What does worldliness mean in video games?

When was the last game to sink into the world of intense gaming? We do not mean high graphics and beautiful scenery. Our main discussion is about stories, culture, descriptions, music, history and more. A kind of construction of the game world.

BingMag.com What does worldliness mean in video games?

When was the last game to sink into the world of intense gaming? We do not mean high graphics and beautiful scenery. Our main discussion is about stories, culture, descriptions, music, history and more. A kind of construction of the game world.

This is mostly said about fantasy writers. Making the game world means that these people make the game something believable. Building a game world can make it very successful. On the other hand, it can completely destroy it.

The technology is unique in new consoles. For example, the presence of items such as high graphics or ray tracing can completely distract us. If building a game world is not just about technology. Of course, in the past we have seen the game world sacrifice technology. For example, Final Fantasy 15 and Mass Effect Andromeda are examples of this category. The creators of these two games both have some of the best role-playing games.

BingMag.com What does worldliness mean in video games?

Final Fantasy 15 was a great success, but it did not shine much in the Final Fantasy series.

And BioWare are thinking of rebuilding their old games. An example is making a complete remake of Final Fantasy 7. Both companies know that the world of old games is much more complete than what is now in games.

Before computers and devices reached this level of power, page builders designed dialogues and stories. This would make the player more involved in the game. Basically, the status of each character was described to you. That's why there were so many details in it. Those who did so were Baldurs Gate and Betrayal at Kron. Bethesda made a lot of money making Morrowind. You consider the world of space creatures. This strange world was created as a taxi for fast travel. Also there was a menu and a lot of information in it. Elder Scrolls 4: Oblivion took the story one step further. The way other characters in the world worked. Previously, these characters stood still and waited for you to ask them something. It was the first time in this game that other characters in the game did not look decorative and absurd. But they had an identity.

BingMag.com What does worldliness mean in video games?

Alder Scrolls 4 was technically very impressive and beautiful in its time.

Definitely, given the vastness of the world, there were duplicates of it. This was especially the case in black holes. However, there were many things in the game to explain the events.

For example, in a stage in Bruma called Lifting the Vale, you come across an interesting background story. You were growing. Chief Bromma asks you to take the Draconian Madstone from Akaviri. Aquarius lives in a remote mountain that once attacked Cyrodiil. For more information, you will be given a book in which Aquarius's daily life is written. Also, a map is given to find his location. When you are inside, you will fight skeletons and ghosts. When you read the books in the game, you will understand why Aquarius is trapped and stuck there.

Now, after a few years, the creators have paid more attention to the graphics and gameplay. For this reason, their main focus is not on building the game world. Now we come to Skyrim. This game has all the elements for which the Alder Scrolls collection is famous. The problem is that this game is enough for these things. Bethesda focused more on the mechanics of the battles and stages than on building the game world. Of course, compared to the previous ones in this series, this improvement was really necessary.

It may be very strange to say that Skyrim is weak. Especially since Skyrim had about 100 hours more content than the previous issue in this series. There were even more than 70 different voice actors in the game so that the sounds would not be boring. Do not forget the dragons in the game. This is definitely not wrong. Skyrim is one of the biggest titles in the history of video games.

BingMag.com What does worldliness mean in video games?

Skyrim, despite its problems, is still one of the most important titles in the history of video games.

When Skyrim was introduced, a very beautiful and cinematic world was introduced to gamers. If you look a little closer, you will notice that Skyrim does not have much content in general. There were many voice actors in the game but they had nothing to say. There were a lot of books in the game, but it was like a magazine compared to Alder Scrolls 4. The scenery was beautiful, but nothing special compared to Morrowind. This game was a simple Scandinavian world. It is true that there were dragons and werewolves in it, but these items only distracted you from the absence of the main items.

Let's explain this discussion with a familiar example. Morrowind is an example of a very good morsel made by your mother. Everything is in place and there is no shortage. It may not be like what you eat at fast food, but it is much more enjoyable.

