Was there a city similar to rapture and floating on the waters?

The city of Rapture in BioShock, from the very beginning, seemed like just a city that was the result of someone else's dream, and it was. There may not always be a lighthouse, but there is always a man who wants his city to serve his desires and interests.

BingMag.com Was there a city similar to rapture and floating on the waters?

The city of Rapture in BioShock, from the very beginning, seemed like just a city that was the result of someone else's dream, and it was. There may not always be a lighthouse, but there is always a man who wants his city to serve his desires and interests.

Libertarians have so far been misunderstanding in understanding the problems of societies and have tried to change their top-down thinking. It takes the form of communities far away, where government rules and regulations are not intrusive, and people who always have a story to tell about their escape and starting over in faraway places. The desire to drop everything and leave to build a new city is understandable, but what makes society a desirable place for people is to be willing to give up some of their individual freedoms.

However, if If people are completely free, and do not make decisions based on anything but their own decisions and desires, are not accountable and responsible to anyone, can it be said that a person belongs to something fundamentally? Is it possible to make something that is made of everything without leaving anything? Or does it leave you in a lower position than when you started? The elephant in the room that is being ignored is a man with ideas and visions that are most likely to harm others.

Fifteen years ago, Bioshock left the world in awe of how a city isolated from the rest of the world and What does it look like with absolute freedom for people? Everything, from the art they created and the science they discovered, was created with this freedom in mind, whether good or bad. And in this process, Andrew Ryan was able to build a city on or under water.

Irrational Games talks about what disasters will happen if we leave man alone to his own ideas and tools. He was honest, but in order to be a good video game, he naturally embellished some parts. What will be the fate of the world, which is governed only by Objectivism and individual ideals like Ayn Rand? BioShock was an investigation of how citizens will react when they know that their philosophical and/or political ideas will be suppressed, and how the big-headed businessmen, if there are no regulations in front of them and only encouragement, put others at risk. p>

This is a big-budget game, so it quickly takes the player to flashy sequences where lightning bolts shoot, flames erupt, or swarms of bees magically emerge from their hands. But at the same time, International Games has tried to reveal the unfortunate consequences of this belief system and its impact on the people, where Rapture City leaves the hands of shareholders and landowners free to dominate the common people (can you imagine that?)

And yet, this fascist fish tank has much more in common with other cities that wanted to be built on water than I thought. Of course, I don't just mean that there is a piper and a piper in both music.

Earthnal Games showed us glimpses of minarchism, a branch of libertarianism, which set Rapture's wheels in motion for a while. had taken off But the player's starting point is not in the city, but in the middle of the ocean, and from there he reaches a lighthouse and discovers a ruined underwater city that has been completely destroyed by civil war. At the same time, there is a man who has the title of God and King, and for these he came to the sea world, but for the same he also reached the outer world.

BingMag.com Was there a city similar to rapture and floating on the waters?

A concept image published by the institute founded by Patri Friedman shows a city floating on water. Behind the economic motivations, Friedman's ideal is, like Andrew Ryan's, a libertarian ideal.

The most fundamental text in The Rapture is undoubtedly Andrew Ryan's own monologue, in which he explains the idea behind the Rapture to those who see the world like Ryan. introduces He is the founder of the city, and eventually, its ruler.

The player hears Ryan's now famous voice recording as he descends from the lighthouse, inside a bathysphere, towards the city, and no Little does he know that what awaits him down there could be worse than what he saw on the surface of the ocean waves.

I'm Andrew Ryan, and I'm here to ask you a question. Is a person not entitled to what he earned by the sweat of his brow? "No," replied a man in Washington: "It belongs to the poor." "No," answered a man in the Vatican: "It belongs to God." "No," answered a man in Moscow: "It belongs to everyone." I reject all these answers. Instead, I chose something different. I chose impossible. I chose Rapture; A city where the artist will not be afraid of censorship. The scientist will not be involved in trivial moral issues, where the elders will not be limited by the little ones! And by the sweat of your brow, Rapture can become your city.

Andrew Ryan is the founder of Rapture and the ideas and inspiration behind it. The reasons he gives for his disillusionment with the state of the world aren't all that different from the real-world floating-city-on-water builders themselves.

Ryan was forced to leave Russia for the United States as a child. to be spared from the violence and purges in his country. After several investments in various businesses, he became very rich, especially in the oil industry, but he became disillusioned with America when President Franklin D. Roosevelt started the New Deal with the aim of helping the poor sections of society. Ryan believed that socialism and collectivism, which the country is moving towards, are two devilish principles. America's use of atomic weapons against Japan in World War II was seen as an overkill but not for the reasons you might think. The merciless massacre of Japanese citizens by the Americans caused Ryan to focus on his underwater utopia - although his problem with it was not because of the war crimes, but because the country used science and technology as a weapon.

