battle system has changed much, but in comparison with the final product with the videos released from Final Fantasy Versus 13, there are significant differences.

Final Fantasy 15 combat system on attack and The reaction is riding and the use of magical elements is possible for players but not mandatory. Summonses were mostly usable as comeback mechanics, or depending on the difficulty of the battle, the summons bar was filled to be used at the appropriate time of the player's choice. Compared to previous titles, the gameplay path from ground to sky was different from its predecessors. From a practical point of view, the Fantasy Fantasy fighting system did not have 15 depths and layers that could make the battles attractive.

BingMag.com What will the Final Fantasy 16 battles be like? Action or turn-based combat system?

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The deliberate evolution of Final Fantasy 7 Remix

BingMag.com What will the Final Fantasy 16 battles be like? Action or turn-based combat system?

The situation has changed with the release of the latest title of the franchise, Final Fantasy 7 Remix. Final Fantasy Fighting System 7 is an action-based remake that is in stark contrast to the original version and its turn-based system. But this battle system was a cautious evolution of Final Fantasy 15.

All the elements that fans were familiar with from the original game, such as the choice of material for magic and the filling of the Limit Break bar, were embedded in the battle system. Players have more practical freedom when attacking, dodging, and using skills/magic, each of which affects the course of the battle in an appropriate way. Final Fantasy 7 Remake confronted the criticisms of the battles in Final Fantasy 15 and passed them successfully without sacrificing the nature and identity of the main game characters and the battle system.

In addition, Other interesting decisions were made in the meantime; For example, dodging does not counteract the player, so blocking attacks is often a better option in battle. Sometimes the AI of team members does not seem very active and often the emphasis is too much on the player. However, if Final Fantasy 16 wants to be inspired by past titles, the remake has the best chance.

Combining both systems for Final Fantasy 16

BingMag.com What will the Final Fantasy 16 battles be like? Action or turn-based combat system?

From what we have seen in the Final Fantasy 16 trailer, elements similar to the action style of Devil May Cry game mixed with Final Fantasy elements can be clearly seen.

Two The protagonists of the game show a kind of enhanced combat positions during battle, which is clearly influenced by Capcom's action battle mechanics. However, attacks by magical elements such as fire and wind seem to play a key role in battle. One of the knights uses Word of Fire with warp-like attacks (like Naktis in Final Fantasy 15) to attack a Marlboro. Several characters can be seen using elemental attacks in combination with physical attacks to inflict a series of damage on enemies, which is honestly a combination of the best aspects of the remake and Final Fantasy 15 combat system.

The fact that the series seems to be moving towards action-oriented action can be seen as another clever evolution of Final Fantasy battle mechanics. In addition, with a combination of combat and psychological attacks reminiscent of Devil May Cr games, Final Fantasy 16 can offer fans the deepest role-playing action battle system.

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Final Fantasy 16 is being developed as one of the exclusive PlayStation 5 titles.

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