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What exactly is the old ring in Elden Ring?

BingMag.com <b>What</b> <b>exactly</b> is the <b>old</b> <b>ring</b> in <b>Elden</b> Ring?

Recently, during the Game Awards 2021 event, we saw the release of a new story trailer of the game Elden Ring, which was obviously intended to arouse the curiosity of fans about Stimulate with the game world. Now an important and fundamental question arises in our minds: What exactly is Alden ring or the same old ring?

Since the teaser of the Alden ring trailer was released in 2019, many fans have created this hypothesis. That the old ring is a physical and real ring (perhaps something like the ring of power in the Lord of the Rings). At the time, this hypothesis seemed plausible based on the information we had. On the other hand, the idea of a megaphone and the presence of a magic ring has been repeatedly portrayed in the fantasy genre. Megafine is a conceptual term in cinema and literature, and refers to an object, device, or event that plays an important role in the story or character development, but is not in itself so important. The word McGuffin was first introduced to the cinema by British screenwriter Angus McPhail and popularized by Alfred Hitchcock.

Now back to the point. Alden ring created new hypotheses in the minds of the audience with his latest story trailer in Game Awards, and many now believe that Alden ring is not a physical object or a magical jewel.

The trailer above begins with a narrator explaining that something called the "Rune of Death" was stolen and that Godwyn the Golden was killed some time later. The same dialogue tells us in some way that the death spell had prevented the death of some demigods like Godwyn.

The narrator then explains that Godwyn's death caused Queen Marika to go mad. Next we see a character who removes his crown and places it on the throne. At this point the narrator tells us, "The era of collapse has begun; A war that only spread darkness "and that" the old Ring/Alden ring was broken, but by whom? " And why?

It is easy to assume that the person who puts the crown on the throne is Queen Marika, and the great war that the narrator says was the result of Godwyn's death and the collapse that followed the breaking of the ring. . With all this in mind, the image below can give us a relatively different interpretation of events.

BingMag.com <b>What</b> <b>exactly</b> is the <b>old</b> <b>ring</b> in <b>Elden</b> Ring?

While this is an interesting hypothesis and could explain some of the events and backgrounds of the old ring story But there is other information that confirms the initial hypothesis of the fans: that Alden ring is really a ring and a physical body. First, in the first Elden ring trailer since 2019, we see a character holding a large hammer who wants to either destroy the Alden ring or build it. Then, just as the narrator is talking about breaking the ring, vague images of a broken gold ring are displayed.

The idea that the old ring is really a physical and tangible ring is confirmed by the game's official synopsis. Hidtaka Miyazaki (creator of the game) has also mentioned several times that the Alden ring is not only broken but also broken into small pieces. As a result, linguistically we can think of a group of characters who are "broken" and separated, but described as "fragmented" a little differently.

Elden's official introduction "Marika's children, all demigods, claim that the pieces of the ancient ring are known as the Great Runes, and that their insane power led to the formation of war: the age of collapse," says Ring. This type of terminology not only confirms the idea that the ring is physical, but also recognizes its fragments as new spells. So could Godwyn's pre-death ring be broken and the death spell actually one of its several powerful spells? If we look at this correctly, we can conclude that someone has obtained the death spell and killed Godwyn.

Finally, much of the game's story revolves around finding the person responsible. It was a breaking ring. If Alden ring referred to the same council of demigods, it would no longer be a big secret to "break" it (although there is also the idea that the protagonist is looking for the man who stole the death spell and killed Godwyn.) Consider spells or runes as a series of different things). Given the official information we have now, we are more likely to believe that the ancient ring is a real object rather than a metaphorical expression. This time ring has been broken by an unknown person and its pieces have now brought the world to the brink of extinction. "Alden Ring's power shook" and that Alden ring "is the source of the Erdtree". Erdtree is a "tree of the world" and some fans say that this tree can connect The Lands Between to creatures called The Greater Will and their gifts. Thus it can be concluded that whoever possesses the ring and its powers can decide the fate of the lands. It is also possible that Godwyn, Queen Marika, and other demigods divided the power of the ring until the time of the collapse came and power fell to the wrongdoers.

BingMag.com <b>What</b> <b>exactly</b> is the <b>old</b> <b>ring</b> in <b>Elden</b> Ring?

As you know, George R. R. Martin, the creator of Game of Thrones, has been tasked with creating the world and the Alden ring storyline. On the other hand, Hidataka Miyazaki's plays have always had an extraordinary depth of story, and it can be said that his collaboration with George Martin has created a unique story potential for Alden Ring.

Miyazaki and his team At FromSoftware Studios, they did some groundbreaking work with amazing art, and all they wanted from me was a little globalization: a deep, dark, resonant world that served as the basis for their play. And as you know, I love creating worlds and writing fictional history.

- George Martin's talk in an interview

Usually found in Framework titles, they are designed to immerse players in the game world and encourage them to explore all parts of the world using acoustic signs and stage design. Many Alden ring mechanisms give the player a lot of freedom of action, so Miyazaki's storytelling style is a great choice for Alden Ring. However, Martin fans can be aware of the fact that his contributions have significantly affected the game and changed its overall scale. According to Miyazaki Martin, the Elden ring is more character-driven than previous studio games. Martin has done things for the studio that this Japanese developer could not do alone. Elden ring is an incredibly ambitious game, and Martin's participation has brought a sense of rich storytelling and a variety of characters. Have a ring. Clearly, with the current information, we do not have the ability to unravel the mysteries of the complex and vast world of the game - at least not comprehensively. As a result, we have to be content with the available items and prepare for the game experience on March 26, 1400

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