BingMag.com Was there a city similar to rapture and floating on the waters?

For now, the only tangible evidence to show that something There was the name Republic of Minerva, the coins left over from it, which are usually sold on eBay for far more than they are worth. It didn't have Rapture, and even its founder isn't unlike Andrew Ryan. Michael Oliver attended the death march of the Dachau concentration camp and was rescued by the Allied forces the day after the defeat of Nazi Germany. Then he immigrated to the United States and by investing in various businesses, he reached a huge capital, which included a company related to land and the purchase and sale of silver and gold. He was disappointed. Like Ryan, he believed that America was helping the poor too much with welfare programs and concluded that this was a war against free economic institutions.

By 1968, Oliver had written and self-published a book: "A New Constitution for a New Country" (A New Constitution for a New Country), and he talked about the constitution and his desired idea and how a libertarian society, free from the powerful government, would work. Like Ryan, his beliefs are reminiscent of the objectivism and property rights promoted by Ayn Rand and other prominent libertarians of the time. (Ocean Life Research Foundation), which, of course, owed its creation to the investment of other wealthy people who agreed with his ideas. But the purpose of the institute was simple to say: to create a self-sufficient country, independent from the United States and any other country in the world. A free and self-governing nation without government interference.

Oliver thought the ocean was the best place to build such a country because it was like a border where no one claimed ownership. It was just enough to find a way to make this dream a reality.

By 1971, he and other investors were dumping huge amounts of sand on the shallow parts of the Minerva seamount. Their plan, like Ryan's, was to create a utopia for like-minded people. In fact, even those who disagreed with their views, such as the collectivists hated by Andrew Ryan, were not even allowed to invest in the Republic of Minerva.

Less than a year later, those who had settled there They were pushed out by the Kingdom of Tonga, which was a Polynesian island next to the Republic of Minerva, because Tonga claimed ownership of the waters in that area. The Republic of Minerva's plan to create 2,500 acres of land in the middle of the ocean, eight feet above sea level and drain the surrounding waters, needed capital, so Oliver minted a new currency for his counterfeit nation. This new currency could be bought with real money to give Oliver more capital to establish his country. However, raising capital could not solve the main problem of the Republic of Minerva: that those waters were owned by another country.

BingMag.com Was there a city similar to rapture and floating on the waters?

The common point of Andrew Ryan, Michael Oliver and Patri Friedman is the belief in libertarian ideals that make them sick of the existence of central and powerful governments and demand a return to the state- New cities and their tax removal. Both Ryan and Oliver of the New Deal, who were directed by Franklin D. Roosevelt was approved in the United States. They are bored and see the only way to build a country without government control in places that governments do not yet have full ownership over: water and air.

A few more trivial attempts to save the Republic of Minerva It was done, but all the dreams were gone. For now, the only tangible evidence to show There was something called the Republic of Minerva, the coins left over from it, which are usually sold on eBay for way more than they're worth. The Republic of Minerva was gone, but with a slight difference. The organization was founded by Patri Friedman, a software engineer and political and economic theorist, who was financially supported by PayPal co-founder Peter Thiel. The organization's website states that it believes in building floating cities "that will teach the next generation of pioneers how to peacefully experiment with new ideas for peaceful coexistence between people".

The website also He adds, "Make the poor rich; Heal the sick; feed the hungry; clear the atmosphere; recover the waters; Align your life with nature; strengthened the stability of the world; End the fight.

It seems that the ultimate goal of the organization he is working on right now is to create a floating city that even transcends the waters and stands above other cities. An example of the exaggerated imitation of the real world of art, especially since the continuation of BioShock, BioShock Infinite in 2013 depicted a city suspended in the air and among the clouds. make clouds and for now he is satisfied with floating cities on water. Of course, Friedman announced that the goal is to build cities both next to and on top of other cities in order to stay away from the control and taxation of governments.

So far, the work has been difficult and development is progressing slowly, especially since the goals of the Institute of Cities The float is not aligned with existing states and countries. This makes it extremely difficult because the organization needs the support of another country to stay in the air, but other countries and governments [who consider it beyond their control] see them as a parasitic entity.

But maybe it's not so bad, when we consider what happened to the floating city of Columbia in Bioshock Infinite. In fact, we have seen their fate many times. Repeatedly. And we've even seen the fate of the bread boy, whom I love. . Let's hope we get something when sand is dumped on the sea dunes and when people throw fireballs and scream at each other in an endless civil war.

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