Oblivion is like a chain fast food. These shops prepare their food in the best way and are better than most other places. It may increase or decrease a little, but it is always good because of the fixed formula. Skyrim is like a sandwich made in a small shop. A very large sandwich that contains too much content. It is definitely not easy for you to eat, but it will definitely satisfy you. The content is so large that it may leak out in the middle of your meal.

In some areas you will notice that Skyrim looks a bit like Fall 76. A game that was released several years later. This comparison may have been a little weird, but it did mean it to us.

Now for Witcher 3

The first 3 hours of Witcher are strangely good at building the game world. You are looking for Jennifer in a place called White Orchard and you are just a few days before a war. After this war, the world will be completely in the hands of Nilfgaard. Before the main mission, you can go on a side mission called Devil by the Well.

There you go to a country house where the daughter of the family falls ill. This girl ate from the polluted river water and she is not feeling well. Water pollution is also due to the war that took place around this village. What makes these side missions so believable and interesting is their engagement with the game environment.

BingMag.com What does worldliness mean in video games?

Witcher 3 is one of the most important titles in the history of video games and the connection between the story and its world has always been famous.

You have to go to a well in a village go. Kill the monster in it and prevent people from drinking the water in the river. The story becomes interesting when you fight the monsters in that village. Geralt has become a detective looking for what happened in the village.

You have to go through the details one by one and finally find a note. This post was written by a lady and is about her wedding day. After a few bad incidents, you find the woman's skeleton hanging in the well. Geralt explains that the only way to completely eradicate the monsters in this village is to find the woman's property and burn it along with her remains. They were real. Also provided with other information about destroying monsters. You can do all the necessary things and get your reward at the end. When you think the story is over, it goes on. When you ask the father of the family about a person who has died in the village, he or she will refer you to a herbalist. Then when you talk to a specialist, you will receive interesting information. You should ask her about a woman who died in the village named Claer. The herbalist will tell you that she once had a friend. The Claire family came to this city because of the problems they had in their city. Their boss tried to bring them back to their hometown but was unsuccessful. That's why he argued with this family. In the end, these people fought with each other and Claire was killed in this fight.

BingMag.com What does worldliness mean in video games?

End of the mission It was very interesting! The interesting thing was to introduce a new character to the game to explain the story to Geralt. This character, along with many other things, made the story of this dead girl very exciting in the game.

This story is still going on. Part of Griffin's mission is to find a hunter. You kill some wolves with him. Then you can talk to him about different topics. In the meantime, you will notice that he has recently reached the carpet from the throne. Geralt thinks he is a werewolf. Not so! Rather, he had problems with the son of the mayor of Claire village. After much arguing, he killed his son.

The important point is that not only did you learn an interesting story about a hunter, but the Claire affair was completed. So Claire may have said something about her mayor's son that killed her.

This is an example of one of the best games in the game. You have chosen only one completely random side mission. Now you are faced with a very complex and beautiful story. In essence, this mission is more than a small struggle and shows the culture of the game world. You may be so involved in this mission that you will never forget you are in a game. It is as if you are reading a very beautiful novel. Or even watch an interesting series. This is not what you expect from a game.

BingMag.com What does worldliness mean in video games?


Maromind and the Alder Scrolls series laid the groundwork for new role-playing games. It was Witcher 3 that completed and matured this style. It is true that Witcher's games were based on books. That's why there was a great resource for this game. This is also true for Bethesda. Both Elder Scrolls: Arena and Blood of Elves were released in 1994.

Of course, Witcher 3 was released a few years after Skyrim. As a result, CD Project Red had more opportunities to work on the game. Also, technology had advanced further. However, both games cost close to $ 80 million to build.

As Alder Scrolls 6 will soon be available for next-generation consoles, expectations are high. Now that new games are so expensive to make, is it not logical that we should see a good story with great graphics and gameplay? So what about the gaming world? Shouldn't it matter? If these are not taken into account, then where is this amount of money spent? On retrying? Maybe even on 3D sound!

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